Pokemon Rangers: Guardian Signs

Nintendo’s E3 booth gave us lots of new screenshots and promotional pics for the new Pokemon Ranger game, Guardian Signs.  I for one have never played a ‘Ranger’ game… because frankly I wanted to save my DSi’s screen from furious circling with the stylus :p  I may have to try it though.  The third installment is the first to bring multiplayer into the mix and also the ability to download new missions via Nintendo’s WiFi connection.  It’s slated for a Fall release here in North America.

Also pictured are the two protagonists of the series:

If you want to see all 23 pics/screenshots, head on over to Joystiq’s article.  I was rather disappointed to see that Black/White did NOT make an appearance, though it wasn’t surprising.  We still have almost a year left before the 5th generation is released in English.

Do any of you play the Ranger series?  If not, what about any other Pokemon offshoots? (Mystery Dungeon, Rumble, Trozei, Dash, etc…)

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