New ‘Pokemon Sunday’ Videos

PokeBeach has uploaded ’em, so go watch them!  Here are some highlights that you should be sure to watch for:

  • Trainer walking through the honey-wall (cool :3 )
  • Zoroa and Zoroaku battling, new move “Night Blast”
  • Chiramii’s new attack “Sweep Slap”
  • Shimama using “Wild Bolt” which does indeed have recoil
  • Munna looks like it’s walking through the air.  Cuuuuute!
  • Meguroko and “ダメあし”.  To be honest, not sure what that is.  Quite literally, bad foot.
  • Hihidaruma uses “Fire Punch” on Tsutaja (KO!)
  • Gearu uses it’s new move


<3 pokejungle