4/22 Pokemon Smash

Our live coverage of this Sunday’s Pokemon Smash episode! After it starts there’ll be a half-hour anime rerun and then 15 minutes of children running around in costumes :p We’ll get news in about 45 minutes if there is any 🙂 [list style=”orb” color=”green”] Started! No mention of B2W2 in the preview, may not get … Read more

Pokemon Sunday Stream 9/12 [OVER]

T-minus one hour!  This is gonna be the big episode!  :3 <3 pokejungle ps- when Ash went up to Nurse Joy and started talking I spit out some food that I was eating.  That was hilarious. pps-  I keep laughing every time I see Ash’s lips or hear him talk now.

Pokemon Sunday Wrap-up 9/5

Ok here’s what happened: Nothing 😐  You’ll get a special message at PokeCenters on your birthday.  Whoo. You’ll also unlock special items for Pokemon Musical on your birthday (such as… a cake) Masuda will reveal a NEW thing about Black/White next week <3 pokejungle ps- We can resume squabbling about the starters now that Pokemon … Read more

PokéSun: Nothing new

Hey loyal PokéJunglers! Pokémon Sunday aired with nothing new. They mentioned the Battle Subway,  that it is possible to exchange points earned there for items and also the Subway Master which we have reported on in the past. On the bright side, Pokémon Sunday now seems to have a section at the end of each … Read more

BW Rumors II

These are old, but let’s go over them anyways.  They seem to correspond with the last rumors that I posted, so I waited to see if Oha Suta aired any new footage on Friday.  It did.  Nothing new game-wise, just new footage.  Right now it isn’t available on YouTube or anything.  Because it DID show … Read more