PokéSun: Nothing new

Hey loyal PokéJunglers!

Pokémon Sunday aired with nothing new. They mentioned the Battle Subway,  that it is possible to exchange points earned there for items and also the Subway Master which we have reported on in the past.

On the bright side, Pokémon Sunday now seems to have a section at the end of each episode where they announce something about the games. Last week it was Yanappu, this week the Battle Subway. It seems more info on Pokémon Musicals are in store for us next week!


Daigo and Kriffix

    1. Do you think we’ll have a better look at those mystery Pokemon in that one video we saw? Like that ambiguous octopus thing?

      1. ehhhhh we might get another video of them, but i don’t think they’ll talk about them specifically for a while. :/

  1. Hopefully they show how u actually play in the musical!
    my best guess is that it’s gonna be like the Super Contest where u have to tap the touch screen a button pops up or something…….also it will make my day if i get to see Koromori in the musical!! just love that furball ^__^
    P.S. does anyone suspect that for the new battle subway it’s gonna be like in the past where u get a star on ur trainer card?? just curious 🙂

    1. Yep, he talks like a small kid and compares his name “Hiro” to the word “Hero” (He stretches the pronounciation as if it were “Hero” but it remains in Hiragana!) This kid sure is pun-tastic!

  2. I’m all sad, I had a dream last night that another gym leader was revealed, a really cute water-type gym leader with a short blue haircut, a blue bubble-pattern tank top and tan shorts. It was in Sugimori art and he/she (idk what gender lol) had a mijumaru and some other water pokemon (I don’t remember what it was but it was revealed with him/her) and I was all excited.

    And then I woke up D:

  3. I wish next week pokemon sunday will reveal the octopus thingy and the far left side.

  4. just a question when D/P came out, did they reveal all the new pokemons before the game release or after?

    1. No. I think some people who got the games hacked into them and posted photos of all the new pokemon’s sprites on the internet. I think. Don’t quote me on this cos I’m not 100%…

    2. Officially they won’t, but the game always leaks a day or two before!

      Last time Filb.de posted up the full dex a couple of days before release.
      Personally I’m gonna avoid it this time round~

      I would like to know how many Pokémon there are, and if there are any evolutions of old generations upon being leaked, but I don’t wanna see each one! What to do! ;___;

      1. for me i am going to see all the new pokemons when they come out, but i wont read any news regarding the storyline of the game, and i wont see walkthrough like everybody will do, i will just wait 4 the english version to play the game!

        1. That’s the same as what I want to do! Hopefully I can without spoiling it for myself 🙂

        2. I will also see the new pokemon but I will try to not look at new storyline info(though for sure im gonna fail)

      2. to resist not looking at any, i’d lock yourself in a room with nothing but a bed in it for a few weeks. xD

        good luck trying though 😀
        i know i’d fail. xDDD

          1. at least i will see all the new pokemons and make up my mind of who will be in my team and who wont!

      3. Same here. The only ones I’d spoil after the release are the game exclusives, just so I know which one I should get.

    3. After. Thet revealed some pokemon in the Hoen saga. For exsample: Munchlax, Mime Jr, Bonsly, Lucario and Electivire(last episode of Battle Frontier).

    1. i totally see what you are saying . i am going to try my best to only look at the starters evolutions.

  5. but i am really disappointed at the graphics, same from DP, i just wish they make all the game like in huin city, i loved the diffrent camera angles they r using 🙁

    1. The look is the same, but nearly everything in the game is rendered in 3-D, as their are very few sprites in the game, unlike Gen 4. As an example of the polygon objects look in the players bedroom at the furniture.

  6. Its a shame living in Europe, we won’t get the games till around spring, so I have to keep myself off Pokemon Sites until then. All I want to see is the possible outfits for players based on the seasons, the number of new Pokemon and also the starter evoltion and types, to plan my first team member.

  7. Are all the pokemon usually revealed right before the games come out, or do we have to wait for them to come out and then someone hack the game cartridges to get all the info and images out?

    1. Officially? no. That would be really stupid to reveal all the pokemon before releasing it. Where’s the fun in that? ):

      But yeah, some site will probably hack a ROM 4~1 days prior to release( maybe even a week before release, you never know this time around) and put up all the storyline and pokemon images and stuff like that

      1. your right it would be stupid 2 reveal all the pokemon before the games but I hope they do! CANT WAIT!!!!!

  8. hope the musicals are genre based`, since i want heavy metal musical and an electronic musical. but i hope they hack the rom of the games, so we can see both trainer and pokemon sprites

  9. Ugh the wait is murdering me, I can be patient but new pokemon? That is iffy… Al I can do is tear up whatever morsels of info I get, like a hungry caranava with a pichu in his tank…

    1. Im like a Sharpedo with a bunch of Hoppip and Cherrubi whith ketchup all over them…

  10. Before or a little after DP was released there was a page of all the pokemon’s little party/box sprites. How did that happen?

    1. some guy extracted all the sprites from the game.
      he probably worked for nintendo or somethin’ :s

    2. Given you have the ROM, you can rip the sprites from the games, like Veekun does all the time (which is how PokeDex data is so quickly assembled).

  11. GOD!!!!
    I cant wait fr the new pokemon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    What the heck, I cant wait for new Every thing!
    P.S-Im gonna get White(Well thats what Im thinkin for now)And im pickin Tsutaaja, whoever read this comment can u please tell me what game and wich starter ur choosing?

    1. I’m importing Black from Japan and picking Mijumaru. It’s been my favorite 5th gen starter since their reveal.

      When it comes to America, I’ll get White, but I have no idea at the moment as to which starter I’ll choose.

    2. i’m gettin’ pokemon black in japanese and pickin’ tsutaaja 😀
      then i’ll get pokemon white and get mijumaru
      then i’ll get pokemon grey in japanese and pick pokabu. :DD

  12. U know that Team Plasma Leader with the long green hair?
    I think that is N’s dad. I think that Some thing happened in the past that made them hate pokemon and thats why they want 2 seperate pokemon and humans.
    Or N’s dad wants to capture all pokemon(Like Giavonni) and N wants 2 stop that so he tries 2 seperate pokemon and humans(so that his dad doesnt capture em)
    P.S-What do u think

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