BW Rumors II

These are old, but let’s go over them anyways.  They seem to correspond with the last rumors that I posted, so I waited to see if Oha Suta aired any new footage on Friday.  It did.  Nothing new game-wise, just new footage.  Right now it isn’t available on YouTube or anything.  Because it DID show footage though I’ll go ahead and post these rumors up.  Remember not to believe them until we get confirmation.


  • Dolphin Pokemon
  • Type: Water/Psychic
  • Abilities: Hydration or Soundproof
  • Attacks: Uproar, Water Gun, Confusion, and Sonar*
  • Appearance: Dolphin with two pearls rotating around it’s head
  • * New Attack: Sonar prevents lowering of accuracy (presumably for 5 turns)


  • Polar Bear Pokemon
  • Type: Ice/Fighting
  • Abilities: Anger Point or Snow Camouflage [Could also be ‘Snow Pocket’]
  • Attacks: Blizzard, Snow Blind*, Snowfall**,  Seismic Toss
  • *New Attack: Snow Blind can be used while the Snow weather effect is occurring, lowers opponents accuracy
  • **New Attack: Snowfall activates the Snow weather effect.  It lasts 5 turns and raises the power of Ice-type attacks


  • Honor Pokemon
  • Type: Normal/Flying
  • Abilities: Keen Eye or Invigorate
  • Attacks: Sand-Attack, Peck, Leer
  • Speculation: Could be related to Wargle just because of the similar name endings and their species of pokemon are very similar (Honor vs Valor).


  • Long Ear Pokemon
  • Type: Normal
  • Ability: Cute charm
  • Attacks: Body Slam, Heal Bell, Revealing Ears*, Take Down
  • Evolves from Tabunne with Moon Stone
  • *New Attack: Revealing Ears will tell you the next pokemon your opponent will switch to during a rotation battle

Alright, done with that!  I translated everything myself just to make sure there was nothing left out.  I didn’t want to just copy the work Sabonea Masukippa did either (who originally found it).

However there is not really any new information because I screwed up 🙁  Sorry guys no new dark frog pokemon xD

<3 pokejungle

ps- I am having a LOT of allergy problems ugh.