BW Rumors II

These are old, but let’s go over them anyways.  They seem to correspond with the last rumors that I posted, so I waited to see if Oha Suta aired any new footage on Friday.  It did.  Nothing new game-wise, just new footage.  Right now it isn’t available on YouTube or anything.  Because it DID show footage though I’ll go ahead and post these rumors up.  Remember not to believe them until we get confirmation.


  • Dolphin Pokemon
  • Type: Water/Psychic
  • Abilities: Hydration or Soundproof
  • Attacks: Uproar, Water Gun, Confusion, and Sonar*
  • Appearance: Dolphin with two pearls rotating around it’s head
  • * New Attack: Sonar prevents lowering of accuracy (presumably for 5 turns)


  • Polar Bear Pokemon
  • Type: Ice/Fighting
  • Abilities: Anger Point or Snow Camouflage [Could also be ‘Snow Pocket’]
  • Attacks: Blizzard, Snow Blind*, Snowfall**,  Seismic Toss
  • *New Attack: Snow Blind can be used while the Snow weather effect is occurring, lowers opponents accuracy
  • **New Attack: Snowfall activates the Snow weather effect.  It lasts 5 turns and raises the power of Ice-type attacks


  • Honor Pokemon
  • Type: Normal/Flying
  • Abilities: Keen Eye or Invigorate
  • Attacks: Sand-Attack, Peck, Leer
  • Speculation: Could be related to Wargle just because of the similar name endings and their species of pokemon are very similar (Honor vs Valor).


  • Long Ear Pokemon
  • Type: Normal
  • Ability: Cute charm
  • Attacks: Body Slam, Heal Bell, Revealing Ears*, Take Down
  • Evolves from Tabunne with Moon Stone
  • *New Attack: Revealing Ears will tell you the next pokemon your opponent will switch to during a rotation battle

Alright, done with that!  I translated everything myself just to make sure there was nothing left out.  I didn’t want to just copy the work Sabonea Masukippa did either (who originally found it).

However there is not really any new information because I screwed up 🙁  Sorry guys no new dark frog pokemon xD

<3 pokejungle

ps- I am having a LOT of allergy problems ugh.

  1. I wouldn’t really mind if these turned out to be true :p And a dark-type frog? Just as long as it’s cool-looking and has decent stats or something C:

    And that sucks for you PJ :C I am also having some allergy issues which sucks since I just started school today. And then I have a job interview on Sept. 2, so I hope they disappear by then!

  2. This is madness! I’ve been waiting to long for rumors! I need real stuff!! But rumorS should hold me over for now

  3. I really hope the dolphin and polar bear are real! And Weiguru could be cool if it’s related to Wooguru, I really like Wooguru <3

    So if she's a host of Pokemon Sunday, does this mean we'll be seeing that frog tomorrow? xD

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    1. man i am glad your ok you are so lucky you got out ok. trust me on this because this tuesday 2 people from my school were killed in a car accident involving a log truck. but anyway i hope everything goes your way and get well soon.

        1. yeah thats it and thanks. this week has been so hard for everyone.

        2. Oh my god I’m just shocked. D:
          My sister and her fiancé live in Madison near Huntsville/AL. That’s a big fortuity that in these days there was an accident in this area I know from my sister.

    2. So are you saying you’re in 8th grade now? And I’m sorry that you got in a car accident 🙁 You better practice driving a bit more. Upload a pic of yourself for us.

    3. it’s pretty cool that you trust us enough to talk about this. 😀
      sorry to hear about the accident though. D:

      just shows how awesome PJN is and that we’re more than just a nerdy fan base, we’re a community. 😀

      ya,ya it’s cheesey soundin’ i know. XP

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  5. I really hope these are true because i want a dolphin and a polar bear pokemon. and dark frog sounds pretty cool . i just hope its got decent stats.

  6. PJN, good work on the translations, you seem to have taken longer than I did on them 🙂
    Also, mind if I ask which of Shoko’s blog posts you’re talking about? or has she changed it since?

      1. nope. 😀
        you translated it perfecttly. :DDD

        in other news, damn she has HUGE eyes. O.o

      2. あたらしいあくタイプはどんなのかいるかしら、

        This sentence?

        If it is, unless she’s changed it, means “I wonder what kinds of new dark-type Pokemon will appear,”

        simple mistake for かいる and かえる, “frog”

        1. My bad. Kairu can be frog too though. But yeah, I wondered if she was just saying what kind of new dark types will appear or actually saying what kind of new dark frog pokemon there was xD Oops

          1. Yeah that’s true. But かいる is fairly uncommon, but I’ll admit I’m not familiar with her writing style. I think it makes more sense grammatically and contextually if she’s just wondering though.

            Simple mistake though, and no harm done 🙂

          2. narghhhh my bad as well. DX

            i thought kairu was frog. ><
            i needa brush up on my japanese. xD

  7. These are very interesting rumors. I love the pokemon. It seems very likely that Heiguru would be the pre-evolution of Wooguru, because of the names, types, and that this pokemon only has three moves, while the others have 4, and then the type of pokemon.

    But I really want to talk about the snow weather effect? Has it been confirmed that during the winter season hail will take place. I don’t think/ don’t want hail to always affect my pokemon. I would rather like a snow effect that would involve some pokemon. But I guess it could just hail everywhere?

    1. Hasn’t been confirmed. Snow would make more sense and I hope that hail won’t activate during every battle in winter. If Sunny Day activates every day during summer it could cause problems for teams that have pokemon with the ‘dry skin’ ability so I don’t think it’d be very fair.

  8. 2 things I find hard to believe:

    -I can’t see them having both a Hail and a Snowfall weather effect. Most abilites that involve Hail are linking to snowing anyway. Snow Cloak, for example. Would they be changed?
    -Revealing Ears. How would that work against a human player? They couldn’t tell you what move he will use before he selects it.

  9. “Dolphin with two pearls rotating around it’s head”. Sounds so bizarre it could be true… Polar bear sounds cool as well.

    Well, at least we know there will be a dark type frog (she did know Zekrom’s typing after all). It’s possible they could show us new pokemon on Pokemon Sunday =)

  10. ahhhhh rumors~ 😀
    these little things keep me going 😀

    i’m really hopin’ for the psychic dolphin!!! 😀
    it sounds awesome and i’ve been needing a water type on my BW team 😀

    the wargle pre-evo seems pretty likley considering that i think itd be wierd if it was just a awesome powerful looking pokemon with no pre-evo at all. :/
    i mean it can happen but it just doesn’t seem the type of pokemon to have no evolution (just yet)
    i.e. magmar jynx etc. etc.

    i’m liking all of these actually 😀
    but then again these could just as easily be fake. DX

  11. hope the psychic dolphin learns water spout, because if that is true, i am putting it in my team. tfan, 8th grade is a bad time to learn how to drive, because you can get booked by police in AUStralia

  12. Teraphin sounds cool but maybe just a bit more Pokemonish on appearance
    Polar Bowler sounds bad
    Mr Honour! Might as well be a Noctowl evo(but sounds like a horrible idea)
    As for the ‘Long Eared’ pokemon…ur a Wigglytuff rip-off!
    Anyway those fakos who created this…get a life!

  13. Where did you get these rumors pokejungle? And what do you mean that Oha Suta’s episode isn’t yet uploaded on yt because it did show the footage? Do you mena the footage of these rumored pokemon? Sorry for these questions, I’m swedish so it’s hard to understand stuff sometimes 😛

    1. these came of 2ch 😀
      and all of our rumors usually do 😀

      when he ment footage he ment footage of previously shown pokemon just new footage of them fighting, we don’t even know if these pokemon are real. DX
      hopefully they are though 😀

  14. I wanted the first Fighting/Ice pkmn to be a snow leopard but a polar bear is ok too
    Also, what’s all that “snowfall” thing?? I LOVE hail, i love stallrein and i want them in BW too 🙁 ; don’t play with me nintendo!!

    btw, its 40ºC here, I’m dying

  15. Snow Camouflage sounds waaaayyyy to similar to Snow Cloak imo.
    Regardless, I still want these rumours to be true! Ice/Fighting Polar Bear?… YES please!

  16. Some of these things sound a bit dodgy.

    The Polar Bear tells us there should be Snow weather but isn’t that very similar to Hail? They could be the same weather (like in DPPt basically, where the snowy areas have hail) but giving it a new name means they are separate, which seems very unlikely.

    Secondly, with the Tabunne evolution. Takedown? Seems out of character for a cutesy Lopunny rip off.

    Also the ‘Revealing Ears” move – How can they predict something that is happening NEXT turn? A truly Psychic move can’t work in RL battling, therefore I think it’s unlikely.

    Also the Dolphin has Soundproof but also has a sound-based self-hitting move, does that mean it wouldn’t work? (Sonar)

    o_O they just seem off with me.

    1. Maybe, the turn after you use Revealing Ears, the game waits for the opponent to select who he’s switching to, then tells you. Then, you pick what you’re doing or w/e.

      Not that I particularly believe these rumors, I’m just saying that the move isn’t totally impossible.

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    1. Well, if it’s only NPCs we don’t know if the main game is going to have enough rotational battles for this move to warrant existence. If it’s real I could see it being for Wi-fi purposes mainly, but that’s just me.
      I could see it working like this:
      You both choose what you want to do;
      You use Burning Ears. Opponent chooses to rotate.
      Burning Ears is used and allows you basically “a free turn” before your opponent rotates.

      If you’re opponent chooses not to rotate the move is useless, maybe? But that’s just my opinion on how it could work if it actually exists and if rotational battles actually work like this. 😛

      1. Right, I’ve called it Burning Ears for some reason. Not sure why. I meant Revealing Ears. 🙂

  18. i almost wish we didn’t have to fill the voids created by having no previous gen pokemon at first so we wouldn’t have to make such same-old dudes with which to fill them. ice/fighting is soooo badass though, i want this guy to be able to give ursaring a run for his money.

  19. Interesting I like the idea of the Dolphin and its secondary typing makes sense since they say that dolphins are as smart as humans, just hope it dont turn out with a purple color lol (Purple=Psychic color) hoping for some Orca-ish evo that would so be kick-ass

    Ice/Fighting is uber cool lol i can picture this polar bear guy in so many ways all of them awesome, about the Snow weather, actual Hail is different from actual Snow. Hail pelts and hurt, Snow flurries (which im guessing the Snow weather is prob based off) can slow you down and impair visibility. So maybe this Snow weather will either lower other pokemon’s speed or accuracy except of course Ice types meaning good strategical game-play if any of them turn out to be true

    Heiguru is most likely the pre-evo of Waguru I agree with Ozy its too big right of the bat lol of course i could be wrong, look at Skarmory ( still think Skarmory needs a pre evo and a evo, I ♥ Skarmory)

    Majissuka well not much to say… i dont like Tabunne to begin with lol Its attack sounds interesting but with a RL battle its kinda blahh, of course we dont really know how the rotation system fully works yet so this attack i will keep my eye on.

    All in all a good dose of rumors lol, good work PJN on translating cant wait for Poke’Sunday

  20. The “hei” in “Heigle” is most likely soldier/troop.

    Plus “Majissuka” means like “OMG for realZ11!!?” If this turns out true it’d be hilarious lol.

    Can someone link me to the original Japanese post?
    I’d like to skim through it~ :3

    1. Haha I knew it! I thought that when I read Majissuka and assumed it didn’t mean what I thought it did, but since it’s supposed to evolve from ‘Tabunne’ it all makes sense!

  21. When you said “Sorry, No Dark Frog” I was like
    Wait Wut?

    but after viewing the context in some of these comments I think I get it. That woman’s blog just mentions her wondering about new dark/frog pokemon? Am I right?

    AND now onto other rumors.
    Telephin – Low degree of plausibility. Its name could have been come up with using Google translate. The typing is something we’ve had since Gen 1 (Which doesn’t add or subtract believability) Its design seems like something some fans would like (Although I’m not much for having things spinning around heads) but it’s also kind of random so it could be GF’s doing. I think that “Sonar” would obviously bypass Telephin’s Soundproof to allow the move to be used, or it is evidence of the fake.
    Shirokkuma – Unbelievable. Its name means “White Bear” ’nuff said. I’ve seen plenty of fakemon polar bears (Including Ice/Fighting ones) but lazy me hasn’t checked any names for similarity recently. Furthermore it comes packed with the whole “Snow” issue. True I’ve been annoyed at hail and wished it would snow, but I don’t know what to think of its purpose unless it is like “Non-damaging hail” and works on both Snow Cloak and Ice Body.
    Heigle – Plausible. This makes Wargle Gen V’s Fearow? (With Mamepato serving as the replacement Pidgey)
    Majissuka – Plausible. Tabunne means “Probably, right?”, Majissuka means “Are you for real?”…kinda. So I guess it could replace Mime Jr or Wobbuffet, unless of course we’re also saying goodbye to Jessie and James (doubt it.) However the inclusion of a move that (supposedly) actually predicts your opponent’s move? Well it can’t be true in multi-player. I believe that Tabunne will evolve, and I even believe this evolution’s name could be true (although I’ve seen it as the title for some J-Rock songs) but “Listen” (the most logical name I can think of for “Revealing Ears”) seems like a hoax so it could bring this one down. (Unless the rumor is only a partial fabrication, but I don’t even know if that happens)

    1. The Dark frog part is a typo.
      It’s really translated into “I wonder what type of dark pokemon there are”
      She used “か”, instead of “が”
      And frog in japanese is かえる.It can also mean leave though.

    2. Lots of Pokémon have really simple names so I wouldn’t rule Telephin or Shirokuma out just because of that. Teppouo (Remoraid) for example literally just means “gun fish” and Goukazaru (Infernape) means “Inferno ape” (In both languages lol)
      Some of them are even simpler like Lizard (Charmeleon) and Fire (Moltres).
      Can’t really say I understand how “would be liked by fans” is a problem but it’s true there’s many fakemon like Telly and Shirry.
      I don’t really see why snow is such a problem, it would most likely just be a non-damaging hail so you won’t get raped by the hail when climbing the snow mountains.
      Predicting could work if it waits with telling you until after your opponent has chosen their move. Otherwise it wouldn’t really work even against the computer though since passive damage (such as poison and weather) could affect the choice. At least if even the non-active Pokémon are affected by passive damage.

      By the way I’m not believing any of these until we get a confirmation, just wanted to point out some things.

      1. Well it wouldn’t work over the DS’s current wireless battle mode, however since IR is to be included, perhaps it will work in a different way. On the turn after its use is the first time its effect will be usable, so I guess it must be a 5-turn move.

        The reason fan expectation is evidence of fraud is because if someone wants it to be true (or they’re just trolling) they’ll just say it is. GF tries to cater to our incessant demands but ultimately they decide what goes into the game and what doesn’t. (Not saying they’re 100% perfect either)

  22. I like Tabunne and can’t believe the name of it’s evolution is translated into “OMG LOL rly?”
    There’s a side that really likes this name and another side that really hates this name, So can’t really hope these rumors are real or not. But I hope that the Polar bear pokemon has something to do with Ursaring.

    1. This wouldn’t be the first time they’ve made a pokemon name like that though. It’s still quite possible to be real. Pokemon like Wobuffet, Wynaut, to some extent Mine.Jr and even Tabunne itself are examples of such Pokemon.

      1. Yeah, I know… but to me(the part that hates the name) it seems weird that they would use a name like that.

      2. ahahahah isn’t whynaut like sonnano?! or sometin’ like that?

        ahahah why not? bahahaha

        oh gamefreak you pun genuis. 😛

          1. It apparently means buffet(Strike repeadly) and wobble. kinda like a punching bag. I got it from Bulbapedia.
            Anyone remember the Wobbuffet punching bag in pokemon channel?

            Oh yeah and about the Whynaut part.
            kinda seems weird that a “professional” company would use Majisukka as a name.

    2. There are more possible ways of translating it. “Fo’ real!?” for example.

      It IS slangy but…it shouldn’t be ruled out of being possible in my opinion.

      1. I mean I do believe it can be true, just hard to swallow.
        I know they can do that kind of stuff, like in the japanese version the nugget is almost a reference to, well, nuts.The ones you kick.

        1. well i mean it’s not l;ike they haven’t done it in the past…but idk why they would have the evo of tabunne have their name be like”a stupid prhase when tabunne isn’t ma stupid phrase. xD

          well my japanese slang isn’t all that god like, but tabunne doesn’t mean anything slangy right kriff?

  23. this is off topic but i am still wondering how takuto got these legendary and what else does he have in his team?
    ash should of qualified to the finals not takuto 🙁

    1. The takuto thing was just a quick solution, they needed to end the season and they ¿came up? with that greaat idea. It sucks, but what can you expect from anime
      Ash shoud’ve lost in his battle against paul, at least it would have been more logical than “Heeeey, we have to finish this so why don`t we use hitler-with-pokemon??”,( yep, that’s what the writers said)

      And again, sorry if i made any english mistake (please tell me 😀 ), but i guess you can understand what I’m trying to say

  24. why can’t game freak make better moves like new Dark,Ice,n even Electric move now why can’t get rumors about that ?

  25. imo i think the rotation battle works like this


    revealing ears will work well now imho

    1. Sorry but it’s already been explained.
      It works like this:
      You choose whether or not to rotate, and your pokemon’s move.
      The rotation happens first, and then the game calculates speed to see which pokemon will go first.
      IF rotation battles use the IR function to constantly update the battle’s progress, then Listen (aka Revealing Ears) will probable be a 5-turn (ala safeguard) status move, effective after that turn.
      It seems like it could work, and it opens the door to other similar strategic moves.
      It also seems like another over-complicated gimmicky move like Chatter, so it’s not beyond GF’s doing.

    1. no, but it was never confirmed to be true though, remember, a rumor remains fake until proven!

  26. hi PJN, i just want to ask, is there a forums for or no? and if not, r u planning to make a forums page?

    1. It’s almost over. I’m helping my sister move into her dorm so I couldn’t post a stream up like usual 🙁 Kriff is reporting any news though

  27. There was nothing relevant on pokemon sunday, just that the head of the battle subway is called the subway master and that you can collect BP(7 as usual) and trade in for some goodies

    1. The subway master is the master of the battle subway? GF are dead imaginative with their names…

      At least it could potentially change the battle tower abit. That’s gotten abit boring.

    1. Eletusk [Lit.: Eretasuku – from Elephant/electricty & tusk)
      Elephant Pokemon
      2.3m 198kg
      Volt Absorb or Lightning Rod
      Attacks: Wild Bolt, Thunder Fang, Horn Attack, Uproar
      Defense was the highest [stat].
      The end of its tusks is shaped like a lightning bolt.

    2. ohhh 😀
      that sounds firrign’awesome! 😀

      goin’on a limb here but it could be that possible tauros evo.
      but a bit unlikely :/

      oh wait….just noticed that it says wild bolt so uh…shimama evo?

        1. oh wait ahahah you’re right. xDDD

          maybe i should actually read the entire comment next time. xDDD

          well then it’s probably fake. :/

  28. …It’s sad all of these Pokemon are rumors, they all sound awesome to me 🙁

    Well, it’s better than those ‘other’ Pokemon rumors that were quite…strange…. O.O (no, it’s not here in pokejungle, it’s from another site called 151chan)

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