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As was advertised on Pokemon Sunday, a small amount of news was revealed on today’s episode of anime.  :3  Wouldn’t give you any spoilers from Ash’s match though!

Yanappu is Dento’s!  Grass trainer?!  And of course Ash’s obligatory costume change :p  Also Ash is revealed as catching a Mamepato.  If you want to see promotional videos please go here!  Those blue buttons are video links :3  ‘Best Wishes’ starts 5 days after Black/White’s release and will premier with a double episode special!

<3 pokejungle

ps- Wow, tired, going back to bed.

pps- We were spot on, Mamoru Miyano is voicing Dento!  Great work ozymandis!




    and ash looks more anime-ish and wayy younger. xD

    1. oh forgot to say, LOVING DENTO IS A GRASS TYPE!! :DDDDD

      i think we can all officially say he’s PJN’s mascot. 😀

      1. I really hope so! But we have yet to hear Paul’s say on this.

        What do you think Paul? Do we have ourselves a mascot?

          1. then it’s official!!! :DDDDDDD

            dudee what is it with me always thinking i get firsyt comment then i get second? xDD

      2. There’s always the possibility that he’s fire/water/grass type, who uses simians – which we’ve already got a grass and fire type of (Darumakka). Soon as I see a water monkey I’m calling it. 😛

        That’d be a fun challenge for the first gym and really hit home the type triangle to new players.

        1. Sabonea, sir, you are quite smart. Although I thought he would get the Fire/Water/Grass trio, I thought he’d get random pokes. Getting simian styled Pokes, now that’s smart.

    1. yep foooo shoo 😀

      if you notice in the preview the skin of the person pinching pokabu’s cheecks is very tan
      which mean iris will get it. 😀

      and dento or shooti will get tsutaaja which means ash get’s mijumaru 😀

      1. I think you are right on that one! He definantly has Mijumaru. I saw Pokabu running on the rocks in the gym in one video so thats a 50/50 it could also be Shooti’s. And Tsutaja is a maybe for anyone!

  2. So, I stayed up to watch the anime because I had a feeling that -something- would happen. That and I couldn’t sleep. At least this got confirmed. I like how they added to Ash’s eyes, which only seem to make Dento’s eye problems stick out even more.

        1. Brock’s eyes were always meant to be like that. Then they removed him because they thought he was offended people, THEN brought him back in when they realized he wasn’t (this is where Tracy came from).

      1. Yeaaaaaah. They are kind of weird… especially when he’s juxtaposed with the other anime characters.

      2. Personally I like that they’re different. Makes him full of character!

        Plus he’s Brock’s replacement so they have to be full of character! 8D

  3. oh forgot to mention that in the preview pikachu uses what looks like iron tail except it’s like electrified or something…

    possible new attack?? :DDD

    you can see the attack in the promo piture above 😀

      1. really?
        ahahah shows how much i watch the anime. xDDD

        i replied a whlea go @@;

        the one about confirming that dento is played by mamoru miyano right?

        well yeah that’s his name in kanji 😀

  4. You know…Ash may actually get Mijumaru…

    Look at his new suit…plus A Mijumaru battles Dent’s Yanappu…it’s totally possible although I didn’t see it coming until now.

    Maybe Shooty will get Tsutaaja.

      1. *gasp* another Troper? I love that site. :3

        Totally predictable that Dento’s grass. I actually kind of agree with the color coding thing…. I mean, other than Dento yelling “SOLARBEAM” our strongest evidence he was a Grass trainer was his green shadow. :/ So…… maybe this season’s rival will have it?

        …..And then Ash will steal *cough* RESCUE it like he did Chimchar. LOL

  5. “good wory ozymandis!” xDDDD

    ahahah no prblem it’s my job, giving the amazing pokecommunity the news they deserve! 😀

  6. Ash looks really creepy… HIs eyes are like when his mom, Delia Oak was mind controlled by Entei in the 3rd movie.

  7. Ash looks older! 😮 I like his outfit, and eyes! I think I can like Ash now. I’ve always hated him. This series is looking great!

    1. older? @@;

      personally i think he looks ounger with the big eyes an all but that’s just my opinion 😛

    2. I’ve never liked Ash, but now… I’m getting a restraining order… His new look creeps me out… It’s like he stares into your soul…

  8. Remember guys, we still don’t know if Dento is specifically a Grass-type Gym Leader. There’s still a possibility there is some underlying theme in his team, or even being multi-type, or perhaps Yanape just being a totally random addition to his anime persona (albeit that’s unlikely).

    I see they finally decided to revamp Ash to match the current style. It was kinda weird seeing him side-by-side to someone like Dawn who looked really different, totally different eyes and everything, so I’m glad they fixed it (though it looks strange!).

    1. It isnt Yanape sorry! Im a little OCD and had to correct you because I’m learning japanese and Eipu is ape. Lol unnecessary comment but yeah

    1. You can’t forget that we have gay gym leaders, golden gate bridges, football players (who are conveniantly black), an eagle, and (not being racist) black people…. Yeah… We may just be in America ^^

      1. Dento isn’t anywhere close to being confirmed gay. And, although highly unlikely, even if it is implied in the Japanese version, the US dub will likely remove any traces of it.

        Apart from that, gay people, black people, red bridges and eagles are not exclusively American phenomena thank you.

        Besides, you gotta explain Deathkahn, Meguroko, Tabunne, Munna, Musharna, Yin/Yan Pokemon, Daruma pokemon, Shimama, and silk worms, and French bakers. None of those scream America at me.

    1. Ill take that cookie. . .AND EAT IT! If Dento says something like that my day will be made.

    1. Haha, isn’t he still supposed to be 10/13? In my eyes that’s pretty young.

      The style will take some getting used to. Ash was kind of like the Highlander. Seasons came and went, but nothing changed…. except his clothes. But now, he actually MATCHES instead of looking outdated.

    1. if you’re talking about the Best Wishes! anime it’s not out yet. DX

      but usually if you google pokemon episodes subbed or somethin’ like that you’ll find something. 😀

      1. The newest episode I’m aware of is one in which the “mysterious trainer” and Ash face off in the final rounds of some tournament.

        I won’t tell you the outcome, but I will say this trainer has Darkrai and Latios – somehow.

        1. i was watching it live with pokejungle and we were both having ,like multiple “WTF?!!??” moments in that episode. xDDDD

  9. At first when I saw Ashs outfit, I was shocked, because it wasn’t identical with Blacks… but now it fits him! I love it! Best yet! Also those new eyes give him a better Anime-look! I really think this series will be awesome! 8D

      1. did iron tail always looks like that? @@;

        forgive me if it did since i haven’t watched the anime since may was around, so is it just new animation?

        1. Yup just seems to be animating it different which is a little misleading.

          In the clip they showed after the ep, he actually shouts out to Pikachu “Iron tail”.

          1. *rewatches*

            …oh…you’re right. ^^;

            ya know, i should really stop being amazed by the animation and start paying attention to wht they say the first time around. ==’

  10. ash looks cuter with brown eyes

    now I’m starting to fantasize about Ash and Dento, could they have a romantic relationship?

        1. I think its because he comes from Kanto and Isshu is far away… and he wants to know about it… or might be because that Ash was in the Sinnoh finals and wants his autograph? XD

          1. I’m thinking that Ash beats him with Mijumaru. And since Dent’s gym is all about type match-ups, he’s trying to learn from as to how Ash managed to pull it off.

  11. Holy bologna fudge and mustard! Ash looks older and is basically confirmed for Mamapeto, and probably all 3 starters, I’m so happy 😀

    1. ehhh i think he’ll get mijumaru for sure but i think pokabu will go to iris and tsutaaja will go to dento or shooty.

      1. In one video he also aims a ball at a Shikijika, whether he get’s it or not isn’t as clear as Mamepato, though.

        1. I don’t think he will… seeming that means he would have Pikachu, Mapepato, Possible 1 starter, and Shikijika.. thats 4 before he’s even started!

          1. Well, they did say in one of the trailers he be catching/battle a lot more this season too.

            But he might not end up with Shikijika or he might be aiming at something else and the video is cut misleadingly 😀

        2. Maybe the Shikijika heard Ash shouting when he was throwing the Pokeball at Mamepato and turned their heads

  12. wow pikachu looks kinda smaller on ash’s shoulder for some reason. either pika gets a new attack or iron tail has new animation. and im sad ash is back. but weird how ash now has brown eyes.

  13. since ash is an adolescent now, what is his age could exactly be?

    I think he should have armpit hair now

    1. well this is anime so they’re hairless forever. xDDD

      plus he is only about 13 or 14 and he is japanese so it wouldn’t be uncommon if he didn’t have any. :/

        1. dude, with his un-ageing appearence i’m not even sure anymore. xD

          he surley doesn’t sound 15 though. xD

    1. ahahahaha first he met girls by destroying their bikes now he tries to catch ’em. xDD
      he must reallly want iris. xDDD

    2. wow so we finally get to see ash attempting a random capture vs. a pokemon wanting to “tag” along with him on his journey and of course its his new co-star instead. sooo stupid, just like how the only time team rocket think to use a pokeball to capture a pokemon is when they decide they will keep it vs giving it to the boss.

    3. To be fair, he has no idea what Pokemon look like in this region. And her hair IS pretty, er, well…. I can understand his mistake. LOL

        1. That’s actually more in line with what his character SHOULD be. I mean, he wants to be a Pokemon Master, and it’s IMPLIED that he’s supposed to catch everything to do that. But time and time again, starting on episode ONE, he consistantly stands there as perfect catching opportunities fly by. I mean, he had the chance at the Spearow in the first episode TWICE, once as a Spearow and then later, after it evolved. He’s had chances at pseudo-legendaries, if not legendaries themselves. He’s worse at catching Pokemon than TEAM ROCKET! It seems like the only way he can catch pokemon is to befriend them, and then have them follow him around until he finally gets the picture and throws the ball.

          *deep breath* Anyway. This preview gives me hope that maybe Ash is finally, after over a decade’s practice, learning the basics of being a Pokemon Trainer.

  14. Ash- Mijumaru

    Shooty- Tsutaaja

    Iris- Pokabu

    After watching all the vids I see no other conclusion.

      1. remember in kanto how he got bulbasaur,charmander, and squirtle. he at least catches two of the region.

    1. i agree. 😀

      i think it’d be a bit much to have tsutaaja with dento if he allready had yanappu i mean he has to have a rival and the rival usually always has one of the starters.
      but that doesn’t mean that dento won’t get one in the game, and who knows, we might have two tsutaaja’s in the show 😀

  15. I love the idea that the anime is gonna be faster-paced this time!
    I liked the anime but I felt that It was a bit slow sometimes. =P

    Also I love that that they finally revemped ash’s look, this season looks brilliant! Also Mijumaru and rankurusu are so cute it the third poster. =D

    I love Mjumaru’s O_O face in the second pic, it makes me lol. XD

    1. im curious as to what faster paced means though. i feel like we have heard things like this in other series and it didnt seem like much of a change. i appreciate faster paced id prefer better story, more story and full use of weekly characters.

      1. Faster paced maybe means not as many MADE UP TOWNS to slow down Ash getting gym badges.

    1. it because instead of making his eye’s pure black they how gave it that brown color and they made it all “anime shiny” xDD

      that and he’s older i guess. :/
      plus, new outfit.
      manyyy new things. 😛

        1. older thaqn the very first ever pokemon episode?

          older than he is currently?

          the best wishes series takes place right after he leaves dawn and brock..or atleast that’s the what we got so far.. 😀

  16. Mijumaru looks freaky without it’s shell… :/ Why isn’t it wearing or holding one in the promo shot with hiun city in the background?

  17. whoopsie, just realised that it is actually holding it’s shell 😉

    Still freaky. It’d be like squirtle coming out of it’s shell 😐

  18. My bro said his eyes look more closer to the manga style now, like the Electric Tale of Pikachu one. I gladly, and PROUDLY agree. Ash just got HOTTER. 8D

        1. well if you think about it in the pikachu short for the entei movie he was celebrating his first anniversary with pikachu which also means his birthday and if you can just kinda assume that’s he’s around 13/14

  19. *hisses at Ash*

    As much as I like his new outfit, I don’t like the person wearing it. He needs to get smart or leave. >:c


  20. Why Does everything look so Amazing!!
    Never Thought I would even watch the anime
    I might consider watching BW Afterall

    1. Tin Tin! LOL

      I remember being forced(i use the word lightly) to watch him in French class…He’s like superhuman or something. How does he survive all of those stupidly dangerous situations with his annoying curiosity??

  21. There’s been some new rumours posted on BMGf which got translated on Serebii, and orginated on 2ch or 2chan. According to the poster on BMGf it was translated by Sabonea_Masukippa of Serebii Forums.

    263 :名無しさん、君に決めた!:2010/08/26(木) 14:34:55 ID:xfE+yXes0
    New Pokemon
    Terefin (Telephin?? – from Telekinesis + Dolphin?)
    Dolphin Pokemon
    .9m 27.0kg
    Hydration or Soundproof
    Moves: Uproar、Water Gun、Confusion、Sonar
    If you use the new move “sonar” your accuracy cannot be lowered.
    It looks very like a dolphin, but there’s two pearls rotating in the air around it’s head.

    265 :名無しさん、君に決めた!:2010/08/26(木) 14:56:34 ID:???0
    Shirogguma (Should be Shirokkuma, see below – from White and Bear)
    The Snow Bear Pokemon
    1.8m 128.5kg
    Anger Point or Snow-Hide (new ability, no details given though)
    Attacks:Blizzard、Snow Eyes、Snowfall、Seismic Toss
    Snowfall is a new attack that makes snow fall for five turns, and raises the power of Ice type attacks.
    Snow Eyes (or Snow-glare): While snow is falling, you throw snow in your opponents face and lower their accuracy.

    266 :名無しさん、君に決めた!:2010/08 /26(木) 15:01:05 ID:xfE+yXes0
    Sorry!It should be 0.9m!!

    And it’s “Shirokkuma” not “Shirogguma” lolol

    And another one popped up:
    名無しさん、君に決めた!:2010/08/26(木) 15:14:00 ID:xfE+yXes0
    Heiguru (Heigle?? Wargle pre-evo?? “Hei” could come from soldier…)
    Honor Pokemon
    0.4m 6.0kg
    Keen Eye or Encourage
    Attacks:Sand Attack、Peck、Leer 978 :名無しさん、君に決めた!:2010/08/26(木) 16:51:41 ID:xfE+yXes0
    Majissuka (Tabunne means “Probably, right?”, Majissuka means “Are you for real?”…kinda)
    Long Ear Pokemon
    1.3m 42kg
    Cute Charm
    Attack: Body Slam、Heal Bell、Burning Ears、Take Down
    Evo of Tabunne. It seems that it needs the moon stone. Burning Ears is a new move that, allows you to “hear” the name of the Pokemon your opponent will use next in a rotation battle.

  22. I just had a thought. Ash hasn’t turned his hat backward in forever, has he? ^.^ Ah, the memories. I think they’re really going back to basics here, and I’m liking it so far.

    1. Well, he did recently turn his hat around during his match with that Darkrai owner, Takuto, near the end of the episode. I don’t reallly know if he’s turned it around before that (I don’t keep up with the anime :p)

  23. Are they going to age Ash and the rest over time as they did w him, Brock and Misty before? That would be cool.

    Def watching this Gen!!!

  24. Can’t wait to watch it! Wonder whether they’ll travel to Black City or White Forest or both in the anime?

  25. man if ash just evolve his picachu it will be awesome, what level do u guys think pikachu is now? after 10 years? and ya, i wonder from where did that guy got his darkrai and latios, and what else he has in his team 🙁

  26. OOOOHHH pero que bien se ve ash ahora es mas anime se nota que va a ser una buena saga y dento cada vez mejor ojala el gym de el sea tipo planta 😎

      1. Well, yeah, but geez! I had never seen such a total defeat in the anime! It was more than a little surprising, if you know what I mean.


        1. ahahah true., true. xD

          i mean, i knew ash was gonna lose, but i thought the battle would atleast last two episode! @@;

          i mean him vs. paul took like 3 or 4 right?

          and i mean like half his team went down before the first commercial break.

  27. Dude I am EXTREMELY loving the anime poster! They have every single one of my faves on there plus the kickass Dataesque representation of Zekrom and Reshiram.
    I really hope Ash will get both Rankurusu and Hihidaruma, if he does this will be my favorite season EVER!
    SO AWESOME!! The animation style looks amazing too.

    1. you guys gotta remember hat oha suta isn’t a pokemon show so they won’t always show something.

    2. you guys gotta remember that oha suta isn’t a pokemon show so they won’t always show somehting. :/

      1. It also helps to remember that the idea of something new airing on Oha Suta was part of a bunch of 2ch rumors… :/


        1. Actually something DID air on Oha Suta, but no one’s uploaded it to YT or anything. New footage, but nothing revolutionary. Soooo… one part of the rumor was true.

    3. It aired and showed them inside the tour bus and the same beginning footage from the demo that was on Pokemon Sunday. And Zoroark stalked some girl during all of this. Gotta love Japan.

  28. This show is totally dead to me. Ash lost his funny rambunctious personality and is now a bland tool. I am aware that this happened long ago, but it just bothers me soooooooo much. The voice actors suck so hard. If only there were a way to get the original cast back. Iris and Dento here can suck it. They’re just half-assed replacements that replaced half-assed replacements. Where did all the fun go in this series? If they left Brock in and brought back Misty, it would make up for the shitty voice acting that has plagued me for the past 6 years now.

    1. That’s how I feel… I happened to catch part of an episode of the Sinnoh arc a month or two ago and it was so painful to watch I had to change it. Even though the animation has been computerized, it somehow looks worse. I think they’re using more shortcuts with it and it shows. I plan on buying the series up to the end of the Johto saga, when it was actually halfway entertaining and fun to look at.

      I’m actually surprised that with the progress the game seems to be making, the anime seems like more of the same, only worse. If they really would have given Ash some character development, maybe, yanno, actually let him hit puberty, the series wouldn’t have suffered so much because it really would be new and interesting. New Pokemon don’t really help spice it up when the main character is never changing. I have a feeling they were trying to catch every new wave of grade school kids onto Pokemon by refreshing the series a bit every season, but in the process they’re totally botching an opportunity for a good story with an actual ending. They could have let Ash grow up with the first generation of Pokemon fans and have a spin-off series for younger kids or something if it’s really so important that the title character is 10 years old.


      1. Ash hitting puberty? Ummm, well if they were looking to lose 80+% of their fans then sure they’d let Ash hit puberty.

      2. Sinnoh arc is by far the best arc in the Pokemon anime. Johto is completely horrible. You should give Sinnoh another try.
        When you realize how awesome is Ash you dont think about him being 10 forever.
        Hope they do do the same job in the Ishuu arc

    1. just probably a guy that will show up in the first episode or somethin’
      i think there’s a 99.9999999% chance that he won’t be important at all. xD

  29. I really hope Team Rocket isnt back in this region again. They were cool but they showed up every single episode and they were just a plain annoyance.

    1. theyre going to be in it it isnt pokemon without them and really the only thing the show has going for it
      otherwise its just gunna be ash and those two new ppl going on a long rant on how “we shud all be nice and get along with our pokemonz”
      plus i love meowths gay dream sequences about giovanni <3

    2. It seems like they will be in it. They were in the anime beta sheet.
      I’m going to guess they’ll get a Koromori, with it being next to them like Kibago was next to Iris…

    3. ahaha i remember when pokemon first came to america, i thought team rocket were the badest guys in the world.
      now, they’re not even the villians. xDD

      1. In their defense, when they first debuted they WERE pretty mean. 🙂 And, y’know, ACTUALLY BAD GUYS. Now they’re just pathetic wannabies. James hardly even PRETENDS to be bad anymore. He just uses Team Rocket as an excuse to dress like a girl.

      1. Didnt someone mention them possibly having a Tabunne?
        If it appeared in their theme song they would go “Meowth! Thats right!”
        “Thats the way it is!” “Probably, probably” “MAYBE!” at the end right?

  30. Ash’s eyes look weird in some screenshots, but in animation it looks good.
    Iris looks good too, she’s cute and goofy. Dento looks fancy in a way like Brock, somehow.
    Also, a lot of the new Pokemon look better now that we can see more pictures of them (I didn’t notice that Moguryuu had flat paws until now).

  31. Hey Pokejungle, is there anyway you could set it up to have updates sent to phones? Cause that would be great. Thanks

  32. guys just close your eyes and imagine yourself playing a new pokemon 6th gen on a ps3 with a final fantasy graphics!

    1. Pokémon’s not going PS3 anytime soon, dudeski. Hate to break it to you. :/

      FFXIII graphics, though, I don’t think would be horrible…but, I get the feeling that cel-shading suits Pokémon better… Hmm… *strokes chin thoughtfully*


  33. Let me just say that Ash looks awesome, plus it seems like hes acting a lot smarter than he has been the past few seasons… anyways the new iron tail animation looks awesome and personally I’m pretty excited this might be the season that could actually compete with the original episodes.
    In my opinion Wotter (Mijumaru) is definitely Ash’s.

    Oh and Paul, what do you think of a site affiliated walk through of Black and White? I know me and some other guys are getting the game in Japanese. What do you think about it?

        1. I also meant by a walkthrough, like a video walkthrough Boarbeque,

          Yes so don’t be negative =P

  34. Aside from Ash looking like a typical stereotype americans make of anime, Mijumaru’s Shell Blade looks cool.

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