Ash vs Gladion

***** just became the Alolan League Pokémon Champion

Did Gladion win? Did Ash? Spoilers: it was Ash! In a surprise ending, Ash took home the Alolan League trophy and is officially a Pokémon Champion! Many fans have awaited the day that Ash would win a major region’s Pokémon League, and that day has finally dawned. Unfortunately, that makes us wonder… what’s next? Ash … Read more

Homika 1 Hour Special Airing

Was debating if this needed a post, but I guess I’ll err on the side of putting it up 🙂 Right now the 1 hour special is airing; “Rocking the Virbank Gym (Part 1 & 2)”. There may be some clips of Black 2 and White 2 at the end, so we’ll see. This post … Read more

8/11 Anime Preview

httpv:// Looks like there’ll be an exciting DON BATTLE.  Iris vs Ash should be an interesting battle 😀 <3 pokejungle

Ash’s Pikachu comes to America

Toys ‘R Us has announced the giveaway of Ash’s Pikachu (the Japanese version of which is part of our Xmas Xtravaganza Giveaway) at American locations January 30th through February 5th.  If you need a refresher as far as the details go you can check out our original post for the Japanese one here. This PKMN … Read more

Best Wishes News

As was advertised on Pokemon Sunday, a small amount of news was revealed on today’s episode of anime.  :3  Wouldn’t give you any spoilers from Ash’s match though! Yanappu is Dento’s!  Grass trainer?!  And of course Ash’s obligatory costume change :p  Also Ash is revealed as catching a Mamepato.  If you want to see promotional … Read more