***** just became the Alolan League Pokémon Champion

Did Gladion win? Did Ash? Spoilers: it was Ash! In a surprise ending, Ash took home the Alolan League trophy and is officially a Pokémon Champion! Many fans have awaited the day that Ash would win a major region’s Pokémon League, and that day has finally dawned.

Unfortunately, that makes us wonder… what’s next? Ash has just achieved a huge victory—a historic moment in the anime. This comes right before the announcement of a new Pokémon anime and the question begs to be asked: Will Ash be coming back?

In the trailer for the new series, Ash is suspiciously absent. That isn’t to say it confirms anything, but the lack of his presence is certainly interesting. His crowning victory, after 20-plus years comes at a suspicious time.

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