Who’s That Pokémon? … It’s Virgo!

Pokémon teams written in the stars! In this series, I will match Pokémon who share characteristics with zodiac signs across six different placements. At the end of this series, you’ll be able to generate a Pokémon team that matches your star chart!

Is astrology real? Will Farfetch’d get an evolution in Galar? Probably.

It’s Virgo season! This twelfth of the zodiac calendar ranges from August 23rd to September 22nd. Virgo energy is detail-oriented, precise, and methodical. So, which Pokémon match Virgo?


For those who are unfamiliar, many people think they have only one zodiac sign. For example, Virgo. The sign most people are familiar with is actually their sun sign. But, you have a full star chart based on your time of birth. You can get your star chart for free here.

Check-out these competitively viable Pokémon who share characteristics with Virgo in six star chart placements.

Sun in Virgo: Metagross


Metagross, like solar Virgo, achieves consistent results through a methodical approach. It has been used competitively and successfully for generations. Solar Virgo knows performing the same way often leads to better results. Likewise, Metagross will go ahead and spam Meteor Mash, it just might raise its attack stat!

Moon in Virgo: Scizor


Scizor represents lunar Virgo’s reactions and emotions. It’s a technician: it sticks to what it knows, and what has worked. Lunar Virgo is Scizor switching in and walling an opponent with Roost, yet also setting up with Swords Dance. Besides being excellent at what it does best, its weaknesses can make lunar Virgo fragile, like Scizor and its vulnerability to Fire-type attacks.

Mercury in Virgo: Magnezone


Mercurial virgo’s mind and communication are analytic. It seeks details, patterns, and methods. Magnezone’s ability to pivot in and out, take a hit, and return a finishing blow embody mercurial virgo’s process toward perfection.

Venus in Virgo: Gardevoir


Although present in all placements, the Venus placement exemplifies Virgo’s nurturing qualities. Gardevoir can be telepathically connected to its partner and even build them up with a Heal Pulse. Also, Venus speaks to a sign’s inner desires and motivations. Gardevoir embodies Virgo’s yearning for excellence and expanding prowess. Whether achieving this through a Calm Mind or through a Hyper Voice, it has a plan.

Mars in Virgo: Nidoking/Nidoqueen


A Mars placement brings out Virgo’s sheer force. It takes power from multiple sources, and maximizes their potential. Nidoking and Nidoqueen also represent the parental nature of Virgo in mars while simultaneously providing high powered attacks that get right to the point.

Ascendent Virgo (Rising): Klefki


Klefki, as ascendant Virgo, gives the impression of being driven by thoughtful details. Klefki sets the field with priority. Klefki acts as if following a checklist: light screen? Check. Reflect? Check. Spikes? Check. Ascendant Virgo and Klefki achieve success through careful and expedited preparation.

There are plenty more Pokémon who could be considered Virgo! Who do you believe could be added to this list? Do you think we’ll be meeting new Virgo Pokémon in Galar? Go Virgo and get into the details in the comments below!