BW Rumors III

I am back from Chicago safely; survived the 7hr car ride home.  Time to post some rumors for you guys!  :3  Now these come from the same thread on 2ch as the last ones did, but obviously were posted after.  The thing to keep in mind is that sometimes after an original rumor is posted (whether true or false) other posters may post rumors in the same style as the original.  Since it is an anonymous board we have no way of knowing if several people have posted these or there is a single poster or what.  As ALWAYS these are simply the starting point for discussion and for sharing opinions on what you wish may be included in the games 😀


  • Elephant Pokemon
  • Type: Electric/Ground
  • Abilities: Volt Absorb or Lightning Rod
  • Attacks: Wild Bolt, Thunder Fang, Horn Attack, Uproar
  • Appearance: Elephant with lightning-bolt shaped tusks.  Defense is highest stat
  • *Note: Poster said its pre-evolution may be named something like Laifan

The alleged poster of these rumors went on to say that they “apparently” got to play it but there was a ban on pictures.  Isn’t that always the case?  😉  Also there was a brief rumor for Tsutaja’s evolution names: tsutanekku and tsutanaibi.  Frankly I think those were a joke because “tsutanai” can mean poor quality so it may be a play on words with the ‘tsuta’ in their names (which is ivy).  Also if you read through 2ch threads there was another pokemon posted named Kyattsuri but it was faaaaaake.  Even before the poster admitted it the “Slant Eyed Pokemon” species description kinda gave it away 😉

That’s all for tonight.  Hopefully more real news soon 😀

<3 pokejungle