Corocoro Special’s issue content (UPD picture)

Hey loyal PokéJunglers!

We only have 19 more days until the release of Pokemon Black and White and with that, some new info leaked on twitter and 2ch today about what shows up in the Corocoro Special’s October issue that came out in Japan today. And it pretty much only says one thing.

Combination attacks.

Basically this is a possible new feature in the Double and Triple Battles. The basic gist is if you combine two or more certain attacks it creates a certain effect in the battle. The only examples we have at the moment to explain this are Oath of Grass, Oath of Fire and Oath of Water.

So, for example, if you combine Oath of Fire and Oath of Grass then you will create a field of fire that will burn the opponet’s pokemon for a certain amout of turns. If you combine Oath of Water and Oath of Fire it creates a rainbow and boosts the chances of secondary effects kicking in for your team mates. Then we have Oath of Grass and Oath of Water, and if you combine them then it creates a swamp like affect that reduces your opponent’s speed.

UPD: Added a legitimate picture. Looks like they will actually show the effects! 😀 Much better than my drawing I’ll tell you that! xD This officially makes it true! Yay! Who’s happy? 😀 (The text in the picture is what i said above explaining the combos)

Personally I think it’d be absolutley awesome! And the animations of the swamp, the field of flames and the pretty rainbow are absolutely awesome!! Nintendo has really gone above and beyond in this game 😀 Opinions? What do you guys think? Comment below!

peace and love-ozymandis

P.S. Anbody who missed my rainbow picture, it was really pretty. :3

P.S.S I’m going to bed now, it’s late, I have school tomorrow and my parent’s have the right to take away my laptop if i don’t. (Darn you parents….) If anythin’ pops up Kriff, Daigo or PJ will update this post 🙂 ‘Night!