Corocoro Special’s issue content (UPD picture)

Hey loyal PokéJunglers!

We only have 19 more days until the release of Pokemon Black and White and with that, some new info leaked on twitter and 2ch today about what shows up in the Corocoro Special’s October issue that came out in Japan today. And it pretty much only says one thing.

Combination attacks.

Basically this is a possible new feature in the Double and Triple Battles. The basic gist is if you combine two or more certain attacks it creates a certain effect in the battle. The only examples we have at the moment to explain this are Oath of Grass, Oath of Fire and Oath of Water.

So, for example, if you combine Oath of Fire and Oath of Grass then you will create a field of fire that will burn the opponet’s pokemon for a certain amout of turns. If you combine Oath of Water and Oath of Fire it creates a rainbow and boosts the chances of secondary effects kicking in for your team mates. Then we have Oath of Grass and Oath of Water, and if you combine them then it creates a swamp like affect that reduces your opponent’s speed.

UPD: Added a legitimate picture. Looks like they will actually show the effects! 😀 Much better than my drawing I’ll tell you that! xD This officially makes it true! Yay! Who’s happy? 😀 (The text in the picture is what i said above explaining the combos)

Personally I think it’d be absolutley awesome! And the animations of the swamp, the field of flames and the pretty rainbow are absolutely awesome!! Nintendo has really gone above and beyond in this game 😀 Opinions? What do you guys think? Comment below!

peace and love-ozymandis

P.S. Anbody who missed my rainbow picture, it was really pretty. :3

P.S.S I’m going to bed now, it’s late, I have school tomorrow and my parent’s have the right to take away my laptop if i don’t. (Darn you parents….) If anythin’ pops up Kriff, Daigo or PJ will update this post 🙂 ‘Night!

    take that everyone who beat me! >:DD

    allthough this is my own post so i doubt it counts…xD

  2. OMG if this proves true then I am pretty excited! Although the way the rumour suggests it, it only uses those “oath” attacks, so I wonder if it means there will be an oath attack for each type which can be combined for these effects, or if more attacks can be used for this. Either way, pretty cool rumour!

  3. This is from Corocoro special, not the normal corocoro. Corocoro special came out this morning. Corocoro is still not due for 2 more weeks.

    1. So wait, is this the only thing revealed in this Corocoro special? Or is it the only one revealed so far?

      My money is on the latter.

  4. This is not from the standard CoroCoro issue but the issue of the magazine “CoroCoro Special” which came out today in Japan

      1. no it doesn’t, it a children’s manga magazine, they usually don’t cover pokemon unless a new game is coming out.

  5. waw awesome! combination attacks?! yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!
    and there is somthin else, the dolphin poke( terefin) i am 100% sure that i saw him in a fan creation video on youtube long time ago(2 pearls on his head? i am sure i saw that!) i am now looking for that video, i hope the video still exists! and terefin is 80% fake in my opinion!

    1. soory i forgot to tell u, i think the polar bear is also fake cz in alot of furoms fans were talking about how cool will it be if there is a polar bear poke with ice/fighting type, and after few days we get it! isnt that weired?

      1. It’s probably because a water/psychic dolphin and an ice/fighting polar bear are common in many fakedexes/fan dexes so yeah

  6. where is this twitter!? haha! I take it no pokemon or anything is included. Or we would have got them first haha!

  7. has a screen shot from the magazine talking about this.

    Sooooooooooo…..IT’S CONFIRMED!!!!!!!! 😀

    (Unless it’s another elaborate fake… >.>)

  8. So is this all the info revealed from the special coro coro, or is there more to come?

    ps:the combinations sound awesome!

  9. It sounds really exciting, but somewhat too good to be true.

    I get the feeling that only “oath” attacks will be used to this effect because what if it applied to all moves and you wanted to use Two moves separately but they kept combining?

  10. Oh my god, fire + water oath
    it’s a rainboooowwwww
    omg no wai the other team
    it’s a
    double rainbow
    all the way across the sky

  11. wait, is that really a rainbow?? looooooveeeee it (*¬*)
    is it me or generation V is very LGBT =D

  12. I am using the rainbow combo in every. Single. Battle. Ever. (more like every double battle ever, hohoho) It’s too pretty. <3

    1. Are you counting on whether a different order has a different effect?

      Such as Grass Oath and then Fire Oath results in a fire field……but Fire Oath and then Grass Oath results in a different attack?

  13. Wow this is like a dream come true.I wanted combo attacks the first time i saw Pokemon contest combinations in the anime.Not exactly what I imagined but this is awsome :3

  14. I don’t know about you, but with combination attacks, a double gym leader would be far more interesting!

        1. i know whatcha mean. ==’
          i was thinking the same thing when i was translating it. :/

          but i guess fire=sun? xD
          i mean i could see steam or fog happening that would lower accuracy 😀
          oh well, the rainbow is still awesome 😀

  15. So we know what happens if you combine 2 Oath/Vow attacks. What happens if you combine all three in a triple battle? Epic explosion of doomness?

      1. What are you talking about? Haven’t you ever seen/heard “Miracles” by Insane Clown Posse?

  16. this game just keeps getting better and better!!!!!!! i just hope though that the starters arent the only ones to get these moves :-/
    btw does anybody think we’ll get more stuff from the magazine or not b/c cause my gf is botherin me about lol and she said she aint gonna stop till she gets a honest guess from someone other than me fml

    1. Depends on how big the Corocoro Special is. It’s entirely possible Pokemon only got the one page.

    2. it depends….it’s not a legitimate Corocoro issue so it’ll be smaller.
      i wouldn’t expect anythying more than 2 or 3 pages. :/

  17. FINALY!!!!!

    I knew this would happen six years ago, thanks of a chat with one of my friends and some episodes of the anime and some manga chapters…. and because its a cool fact, but, gamefreak spitted on my soul in the fourth gen ignoring this….. BUT NOW IS FUCKING REAL =D

    combination attacks FTW!

  18. Wow just when I thought they didn’t have any new battle mechanics… Hopefully they’ll reveal something along the lines of natures, abilities, physical/special split etc soon.

    1. I doubt we’d get any details like that before the games are out. I could be wrong, I have been before, but m guess is this is the last ‘mechanic’ new info we’ll get (barring some details on these combos) until the games’ release.

      1. Tbh I can’t even think of new battle mechanics let alone expect any. It’s very likely it’s all we’ll get, but you know there’s always hope 😉

      2. I was hoping for both abilities to be present in Pokémon, like in Moguryuu’s case.
        Don’t know what I mean? Take Shimama for example. Its abilities are Lightningrod and Motor Drive. If both its abilities were present, all Electric attacks would be drawn to it and its Speed would be boosted by these redirected attacks. Make sense?


  19. but what would happen if you combine roar of timr & spacial rend, it would create a big explosion, plus water + electric attacks would make electric attacks more powerful. but don`t we have 2 abilities that can combine with the oath attacks that can produce the same effects, namely drizzle and drought, oh that rainbow song by ICP, 1 OF THE SONGS THAT WAS FEATURED IN THE WORST BAND ALPHABET

    1. i think it’s on;ly with certain moves (the oath moves) but we only have a small scan that could be fake, and a tweet so we’ll hafta see ;D
      thought that would be awesome *_*

      1. I think the scan’s been confirmed real by now, ozy. 😛

        I think it would make perfect sense for Time Roar and Space Break (I prefer the Japanese names, in case you couldn’t tell) to have an effect similar to that of the Oath moves. Perhaps it would create a space-time distortion around the other team’s Pokémon that would raise and lower stats sporadically, or perhaps change the targets of attacks.


  20. I cannot believe Game Freak finally added combination attacks to the game! For years, the anime has been doing stuff like this, and now finally, WE get to do these kinds of attacks! It’s so awesome!

    If they somehow find a way to add Pikachu’s infamous “thunder armor” combination attack from the anime, not only will that be hilarious, but also extremely cool.

    So, now we’ve got large 3D cities, animated video clips, over 500 fully-animated Pokemon, video chat, the ability to enter another player’s game world, an external “global link” Internet service, 3 ways to connect to other players, and now, combination attacks.

    Seriously, how are these little game cards not breaking from the sheer amount of stuff crammed into them? It simply staggers the imagination. XD

  21. Lol, awesome…but now I hear Smogon fighting over which Pokemon can partner with which with the introduction of these combination attacks…

  22. Does anyone else think that Denton will use these combinations because his badge has the colors red blue and green

    1. i wouldn’t be suprised at this point 😀
      now i can totally see him using combination attacks in the battle, it’d make it hella interesting :DD

  23. Lovin’ the combo attacks! Hope other elements will have a combo ability too.

    Water + Ice = frozen pond! Opponents accuracy falls due to slipping. Lol

  24. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    What the heck combination moves?
    I like all of em! Wall of fire (Grass O+Fire O) Rainbow (Fire O+Water O) and Swamp Surf(lol!!) (Grass O+Water O)
    I am going to try them all out!
    P.S-What if u use all 3 of em in a triple battle?

    1. it doesn’t say…but i’m sure there’s some kindof limit as to how many you can combine 😀

      but then again it could make a SUPERPOWERFUL NOTHING CAN BEAT IT SUPER ATTACK!!!! :DDDD

  25. Oh Emm Gee.
    This is officially my favourite thing about Black or White. Seriously. After all these years of the anime utilising combinations, we get to do it too! YAAAY 😀 😀 😀
    [I’m sorry Gochirezeru, Mijumaru and Belle. You guys are super cool too.]

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