“Grass/Fire/Water Oath/Vow”

The most common translations for these new attacks seem to be “[type] Oath” which has struck me as… less than poetic.  I love the English language and I love for it to sound elegant.  It made me curious to find out whether or not this common translation was actually the best.  After doing some research I’ve come to the conclusion that the best way to phrase it is probably Oath of Grass, Oath of Fire, and Oath of Water.  Previously I had been using “[type] Vow” because I just love to do things differently.  If Serebii does something one way… I usually find a way to do it differently.  Both of those translations though didn’t really hit the nail perfectly, but were serviceable translations.  From now on I will be using the above names for the attacks :3

If you’re curious about my reasoning, I think the best example I can give you is the classical Oath of the Peach Garden (Japanese).  It is part of the classic ‘Romance of the Three Kingdoms’, originally a Chinese story, but I noted how the English was translated from the Japanese meaning.  This ‘of’ convention can be seen numerous other times when translating Japanese to English.  [If you’re translating English to Japanese ‘Oath of…’ and ‘… Oath’ are both written the same way, but cannot always be written either way in English.  Example being Hippocratic Oath =/= Oath of Hippocratic.]

And that concludes today’s lesson.  Hope you find my point substantiated 🙂

<3 pokejungle

ps- You guys like my translation better?  Or are you content with ‘Grass Oath’/’Fire Oath’/’Water Oath’?

pps- bowserboy wants us to guess if this is real or fake.  Should I give you a hint?

  1. Damn, I thought this was more news.

    Ah well. For me, I don’t care how the moves are referred as, seeing as they most likely won’t be in the English games.

    1. talkin about enlish names, when will we get the official ones( pokemon english names, characters names, places, etc…)?

      1. well we allready have zekrom and reshiram., we probably won’t get anything until a month after the japan release or so.

    2. Did you mean that the moves won’t be in the english games or the names? Sorry I just confused.

  2. Although in some aspects ‘Oath of…’ sounds better, it does not sound like a Pokémon move.

    Therefore I think I’ll stick to the first translation.

    1. Yeah, I didn’t like “Roar of Time” very much…or “Spacial Rend”, for that matter. Time Roar and Space Break were SO much better names. >3>


  3. I kind of wonder if other words would work. Like, “Fire Pact”, or “Pledge of Water” or something.

    1. I wouldn’t be surprised if they made all three different. Oath of Fire, Pledge of Water, Vow of Grass.

  4. They probably won’t do this but I think “Blazing Oath” is a cool attack name… but in this case I think Oath of ____ is way better than ____ Oath. It just plan and simple sound better in my opinion~

  5. Well, I think i prefer “__” oath but it’s just because it is easier for me to say it, “Oath of whatever” sounds cool but only with some types (Oath of Dark, OMG!!).
    Do you think we will have Oaths for every type? Oath of flying sounds reeeeally weird
    btw, Grass Oath can be translated to spanish like Promesa de Planta / Juramento de Planta, but nintendo-Spain will probably screw it up and we will end with something like Plantapromesa. Srsly, some names really suck.

  6. I think I have to agree with Oath of Grass/Oath of Fire/Oath of Water. I don’t think the shorter, more concise translation is appropriate here, since these attacks seem like they are intended to have a powerful image. I don’t really know what I’m talking about but maybe someone does. Now you need to talk about Complete Burn’s more appropriate translation being Incinerate. 😛

    1. I think Kriffix came up with Incinerate being the proper translation and that was genius. It really was. I mean… ‘complete burn’? Really?

      1. I was tired and under time pressure ok :P! And I was going by the Japanese definition since English–>Japanese dictionaries are all fail.

        In other news, I did not translate these attack names first so I don’t care 😀 Although I do prefer Grass Oath/Vow etc.

    1. It might be, but I’m leaning towards it not being real for now because a lot of the fakes have been getting really good as of late.

      1. But then again, it seems like Pokejungle is hinting at it being fake.

        I wouldn’t know if Serebii.net has it figured out, since I’m banned, but I’d imagine they would at some point.

          1. I was not helping the situation in the Picture thread (where people started trolling it. Me, Sogeking, Kochinupink (sp?), Yeti, some guy who was married with a child who was stalking Yeti, and others were also in it. I know because I can still view the forum on IE since I’m only banned through my laptop’s FireFox browser).

  7. I’m not a huge fan of the “________ of _________” move names (see my reply to SwiftSign’s post) to be honest. There’s also the fact that for me, although the “________ Vow” names are very poetic and regal, “________ Oath” rolls off of my tongue better. :/


  8. I was wondering, can i be a reporter. I have LOTZ of opinions about the anime and the games i want to share. And most of the time, when i get a hunch, im right. I can also spark discussions. As in, “I think Mijumaru is Very Animated in the show. He/she always has one overpowering emotion.” So, Wat do ya say?

    1. Currently I have 4 staff members besides myself and I usually will personally get in touch with people and offer them the opportunity to become part of the team 🙂

  9. On the Oaths matter, I prefer The Oath of______ better, and in any case does anyone know what the Oath moves do by themselves? If we knew what the Oath move’s do then we can better “translate” them lol just a thought

    1. BTW IMO I think the Oath moves are boosters for your whole team, kinda the same way that Barrier and Reflect work

      1. Hahah, well since both ARE correct and you ARE the webmaster here, then that means whichever one you take liking to is definitely fine by me as a translator anyway.

        Something random btw, I got from promoted from dishwasher to translator at my job! I now take reservations on the phone in English AND Japanese and translate it for the staff and chefs! (I’m one of the only two non-Japanese at my job, and the other guy doesn’t speak much!) The reason i’m telling you this is because in strange way now that i’m translating as a profession, i’m a professional translator! (in some warped strange way anyway!)

        I’m thinking of this as a bit of a level-up, hence i’m happy! 😀

        I feel like i’m currently not holding my own, and translating enough on this site.From now on please throw anything by me, even if you’ve already translated it, I may be able to be of some use!

        PJN’s getting bigger and bigger, and one day I wanna look back and say that I was one of the ants building the nest! 😀

        1. Congratulations! Always nice to hear some good news; especially for PJ’s resident translator =)

  10. OMG i hope that bug is real it looks so awesome!!! AND honestly i’m loving pokejungle’s versions of the translations a lot better!!! i hope that’s wat it actually turns out to be in the english game
    btw pokejungle stupid question since it’s obvious but r u going to import white and black??

    1. Definitely NOT a stupid question. I will not be importing, but will be downloading the ROM. Probably will pick up the game in Japanese while I’m in Japan during Oct or Nov though.

      1. Yay i’m not stupid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
        and about the ROM wen do u think it’ll be out??

  11. Pokejungle you mentioned giving a hint about the blurry image.. Do you really know if this is fake or real?

    I hope it’s real! Having an earwig/centipede would be a nice bug pokemon addition, Flying bugs are so over done.

        1. Since it popped up on a random Google-hosted site (which anyone could make) and hasn’t been seen on any Japanese sources…

          1. Good point. I’m still going to give it the benefit of doubt, but I’ll take your word for it.

  12. I really hope that bug is real its so interesting compared to the basic bug pokemon

    I love oath of ____ then ____ oath

    I love pokejungle more that i like serebii cause yall post rumors 🙂

  13. Personally, I’d rather go with _____ Oath over Oath of _____ because the first one is just a lot easier to say and type -I’d rather not type out Oath of _____ every single time I wanted to refer to these attacks. At the end of the day, with regards to oath // vow – they both mean the same thing, so it doesn’t really matter which of those two is used.

    I don’t think it really matters if something sounds more poetic – I’d rather the translations were as accurate as possible as opposed to sounding good. Taking something like “Complete Burn” as opposed to “Incinerate” – they both basically mean the same thing and “Incinerate” is more “poetic sounding” as you say, “Complete Burn” sounds more like the closest translation in a literal sense and that appeals to me more – I’d rather know what the words best translate at as, the closest they are in English rather than something that is essentially the same but sounds “better”.

    With regads to our new buggy-boo there – I’m thinking I’d like it to be real, but it probably isn’t 🙁

    1. Just as an addition, to better explain my reasoning – I’d rather know the most direct translation, even if it sounds clunky, as opposed to the trasnlators personal preference of what way the translations sounds best.

  14. i think the oath attacks should be named after legendaries: kyogre(water), shaymin (grass) and moltres (fire), this is because legendaries are so regarded that you need attacks to honour them.

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