Pokemon USA Sweepstakes!

A new contest hosted by Pokemon USA just started this morning!  They are offering up a grand prize bundle with a DS, HGSS, TCG, and more… along with a second place collector’s tin of TCG cards.  Unfortunately you must live in the US to enter.

If any of my fellow Americans are interested in entering please CLICK HERE.  :3  You may submit your email once per day with the drawings being held weekly through September 19th.  This means there will be a total of 3 drawings.  Each week 1 Grand Prize will be given away along with 100 2nd Place prizes.

To those who are NOT Americans… you get the consolation prize: My sincere apologies 🙁

<3 pokejungle

ps- Random Fact: I have a cat named PJ.  It stands for ‘Pepper Jr.’ because his mother’s name was Pepper and he looked exactly like her 😀