April 2022 Giveaway: Merlin Herbarium figure

Time to give away another Poké– wait, what?! In honor of April Fools’ Day, we’re mixing things up and doing an anime/game-related giveaway with Meccha Japan! Don’t expect another non-Pokémon giveaway anytime soon; take advantage of this fun change of pace! April’s giveaway prize Many of you know about the great Pokémon items RE-MENT makes, … Read more

February 2022 Giveaway: Wallace & Milotic figure set

Is this a Valentine’s Day-themed giveaway? I guess only if you’re as big of a Wallace fan as me! Once again, Meccha Japan has generously provided us with a prize to send to one of our fans and you can learn more about it below! This month’s prize: Pokémon Scale World Wallace & Milotic set … Read more

January 2022 Giveaway: Dragapult plushie

We’re starting off the year with a BANG and I think that sound was an exploding Dreepy! Do they explode? Or does Dragapult just shoot them out and they bite the opposing Pokémon? I don’t know!! But our friends at Meccha Japan have given us one sizeable Dragapult plushie to give to one lucky winner! … Read more

December 2021 Giveaway: Plush Piplup cushion

It’s time for another giveaway from PokéJungle and Meccha Japan! Our friends at Meccha Japan sell Pokémon (and other) goods that are released in Japan to fans overseas and have generously provided the prize for our giveaway. This month’s prize: A plush Piplup cushion Is it a plushie? Is it a cushion? All we know … Read more

Halloween giveaway: Mimikyu and Froslass plushies!

No tricks, but a great treat! Our friends at Meccha Japan have given us two Sanei Pokémon All Star Collection plushies! Happy Halloween from both our sites! The prizes One winner will receive two ghostly plushies from Sanei’s Japanese Pokémon All Star Collection line, Mimikyu and Froslass (both the ‘S’ size)! Don’t miss our other … Read more

Giveaway for Yamper and Impidimp plushies

September 2021 Giveaway: Halloween Yamper & Impidimp

As Halloween draws closer, it’s time for our giveaway prizes to get a bit spookier! Our friends at Meccha Japan have generously provided us with a Halloween Yamper plushie, plus a Pokémon Dolls Impidimp! September’s prizes Halloween Galar Garden Yamper Pokémon Dolls Impidimp How to enter Entry is easy and open to fans worldwide. Enter using … Read more