January Giveaway: A choice between Dragon Pokémon prizes!

It’s the year of the dragon and our friends at Meccha Japan, a website that sells Japanese goods to countries across the world, are helping us ring in the new year with a special giveaway that lets the winner choose which prize they’d like to receive! Learn how to enter below.

January’s prize from Meccha Japan

In a first for us, we are giving the winner the choice of one item out of four Dragon-type Pokémon prizes! The options the winner can choose from are as follows:

  1. Dragonite Cushion With Blanket from the Hakaikousen (Hyper Beam) line of goods
  2. Shiny Rayquaza Mon Colle figure from Takara Tomy
  3. Dratini plushie from Ban Presto line of arcade prizes
  4. Plush Tatsugiri Curly Form from the Dai Sushi! merchandise line

How to enter

Entry is easy and open to fans worldwide. Enter using the form below. Please note that you must be over 18 or have parental permission to enter. Entries are open until the evening of Saturday, February 3, US Central Time.

PokéJungle & Meccha Japan January Giveaway

*For legal reasons, the prize is worth $0 and we cannot bear responsibility if anything happens outside of our control, such as during shipping. Winner chosen at random, no purchase involved for entry.

More from Meccha Japan

Meccha Japan is one of our partners who sells authentic Japanese goods to countries around the world! There’s quite a bit of fun merchandise that never makes it outside the country, so it can be a great way to snag items that won’t be on local store shelves. Here are some Pokémon goods that caught our eye and that you may want to check out: the Desktop Figure Paldea set from Re-ment, a Tatsugiri Stretchy Form Mofugutto plushie and Eevee Kuta Kuta Tatta (S) plushie!

Good luck everyone! Don’t forget to also join our Discord server!