November 2022 Giveaway: Win Mew & Jirachi plushies!

We’re hosting a new Pokémon giveaway for the month of November, with prizes generously being provided by Meccha Japan, an online store that ships authentic goods from Japan to most countries around the world! November’s prize This month we’re giving one lucky winner two plushies: a Mew and Jirachi from the Pokémon Fit collection, also … Read more

Win a Pikachu and Petilil plush keychains

October 2022 Giveaway: Pikachu and Petilil plush keychains

This month we’re giving away two plush keychains from Japan, generously provided by online Japanese goods store Meccha Japan. Learn more about what you could win and how to enter in our post below. October’s prize One winner will win one plush Pikachu keychain and one plush Petilil keychain, both from the Shinka No Ishi … Read more

September 2022 Giveaway: Win a Hisuian Zorua plushie!

Together with online Japanese import store Meccha Japan, we’re giving away a Hisuian Zorua plushie! Read below on how to enter, but make sure you do so before it ends! September giveaway prize We’re giving away one Hisuian Zorua plush from Japan! This cuddly little Pokémon is perfect for those who love Zorua’s new regional … Read more

$50 eShop giveaway from PokéJungle and GINX Esports TV

Win a Nintendo eShop card from PokéJungle and GINX Esports TV

We’re happy to announce a new giveaway for our readers in collaboration with gaming media group GINX Esports TV! They have recently documented the successes and setbacks of Pokémon GO in a video essay (which you can watch below) and also cover Pokémon news and guides on their website. There are a total of three … Read more

April 2022 Giveaway: Merlin Herbarium figure

Time to give away another Poké– wait, what?! In honor of April Fools’ Day, we’re mixing things up and doing an anime/game-related giveaway with Meccha Japan! Don’t expect another non-Pokémon giveaway anytime soon; take advantage of this fun change of pace! April’s giveaway prize Many of you know about the great Pokémon items RE-MENT makes, … Read more

February 2022 Giveaway: Wallace & Milotic figure set

Is this a Valentine’s Day-themed giveaway? I guess only if you’re as big of a Wallace fan as me! Once again, Meccha Japan has generously provided us with a prize to send to one of our fans and you can learn more about it below! This month’s prize: Pokémon Scale World Wallace & Milotic set … Read more