4/22 Pokemon Smash

Our live coverage of this Sunday’s Pokemon Smash episode! After it starts there’ll be a half-hour anime rerun and then 15 minutes of children running around in costumes :p We’ll get news in about 45 minutes if there is any 🙂

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  • Started! No mention of B2W2 in the preview, may not get any news at all today
  • Anime episode has FINISHED!
  • Showing off a new TCG set with a battle using giant-sized cards
  • Going over International Challenge wifi tourney info “Hi, I’m Akiyama.  Japanese Comedian” <- His message for the world.  LOL
  • Playing with Lati@s puppets
  • Next week will feature B2W2 battles with Keldeo! (pic added)


<3 pokejungle