4/22 Pokemon Smash

Our live coverage of this Sunday’s Pokemon Smash episode! After it starts there’ll be a half-hour anime rerun and then 15 minutes of children running around in costumes :p We’ll get news in about 45 minutes if there is any 🙂

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  • Started! No mention of B2W2 in the preview, may not get any news at all today
  • Anime episode has FINISHED!
  • Showing off a new TCG set with a battle using giant-sized cards
  • Going over International Challenge wifi tourney info “Hi, I’m Akiyama.  Japanese Comedian” <- His message for the world.  LOL
  • Playing with [email protected] puppets
  • Next week will feature B2W2 battles with Keldeo! (pic added)


<3 pokejungle

  1. Magnemite! one of my least favorite electric types. Mostly because of it’s half steel typing.

    1. Its actually one of my favorite because it has more resistances and if you get a magnezone they have really good defenses and a really high sp attack! For sue going on my team

        1. Ehh galvantula is actually not that bad because its okay sp att and its descent speed but if it had zap cannon because of its compound eyes which raises galvantulas accuracy by 30% it would be a monster!

  2. Yess Growlith i really hope you can get it early in the game if you do i probably wont get any starter because i like growlith over tepig and kelado over oshawott and im not a big fan of snivy because it doesnt really have that much offensive talent and i like to base my team i use for the main story, strong offensive pokemon

    1. I’m thinking of doing a similar thing. Started with Osha in Black than Tepig and Snivy in White. In this game I’m probably going to pick Snivy and only use it for as long as I have to than get rid of it for others, in particular Growlithe if it’s available early.

  3. I hope that in BW2 the Gym leaders will have more than three Pokemon. I mean really, three? I mean going to the eighth and final gym and they only have three pokemon? That was truly lame in my opinion. I hope the E4 get more Pokemon on their roster also.

    1. I agree they should do that but their are some younger age battlers who are not as good as others and for example my younger brother has trouble barely getting past the 4th gym leader which only has 3 pokemon im pretty sure… But i think game freak should consider in their next game adding a difficulty for the more experienced trainers who just easily blow by the game in less than two days top and for trainers who are new to the game and have trouble…

      1. Yeah totally I agree they should add some difficulty feature or something. That would make it beneficial for both experienced and beginning players.

      2. It’s something that people forget too often; Pokemon will always be a game for children. Players that are now in their late teens and 20s are now asking for more “mature” elements, all the while ignoring that they are no longer a part of the targeted demographic.

  4. I just wanted to post on one of your most recent entries. I hope you see this > _< . I am thinking of starting a new games journalism site and would like to make a roundup of Black and White 2 information. Would it be alright if I quoted a some of your info/translations? ((With due credit and links, of course.))

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