Dae asks: Favorite Move Animation

Being sick isn’t beneficial for your writing skills, so I had to postpone my Daely Snack till the end of next week and do this small Dae asks instead. As a compensation, I’ll reveal the subject; it is to be called ‘On rumours and speculation’.

This question isn’t about which moves are the best for battling, but for those with awesome in-game animations. It can be from each generation, but state the gen when it’s from before gen v. I always turn off battle animations (yes, even right at beginning of the first playthrough) so I don’t have a preference as I have only seen a few of them. I hope you all don’t do the same as me, it would result in a rather boring Dae asks.

I’m off to catch some sleep/wander lonely like a zombie. You already know the deal, so get commenting. Untill next time with (hopefully) a new question!