Mystery Bird Analysis & A Short Message From Pokémon Director/Co-Creator To Us All Here At PokéJungle

Hello guys,

PokéJungle translator Kriffix here. The internet has been a flurry with speculation on the silhouette shown in the pre-release screens for the Pokémon AR Searcher game that allows you to transfer Pokémon to Black 2 and White 2. Just what is this Pokémon?

At first glance a lot of fans thought it was Ho-oh, and others like myself  believed it to be Archeops. However, no matter what pre-existing Pokémon you compare it to there is always a blaring difference that makes coming to a conclusion very difficult. The general consensus now is that it is an Articuno with it’s tail obscuring the head. However there are just two problems with this theory. The lumps on the wings are too round and the legs are too thick and short.

Having had the pleasure of meeting Pokémon game director and co-creator Jun’ichi Masuda during his visit to London, not to mention having spent the last two years subtitling a lot of his announcements, I decided to contact him regarding this mysterious bird-like Pokémon. He’s aware from our previous chat (albeit brief) of us here at PokéJungle and our loyal fans. I’ve not translated the unnecessary bits.
Kriffix:“…Just what is that bird-like Pokémon from the released AR Searcher pics? Is it a secret? ” 

Masuda:”Good morning! It’s been a long time since we last met! Oh, how perceptive of you! However I have to say ‘no comment’! (>_<)”

Dang. So basically we weren’t able to gather much from this, other than the fact it is something he cannot comment on. The possible reasons for this are as follows;
1.He does not want to spoil what Pokémon are obtainable in the game
2.Although Gamefreak now have some 3D designers and it may well in fact be them working on the game, he may not want to comment on work that is potentially done by ‘Creatures’ inc.
3.It’s a new Pokémon/form and so he can’t comment on it yet.

What do you guys think?

Just keep in mind that we may well have a new Pokémon/form announcement right round the corner. Last month’s CoroCoro says  “新ポケモンスクープ”, which can be interpreted as either “scoop on a new Pokémon” or “a new scoop on Pokémon”. As well as “新ポケモンの発表” which can also be interpreted as either “announcement on new Pokémon” or “new announcement regarding Pokémon”. However, the average person reading and not thinking too deeply would assume the former, it would be pretty sneaky for CoroCoro to try to trick us like this.


PS. All this speculation of an unknown bird-Pokémon silhouette makes me all nostalgic. Perhaps some of the younger fans may not know what I’m talking about, but the words “Rainbow Bird” still have a special place in my heart. I’m sure some of you know what I’m talking about.

      1. Maybe they are like round targets or something (ie. not an actual feature of the pokemon.).

        1. Haha, interesting. That’s actually not SO much of a farfetched idea.
          How about the other things I pointed out then?

          1. Well, I’m not really sure about the legs. It’s possible that they are just being exaggerated in thickness on this new 3D model.

            The head shape could easily just be distorted by the tail. Two of the 3 “crown spines” can be seen protruding from the head area, and everything above that could be its tail. I’m still not convinced about the legs though…

            Honestly, I thought it was Ho-oh at first glance, and it definitely still could be. Maybe Ho-oh’s large tail is just hidden?

      2. Actually, Pokedex 3D sprites are showing the Pokemon in motion, flying Pokemon are actually hovering in air. So that means they’re not in standing position, they have a little aim. Therefore it looks like it has short legs and spikes coming from cheeks, but legs may be longer or spikes may seem different in that aim.

        1. Hmm, the thing is, Articuno’s artwork has been updated since this really old pic and it would no longer be drawn/rendered with such large feet. I doubt they’d make its feet large just for this game when they will have new accurate models from the Pokédex Pro which they will undoubtably be using. It would make no sense for them to create new CG models for this 300 yen game.
          Also this pic doesn’t explain the perfect semi-circles on the wings nor the spikes coming from the cheek area (Note: not the crown).

  1. My feeling is Lugia. The feet are a bit too pointed for the official artwork, but they match the XD001 form, which also has the somewhat longer eye…things, and is a 3D model so it could just be slightly reused here (though I’m sure it would be the normal coloring). The only issue is the tail, which is just a bit too wide at the tip (it looks at lot like Mewtwo’s). Perhaps it’s curling back down at the end? It seems really fitting to me, so that’s my guess.

  2. I know it probably isnt a new pokemon but im actually hoping their are new pokemon to spice the game up a little more… Nothing can go wrong if they just add some new pokemon but i really hope this is!

  3. I know this is off subject but can you rate or comment my team

    Kelado… if you get it early in the game
    Leafeon/Glaceon… Dont know which to pick /:
    Some type of flying pokemon if they bring some back from other regions ex* staraptor but any flying pokemon early on in the game will do.
    Please comment if you have any suggestions about my team

        1. There’s been no mention of this, so most likely not, sorry. Especially since it’s going to be a movie giveaway Pokémon. (admittedly so was Victini but those were special circumstances)

          1. Ohhh okay thanks well i guuss im gonna get samurott then ughh i really dont like the 5th gen starters but im still going to keep my hopes up for kelado because usually these events have a way of working over to america either that im gonna go to gts

  4. it looks like a piegot the final evolution falkner has the one before it (i fail at spelling)

        1. Perhaps those are the markings you have to “Lazer” of the pokemon for them to join you.. ? I dunno but it’s just nothing special because it’s right there.. It’s too similair.. New pokemon would be awesome of course =D But my guess is just Articuno 😉

          1. The head spikes dont match articuno’s at all, his are short diamonds, these are long and thin. and the cheek tuffs, ignore the wings right now and focus on what we can tell of the head

        1. Seriously? A Mudkip an an Octillery? Are you guys for serious? This Pokemon looks nothing like either of them. I hope you two are joking.
          That said, I’m pretty sure it’s an Electrode.

  5. Masuda’s comment is definitely eyebrow raising. Everyone knows “No Comment” means hiding something really cool.

    It’s either Articuno or a new pokemon. Articuno is about the closest we can get I think.

  6. I think the better question is what the fudge is a wild, giant bird Pokemon doing in somebody’s living room? XD

  7. I can now say without a doubt that it is Articuno based on its shape outline and the Sugimori artwork of Articuno.

    1. That could easily be its tail. The thing is moving, so maybe it’s Articuno raising its tail above its head.

      As for the feet, it could be bending its legs like birds do when they fly.

  8. I’m cross between Pidgeot and Archeops. I was definate for Pidgeot but then started thinking about Archeops.

    The issue with it being a “New Pokemon” is the fact we are still in Gen 5 and if it were a “New Pokemon” It would mean we are no longer in Gen 5 despite other sources stating that we are.

    as for the bumps, the wings could be bent in a flap like motion. 3D rendering does some freaky stuff when you add motion to it and can become obscure.

    As for Masuda’s comment, He cannot legally say anything. If he confirms or denies or says anything to hint one way or another, he gets arrested, fined, and fired. Just like that guy that leaked the Final Evolutions for the starters.

    You cannot take anything he says when information cannot be released more than what it plainly says. He says he cannot comment on it and that’s all it means.

    1. Who says that they can’t release a new pokemon and it still be a Gen. 5 pokemon?

      The times when we could predict what GF and Pokemon do is over.

      1. I have to agree with you, and I know for a fact that aapf would too.
        The fact that BW2 are even being released means that something very different is being done from usual. It’s impossible to base conjecture entirely on previous patterns at this point.

      2. People are saying “no new Pokemon” just because they haven’t done it before. There’s a bunch of other reasons. Compatibility issues; why wouldn’t they program the new Pokemon into BW like Keldeo, Meloetta and Genesect so you’d be able to trade? They’d have to reveal Genesect now or leave a gap in the Pokedex. If there were new Pokemon, they’d have made that the major focus of their advertising, not Kyurem formes. They know full well new Pokemon would sell more games, so why would they focus on something totally different?

        It’s just too unlikely.

          1. Yeah, there are pretty good reasons against a new Pokémon, but not against new formes. But the only one to get new formes is Kyurem (’cause of the hint in the coding and so on). Maybe it’s another Kyurem-form? Anyone thought about it? I’m still hoping, there’s another Kyurem-form with Kyurem + Reshiram + Zekrom.

        1. To be fair though Hejiru, if there was ever a generation they were going to throw a curve ball at us it would be this one. The fact that BW2 is coming out was something that NO ONE saw coming. Who’s to say the surprises stop there?
          I’m not saying 100% that there’s a new Pokémon, I’m just saying it would be wise to be vigilant due to the state of affairs this generation.
          People keep saying “compatibility issues” as a reason, but I don’t think that’s a very logical reason. Since when did Gamefreak ever say that they set out making there games 100% compatible? What about generation 1-2 trading and the whole leap between 2 and 3 that meant no trading? They made a notched ear Pichu which has to stay in HGSS and new forms in platinum that cannot go to other games. It’s only one little step up to make an entirely new Pokémon that way.
          Also, keep in mind that Shaymin, Giratina and Rotom’s new forms were all available before an Arceus distribution. And Arceus existed in DP data!
          Seriously, anything could happen this time round.

          1. Shaymin/Giratina/Rotom formes being released before Arceus is not the same thing at all. If they release a new Pokemon before Genesect, people will play BW2, get the Nat. Dex and notice “heeeey…. what happened to 649?” A better analogy would if they had released Arceus before Shaymin.

            I’m aware of the time machine factor, and it is by no means impossible. I’m saying it’s unlikely from a logical standpoint, not a technological one. Wouldn’t they want to make it possible to trade without restrictions if they could? Game Freak usually plans these things out in advance. I seriously doubt BW2 was a spur of the moment decision, especially considering that they left possibilities for a sequel open in BW’s plot. If they knew that they were making a new Pokemon, why would they program data for Keldeo, Meloetta, and Genesect but not for the new Pokemon? They’d be purposely forcing a time machine situation. Spiky-Eared Pichu was made specifically for HGSS; it couldn’t be traded in Gen 4 because of technological reasons, but why didn’t they allow it to be transferred to BW? They could have easily programmed the data in. I think it’s pretty clear SE Pichu was just a movie promotion, nothing more. And I think Game Freak would want to avoid incompatibility as much as possible. Making a new Pokemon now would mean they either made this up on the fly or they purposely wanted you to be unable to trade the new ones to BW. Neither one of those makes a whole lot of sense to me.

            I’m not saying it’s impossible, just very unlikely.

          2. Yeah,I do see where you’re coming from. They’d totally want to avoid incompatibility where *possible*. But not if they had a new idea that they think would make a game sell, naturally this takes priority. Also there IS a slight chance that BW2 weren’t always 100% confirmed from day one. Perhaps they had it in the back of their minds and decided to go for it when BW did so well worldwide.
            Also there are already BW/BW2 programming inconsistencies. Kyurem only has one new alternate form in its BW data after all.
            Another thing to keep in mind is that, Togepi was revealed officially (though briefly) before Mew in Japan. (probably the same here too, not sure).
            I’m doing my best to change your “very unlikely” to a mere “unlikely” lol.

          3. Well to be fair, Rotom had only 1 in its data too. (I think?)

            The Togepi thing is interesting, but Togepi’s number was unknown for a long time. If they made a new Pokemon now, it would obviously be to promote BW2, meaning that new Pokemon would be in the game and have its number revealed, making a gap in the Pokedex.

          4. Between Gen 1 and 2, they lost compatibility for new Pokemon and new attacks. Old Pokemon holding items, having new attacks, or new Pokemon could not be sent back. The time machine was pretty much what we have now with the transfers, just less strict.

            Gen 3 was a complete rehaul of the systems that made connection to Gens 1 and 2 completely incompatible.

            All of this pretty much supports, they can’t add a new Pokemon theory as each new Generation, games that have added new Pokemon to the Pokedex AFTER the last number known could not backwards link to an older Generation. New Pokemon start new Generations and kill backwards compatibility.

            Gen three could not trade and had to transfer Pokemon to Gen 4. Gen 4 could not trade and had to transfer Pokemon to Gen 5.

            As for New forms, Rotom, Shaymin, and Giratina had placeholder codes in D/P for the new forms which hinted to them getting new ones. (If you believe that old rumor) Kyurem was the only one in Black and White with the same Place Holder.

            I don’t remember, but I think they said B2W2 were compatible with B/W. At least there may have been a hint to it if it wasn’t a mistranslation on my friend’s part.

            As for unprecedented new Games, yes some people did predict two games coming out instead of Gray. Many people predicted two Kyurem Forms from different discussions I saw. The map, if it has anything to do with the story, was predicted to be frozen over due to Kyurem.

            Not everyone could predict Gamefreak during the other generation releases either, and a Sequel type game has been done before by Gamefreak, just not at this level. When it comes to predicting everyone is hit or miss.

          5. A nice solid list of reasons.
            One thing though, predicting Kyurem had two forms and predicting the map being frozen over!? Seriously!? Surely that can’t be true lol. Perhaps the first one, but the SECOND!?

          6. One of the Speculations for the “Third Game” on Pokecommunity was, that the world would be frozen by Kyurem. It was one that wasn’t pushed and didn’t go into heavy detail, but it was back when we believed we were getting Gray.

            Pretty much it was normal story, N gets Kyurem instead and freezes the world instead of tries to take over it.

            There were other branches, but the idea was dropped for the One Dragon’s revival plot and went on with different ones.

            A frozen world was speculated before. In a Speculation contest the “Meet Kyurem World Freezes” thing came up twice. It was similar to meeting Kyogre and Groudon in Ruby and Sapphire in theory.

          7. Hejiru: The data said no such thing. The Diamond/Pearl data said Rotom had “1” forme, and the Black/White data said the same of Kyurem. Not 1 ALTERNATE forme, 1 forme. Which, at the time, was 100% true. Rotom changed to “6” in Black/White.

            The only reason this is significant is that MOST Pokemon with just 1 forme have a “0” in the data. The placeholder indicated which Pokemon would get formes… but not how many!

  9. I don’t think they would introduce a new pokemon in this way? And the little chon poking out of its head has articuno qualities. So to speak. I can’t see anything but this now:
    Having said that, the wings are the tough bit to explain, maybe they just didn’t pay enough attention to detail and thought nobody would notice but underestimated the pokemon fan community in its investigativeness. In other words, maybe it is a new image, but just drawn as cheaply as you would expect from a 300 yen game.

    It could also be an articuno carrying two bowling balls and wearing a native indian headdress.

    1. No one here but me, you and a select couple of people will understand what you mean by “Chon” XD
      EDIT: Also, if you asks me this is JUST the kind of way they’d do it lol. Sillouttes are all the rage in Poké-announcments after all.

  10. Might I ask you something? If I don’t know what Kriffix means by “Rainbow Bird,” then that means I am either a “younger fan” *cough I’m 16*, I have been living under a rock, or it’s an old community term…right?

    1. In the first episode of the anime, Ash saw a Ho-oh; a Pokemon that would not be revealed for several years. Back then we only knew it as “that rainbow bird.”

    2. Haha, it’s an old playground term for Ho-oh before it’s proper announcement. Also called “Golden Bird”.

  11. I see no reason to announce a new pokemon. To be fair, keldeo is sort of a “new Pokemon”. We have known of it’s existence for a long time, but it has only just been officially revealed.

  12. I thought it’s likely to be Archeops, but now that Masuda made a point of saying “no comment”, I’m not so sure. If it was just Archeops, he could probably just come out and say it.

    1. Or maybe he just wants to keep people interested in the game. Game devs say “I can’t say anything about that” a lot, and half the time it’s nothing mind-blowing.

  13. Wait. What if the some-kind of hand/claws in the wings are attacks like energy/shadow ball? Just thought of it now, cause that’s one way of seeing things. 🙂

    1. Possible… but Energy Ball and Shadow Ball have never shown two coming out at once, and I don’t think bird Pokemon typically know those moves. Does anyone know of a move that involves two balls?

  14. One thing I want to point out. Does anyone else think that the Japanese name for Kyurem’s signature move, Glaciate (Frozen World), was a major hint for what would happen to Unova? Also, Kyurem had two signature moves related to Reshiram and Zekrom hidden in BW’s coding. Why would one alternate form use two moves that are essentially polar opposites? That seemed like another hint to me. However, they surprised us well with the release of two versions as opposed to one.

    1. That hadn’t occurred to me at all! Wow!
      It offers a good explanation for the map. Good old foreshadowing.

        1. Initially when I read the CoroCoro article it didnt occur to me that it may not have been frozen. But after so many people suggested this may be due to CoroCoro wanting to save things for later, I was able to understand that argument and left my mind open to that possibility. However, it just keeps getting mentioned over and over by so many sources other than just CoroCoro, at this point I’d be really surprised if it wasn’t frozen over at least for a part of the game. Be it at the start, a little later, or right before you catch Kyurem.

          1. Thats exactly what i think but if the region does unfreeze are all the people going to be dead lol and shouldn’t their be flooding haha let me stop being realistic this is pokemon not the real world but i wonder if the unfrozen part of the region is going to be like the post game?

          2. I’m sorry, but I’m not really understanding what you’re saying. The reason why the other sources are mentioning it is because that’s what GF gave them; the frozen over Unova map. I didn’t think Corocoro could get the map from them and than put the ice on themselves. Corocoro isn’t hiding it, GF and The Pokemon Company are.

  15. Oh you sillies, we’ve been fooled the whole time! It’s not a Pokemon at all! You see? It’s actually a nose with a feather and snotty nostrils, and two eyes with huge eyelashes. Those folks at GameFreak are such kidders.

  16. Guys, it could also be a new form of Articuno or something. Maybe they felt bad about making him suck all these years, and have decided to give him a more BA form, what’s more, Zapdos and Moltres would likely get the same treatment.

  17. what if this a brand new 6th gen pokemon? it may not be in bw2 but instead appearing in the movie?

  18. maybe, it is the pokemon to be revealed in next corocoro. bill to big to be articuno. to round for pelliper, ho oh, or archeops. complete dragon/bird maybe?

  19. To be honest I think that they are going to make ho oh and lugialga into a trio and have any of u guys heard of a game could frigo returns? ( a bootlegged pkmn emerald game) well there are runoff that that was a guy who got info of a new pkmn nintendo where thinking of using in a 5 th gen game and he made a bootlegged game of emerald in the 1990s. He got arrested but he had already made a couple of copies of the game and sold them off I have a copy of this game and frigos form looks excactly like the sillohete ( albeit a few diffs) this is only a theory though so look it up if u want

  20. There are more problems with Articuno than the lumps on the wings and the thickness of the legs – though those are problems. There are also those two straight parallel points above its head (the tail can only cover ONE of them) and the patches on the side of its head have two points each – Articuno would only have one.

  21. Perhaps this Pokemon is an event only Pokemon designed specifically for Black2 and White2… And, the only way to obtain it is through the AR app. this might be the new Pokemon scoop that Corocoro was mentioning for its June issue, and could explain Masuda’s ‘No Comment’…

    1. …and maybe you can only catch it once, after you have obtained all the possible obtainable Pokemon from the AR app… idk

  22. I could see new pokemon coming. spikichu, skyshaymin, and origingiratina can’t go to dp. black and white kyurem for sure won’t be on BW, so why not have a new pokemon only for BW2? Also, please put spiky pichu’s data on BW2! I love that pokemon!

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