RUMOUR: Gamestop Leaks BW2 Release Date (UPD1)

As you can see in the picture above, this has popped up in the biggest American video game store. It shows us the release date of a number of games, as well as a possible date of October 2nd for Black & White 2. Please be aware that this is not a confirmation. Gamestop have put up speculative dates in the past, as their system software needs a date so preorders can be taken.

However, this matches with the Fall release date Nintendo have given, and it wouldn’t surprise me if this turns out to be true. Even if it isn’t, I expect the real date to be pretty close, as November/December are usually loaded with other big hits, and Nintendo likes to keep some breathing room for Pokémon.

UPD1: The Pokémon Conquest date seems to be a day off. It says June 19th instead of June 18th. However, this may be for the fact that games in America usually release on Tuesdays (the 19th) and that Gamestop always put in Tuesday as the date. October 2nd is a Tuesday, and big releases are usually on Sunday, so the date may be speculation. This isn’t real evidence that the BW2 date is totally fake, but I’m just pointing it out as a matter of fact.

So, do you think this is the real deal? Are you happy with this, or do you want it sooner? Discuss in the comments. We’re going to have some major news regarding the site very soon, so keep your eyes on  Pokéjungle.

PS – Thanks for the tip Edgar!