RUMOUR: Gamestop Leaks BW2 Release Date (UPD1)

As you can see in the picture above, this has popped up in the biggest American video game store. It shows us the release date of a number of games, as well as a possible date of October 2nd for Black & White 2. Please be aware that this is not a confirmation. Gamestop have put up speculative dates in the past, as their system software needs a date so preorders can be taken.

However, this matches with the Fall release date Nintendo have given, and it wouldn’t surprise me if this turns out to be true. Even if it isn’t, I expect the real date to be pretty close, as November/December are usually loaded with other big hits, and Nintendo likes to keep some breathing room for Pokémon.

UPD1: The Pokémon Conquest date seems to be a day off. It says June 19th instead of June 18th. However, this may be for the fact that games in America usually release on Tuesdays (the 19th) and that Gamestop always put in Tuesday as the date. October 2nd is a Tuesday, and big releases are usually on Sunday, so the date may be speculation. This isn’t real evidence that the BW2 date is totally fake, but I’m just pointing it out as a matter of fact.

So, do you think this is the real deal? Are you happy with this, or do you want it sooner? Discuss in the comments. We’re going to have some major news regarding the site very soon, so keep your eyes on  Pokéjungle.

PS – Thanks for the tip Edgar!


  1. It’s less than a 4 month gap between releases if true, so how could I not be happy? lol

  2. I am not sold on the exact date but I do think it will be in late September or early October.

    I know from experience that Gamestop will not sell a game that officially releases on a Monday until Tuesday. When Kirby Return to Dreamland was released on Monday October 24 last year, they wouldn’t sell it to me until the next day. I was so disappointed because they told me that they had the copies in the back, knew today was the actual release date and still wouldn’t sell it to me.

    1. That’s because Nintendo games cannot be sold until Tuesdays. Nintendo’s official Release for video Games, (actually ANY Game System) only release on Sundays (Only Mario ever comes out on this day regularly) and Tuesday.

      Its not just Gamestop. Any store that sales Videogames cannot sell them until Tuesday as that is the real release day.

      Any store caught selling before hand faces legal repercussions.

      1. I know that there are legal considerations of selling the game early, but why would Nintendo themselves put an official release on Monday October 24 if it couldn’t be sold until the next day? That’s all I was disappointed about. Especially since commercials and advertising said October 24.

        I was mostly mad about wasted time and fuel (I have to drive 30 minutes to the next town that has a store that sells games).

        1. You have to be careful on what they say. If they say “In stores” that doesn’t mean they release that day, its just the first day you can see them in stores.

          All Videogames now release on Tuesdays with a few exceptions to rushed releases and an occasional Mario which unusually releases on Sundays.

          I work at Toys R Us in the electronics department and have had that issue come up once before with a Pokemon Game. Commercial said in Stores Monday, but our sales papers said Sold on Tuesday. We DID have displays out monday to build hype on the product, but could not sell it until Tuesday.

          Sometimes the commercials will just say “In Stores Now!” when they don’t release until Tuesday and the TV Station just aired the commercial early.

  3. I work in Gamestop and I can tell you now the chances are it is speculation or a very well thaught out rough estimate of when they come out.

  4. With Gamestop if there is no SD by the date, then its just a place holder date. It could be anywhere from September to November for the actual release date.

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