Darkrai Wi-Fi Event Announced

The official site has announced a new Wi-fi event for international Black & White owners. They didn’t give any details pertaining to its attacks, giving the generic adjective ‘powerful’ instead. It normally comes with the ability Bad Dreams, as Darkrai doesn’t have a hidden Dreamworld ability they could give away. The event starts at May 9th with the end date unknown.

Sadly, that’s all that they gave us. I guess we’ll have to wait a bit to know its attacks, but I don’t expect anything too special. And what’s up with all the Darkrai promotion? Seems a bit late to the party, if you ask me.

Anyway, anyone who doesn’t have a Darkrai yet? I think everyone’s getting this, as it’s free, but would you like another event? As always, discussion goes in the comments. Keep your eyes on Pokéjungle for the announcement a lot of you have been waiting for.