2012 Spring Tournament Going International

Busy day today, I guess we’ll have to delay our big news. But I’ll give a hint: we already announced it before, but we’re adding a huge twist.

The official site, that updates asynchronous with the other news, has announced an international version of the Japanese Spring Cup renamed the Spring Friendly. Registration opens May 2nd and closes May 9th. There is a registration cap, so try to register as fast as possible. The tournament runs from May 10th till May 14th. You can do as many battles as you wish, and you will be ranked according how well you do. The rules are the same as the tournaments before, so expect double battles with Pokémon of all generations.

Go check our previous updates about a Darkrai giveaway and a possible release date for BW2. There is also a nice discussion going on about the mysterious bird Pokémon, so check to comments if you haven’t done so. You guys can start discussing your preparations in the comments below, while I’m taking a nap.