Black White 2 Second Trailer and Nintendo Direct Snippet (upd1)

The first video is the new trailer from the Nintendo Direct that we gave a live report on in the post below for Pokémon Black 2 and White 2. The second is a snippet from Nintendo direct showing the two new applications for the 3DS; the National Pokédex Pro and the Pokémon AR Searcher. The first one speaks for itself and the second one is an Augmented Reality game that lets you use the 3DS camera to catch Pokémon and then send them to Black2 and White 2. Naturally this has a lot of potential! Added a third video of the European Nintendo President confirming the ‘Pokédex Pro’ and ‘AR searcher’ for Europe. Not that there was any doubt, but its nice to know! A US announcement is no doubt right round the corner!




Make sure to stick with pokejungle for Pokémon Smash later on! We’ll be doing the usual live translations for you all!


  1. Still waiting to see how they are going to handle resolution on the 3DS. It will probably just stay untouched due to limitations, though.

    1. It’d be nice if they really keep the 3DS in mind. BW1 on the 3DS looked fuzzy to me.
      The AR Searcher is a good sign that there will be some 3DS love. (Even if it turns out there is nothing else, what could be more awesome!?)

      1. Yeah, all DS games look fuzzy on the 3DS, unless you do the select+start trick… which drastically reduces screen size.

        I guess I’m just a bit mad since my DSi’s top screen broke last year and BW2 being announced for the DS was sort of bittersweet since I will either play it with washed-out colors or on a screen the size of the original phat.


  2. Trailer is looking epic as usual.

    The real news for me is the Pokedex 3D Pro. YES!

    Thank you Game Freak!

    I always loved messing with the AR viewer and making it seem like there’s pokemon in my house and stuff, and liked looking at the models. Now we can have them all! Thank you Game Freak once again! 😀

  3. Is it sad that when I first saw the AR thing all I could think about was Pokemon Snap? XD

  4. I really hope the resolution is better on a 3ds this time around for black2 and white2. The pokedex is also cool to have but hopefully wont cost too much money id expect if you have to pay it’ll be about 8(euro) for us european players. Gamestop also updated there systems to include new 3ds titles like this and wiiU 😀

  5. asdfghjkl Catching Pokemon with the 3ds camera? YES. I can see my self running around my neighborhood catching Pokemon.

    Mom: “What are you doing? ಠ_ಠ”
    Me: ” Catching Pokemon, it’s beautiful!! ಥUಥ”
    Mom: “*facepalm* I’ll never understand you and your Pokemon.”


    1. I feel like it looks like Archeops… I don’t think it’s a new Pokemon. It seems like a weird way to showcase a new Pokemon, if they are planning on putting new Pokemon in anyway.

  6. New pokemon is suppose to be showcased in next month’s Corocoro and we get a silhouette of a bird pokemon that doesn’t really resemble any current bird pokemon? I was sort of joking about Gen. 5.5, but now I don’t know….

    B2W2, what surprises do you really have for us…..

  7. I know this might be a bit off subject… But, there is something I noticed in the first B&W2 trailer, and again in the second, is Professor Juniper walking around the Home City. I bet she visits the Pokemon School to drop off starters for the Main Characters. This helps explain why there isn’t a Pokemon Lab and, instead a School in the starting city.

    I wonder if this gives some insight on whether or not the map is actually frozen…

      1. You can see her overworld sprite briefly walking around Hiougi City, passing the Rival and his sister. You can see her signature hairdo. Stop the Trailer video @ the 1:09 marker. It lasts only a second…

        Also she isn’t in the first trailer, actually the game footage from last week’s PKMN Smash… @ the 1:04-1:10 marker. It looks like she is approaching the Protagonist’s house.

        It may not be her, but it looks like her somewhat…

        1. I can see what your talking about. That looks a lot like her. But even if it isn’t her, maybe she does give the protagonist there starter, considering that is still a mystery, and it kind of cuts off from the scene she appears in.

        2. Pretty sure that isn’t Juniper… Juniper looked a lot different than that; so, unless they decided to change her design drastically, I don’t think it’s her.

  8. Notice how the water gym seems to have ace trainers in in it, does this mean it´s a later gym? or even the final?

  9. I wonder if the game’s path mirrors the old path from B&W1, Meaning you pass through Nimbassa City then go Eastward
    directly to Black City/White Forest (Maybe a version exclusive Gym?),
    then Undella Town (Water Gym),
    and then LacunosaTown (??? Gym)…
    Then maybe explore the rest of West Unova And Southeast post E4and collect the rest of the old badges, maybe…

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