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Black White 2 Second Trailer and Nintendo Direct Snippet (upd1)

The first video is the new trailer from the Nintendo Direct that we gave a live report on in the post below for Pokémon Black 2 and White 2. The second is a snippet from Nintendo direct showing the two new applications for the 3DS; the National Pokédex Pro and the Pokémon AR Searcher. The first one speaks for itself and the second one is an Augmented Reality game that lets you use the 3DS camera to catch Pokémon and then send them to Black2 and White 2. Naturally this has a lot of potential! Added a third video of the European Nintendo President confirming the ‘Pokédex Pro’ and ‘AR searcher’ for Europe. Not that there was any doubt, but its nice to know! A US announcement is no doubt right round the corner!




Make sure to stick with pokejungle for Pokémon Smash later on! We’ll be doing the usual live translations for you all!