Nintendo Direct Live Translations!

Kirby and Just Dance info. Kirby’s Dreamland will be available for the 3DS Virtual Console

Talking about Pokemon!

  • Shizui battle sprite
  • awesome new music, seems to be the new final pokemon theme for the Gym leaders.
  • Will be able to play “AR searchers” for download with the release of BW2. Can catch pokemon and send them to the game. 300 Yen
  • Pokedex PRO! all pokemon from Kanto to Unova will be included! 1500 Yen

Talking about Guild01, then Dragon Quest Spinoff.People who have Joker will be able to enjoy the Spinoff even more.

Etrian Odyssey, 3D dungeons, and New Danboru-Senki for the 3DS. Anyone can enjoy it, up to 6th players for multiplayer.

Taiko-no-Tatsujin and RuneFactory4.

Promotional video of ProjectXzone. Looks big,I can recognize some characters. 2D for some reason.

Going over Mario Tennis. looks great.

Culdcept.emphasizing inexperienced. Holding a Japan tournament .

3DS update! Will be able to:

  • Create folders for games(can put up to 60 games, can name Folders)
  • apply patches! Mario Kart 7 will have one released. NO MORE WUFU SHORTCUTS!

Talking about Kid Icarus. Want it so bad 🙁

Fire Emblem.Informing people on the current downloads.

New TriG challenge Quests. Now advertising Theatrythym.

Animal Crossing 3DS will be available by Autumn!

New Super Mario Brothers 2 for the 3DS! says that it will be enjoyable for everyone.

And That about raps it up!

Pokemon-related information we got:

Pokedex PRO. has all pokemon from Kanto to Unova (probably without Genesect.) will be 1300 yen and available on June 23rd.

Pokemon AR Searcher. will catch pokemon and be able to send them into the actual game. Also 300 yen and available on the release date of BW2, June 23rd.

Image courtesy of AAPF