Upcoming News to Watch: Nintendo Direct & Pokémon Smash!

Tomorrow, April 21st (12:00pm Japan time), there will be another Nintendo Direct event hosted by Nintendo President Iwata. Although it’s slated to focus on Wii/3DS news we will be doing a live translation of any relevant information.  NL will be with us for that 🙂

Then… April 29th (7:00am Japan time) will be the a Pokémon Smash episode! They’ll be showing off Keldeo in Black and White 2 so we might see some brand new game footage. One of our translators will also be there to do live Japanese to English information 🙂  Kriff is unavailable, but maybe I can do something as entertaining as his nuggets were last week.  We’ll see.  Incidentally, I was asleep last week for arguably the biggest Smash episode we’ve seen yet because I… partied too hard.  And slept until 2pm. WHOOPS.  No excessive drinking on Saturday night this time 😉 (EDIT: As a wonderful commentor pointed out, I had the date for this wrong.  We will still be covering Smash tomorrow in hopes for new information though!)

This weekend stick with pokejungle for all the latest news!

<3 pokejungle

ps- sometimes I hate that I named my site after my own nickname.  lol.

pps- Question for Commenters: What would you name your own Pokémon site if you were to make one?