Pokemon Ranger: Guardian Signs Release!

Today the newest in the ‘Pokemon Ranger’ series was released.  This new version brings in several changes from the last two games including:

  • Only 1 partner pokemon: Ukulele Pichu
  • New (optional) flying mini-game
  • The ‘Signs’ you can draw during battle to summon legendary pokemon
  • New villainous team called ‘Pokemon Pinchers’
  • Multiplayer missions

If you’re into the Ranger series be sure to go pick up a copy!  Right now there are two downloadable missions: Protect the Blue Sphere and Deoxys and the Odd Temple.

<3 pokejungle

ps- Want me to upload the screenshots?  Right now I’m deep in code working on the forum upgrade but after its done I can.  I’m not sure how much my site audience cares about this spinoff.  In the comments share your opinions on the ‘Ranger’ series 😀

  1. First haha

    I for one am a fan of the Pokemon Ranger series.
    -Its not as good as the original games (Black, White, etc…), its still enjoyable!!

  2. I like being able to encounter pokemon in a more realistic way than in the main game, and the fact that they are always following you. Ranger games are important to understand better the Pokémon world .

  3. the ranger games are good, but not as good as the original platform in my opinion. :S
    i mught pick this game up but probably not because i don’t want my DS to die because of multiple circle marks on my touch screen. ;__;

    1. tell ’bout it. *needs screen protector now ‘coz of scratched screen T___T*

      It even damaged my stylus tip so I have to get a new one. My stylus is ruining my screen! D=

  4. These games make my hand hurt. It could be because of the excessive scribbling or it could be because I’m lazy. Either way, these games can be fun but the interaction is minimal and it doesn’t quite live up to the feeling other Pokemon games have. I guess I’d just rather throw a Pokeball than circle the Pokemon 23 times in row, but maybe that’s just me.

  5. I like the series, I’ve only bought of the early versions and played some of it, it’s pretty fun.

  6. I’ve never played a Ranger game, but this will be the first Ranger game I will ever play. I mainly bought it because of the Wi-fi pokemon events.

  7. I am a huge fan of the Ranger games. I bought the first one hesitantly, but loved it. I was super excited for the second and it was amazing also, and when I heard there was now a third one coming out (like a long time ago) I was really happy because I always loved the games for their uniquity (If that’s a word :P). It’s a nice break from the main series games, which I also love, but each has its own means of play and capture, which makes them fun. I will definitely be getting this one, probably this weekend. 🙂

    Also, Pokejungle, I know you had mentioned this, so I’m responding to that part too. I would love it it you put up screenshots. It would kinda give me a good visual preview of what to expect. 🙂 Of course its still up to you though. 😀

  8. I’ve never played any of the Ranger games, but I’d love to see some fun spinoffs this gen. There will probably be a gen. V Ranger, and a gen. V Mystery Dungeon is pretty likely as well. I’d like to see the games only for the DS. They never seem to fairly distribute WiiWare titles…
    I just hope any spinoff Wii titles are more like Colloseum/XD than PBR. I love PBR, but I love XD much, much more.

    1. “I just hope any spinoff Wii titles are more like Colloseum/XD than PBR. I love PBR, but I love XD much, much more.”

      I would ♥REALLY LOVE♥ something like the good ol’ Pokemon Stadium games. Those were the sh*t! 8D
      You got to face sooo many trainers and Gym Leaders, and even the Elite Four + Champion!
      And let’s not forget the mini-games~♪

      Ahh~☆ Childhood memories. . .
      😀 😀 😀

      1. YES! They haven’t had Stadium in so long! I think they tried to imitate it in PBR, but I would totally buy a Stadium-for-Wii~

  9. offtopic, but do you why the rby games were glitchy, it was because an employee of gf substituted the debugging tools, to hide mew in it, only senior gf staff knew about it, not telling nintendo, bit like BBC & top gear`s stig
    ps. countdown till beach has a new admin: t- 5 months (please no holystar, as he will exterminate all forum goers)
    pps. pj, how about become a twitter member?

    1. RBY was glitchy because of programming oversights, not because of Mew.
      But on topic, if I get this game (have to wait til November though) I will play it on my old DS. Don’t wan’t my new one’s screen to get scratched!
      I kinda like the ranger games, I only got the first though, so I could get Manaphy, but I wound up enjoying it too!

      1. Back onto the glitches thing, there’s a thread on Smogon which suggests that there were going to be 190 Pokemon in the first games. There’s actually some pretty decent evidence.

  10. I wanted to buy Guardian Signs *sniffsniff* Alas, I can’t go to GameStop because I’m sick >.< How long do these special missons last?

    I'll admit, I don't really like Ranger. First one was a letdown, and I didn't buy the second one. The Mystery Dungeon series is just a better spin-off thanks to its intriguing storylines, but that's just me.

    1. Off-topic: PokeBeach revealed that you will NOT get a stylus if you pre-order B/W in GameStop, BUT a chance to download Zoroark through the use of Suicune, Entei, and Raikou, which they will give to you. I dunno if it’s true or not, but it’s better than a noise keychain 😛

  11. i feel the series was good the first time
    shadows of almia was just wayy too easy i remembered the first one being alot more challenging
    plus they hay that capture colluseum whuch was soo funn

    1. Yeah the first one was hard, can’t speak for the second one.
      Entei was soo hard! The post game ones were easy though, as long as you took the right Pokemon. I couldn’t beat Rayquaza, but then I found a Glalie. Rayquaza + Ice assist = easy win. 🙂

  12. i kinda like it but then i dont. its kinda reduntant of the other ranger games i like the plot and ukele pichu though : )

  13. ranger games: one of the worst ways to treat your ds as it wrecks your screen
    ps. put your hands up if you watched any kind of porn: hetro, gay, futanari and hentai?
    pps. also, how many of you have guns?

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