Pokemon Ranger: Guardian Signs Release!

Today the newest in the ‘Pokemon Ranger’ series was released.  This new version brings in several changes from the last two games including:

  • Only 1 partner pokemon: Ukulele Pichu
  • New (optional) flying mini-game
  • The ‘Signs’ you can draw during battle to summon legendary pokemon
  • New villainous team called ‘Pokemon Pinchers’
  • Multiplayer missions

If you’re into the Ranger series be sure to go pick up a copy!  Right now there are two downloadable missions: Protect the Blue Sphere and Deoxys and the Odd Temple.

<3 pokejungle

ps- Want me to upload the screenshots?  Right now I’m deep in code working on the forum upgrade but after its done I can.  I’m not sure how much my site audience cares about this spinoff.  In the comments share your opinions on the ‘Ranger’ series 😀