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Hey Pokejunglers! Ozy here! Er…that’s a really lame self-intro. I really need to think of something original and cool sounding to say. Any Ideas? Ah! I was thinking about how awesome I am for to long that I forgot what I was doing! Anyways, here’s my second article, this time it’s all about the Fire-types in Gen V. Enjoy!

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To start out we have our Fire-type starter of this Gen that probably got it’s design from Nacho Libre. Pokemon #498 Pokabu, #499 Chaobuu (The Fire Pig Pokemon) and #500 Emoboar! (The Large Fire Pig Pokemon) Despite Emboar’s high HP, Attack and Special Attack, it is actually the worst Fire-type starter out of all the Gens stats wise. But as a total offensive trainer I will admitingly say that the Pokabu family would work just fine for me. In the past Gens I’ve always picked the fire starter (Not for the spin-offs though) and this is actually the first time where I didn’t immeadtly fall in love or want the Fire starter so badly. Probably because of the design. Pokabu has grown on me alot and I think it’s cute and as for Chaobuu and Emboar, I think they both look pretty bad ass. But at the same time there’s something that is holding me back and making me want to touch it once then cower away in a corner. The whole wrestiling aspect to this Gen’s fire starter is a total turn off for me and Emboar’s beard of fire is just to messy. I know this has been repeated oh so many times, but really Nintendo? ANOTHER Fire/Fighting starter? Three generations in a row?! No thank you. As for when it evolves, Pokabu evolves at lvl. 17 whereas Chaobuu evolves at lvl. 36. Overall, ok design, and pretty strong on the offensive. If I was still that goofy little kid that I used to be when I first started playing Pokemon, I probably would’ve picked Pokabu to be my starter. I mean it’s got a good attack stat and plenty of HP and not to mention it looks so strong, but now thqat I’ve grown older, I think that my likings have changed and I probably will never pick Pokabu. That being said, I still feel like I’m not showing this Pokemon’s true potential. My utter hatred of it’s typing and design is kind of blinding me from actually judging this Pokemon fairly.

Next up for judging is the fire monkey out of the Triple Battle gimic group.  #513, the High Temperature Pokemon, Baoppu and #514, the Spark Pokemon Baokki! Like I said previously, it is the long lost Fire-type brother to Yanappu (Grass) and Hiyappu (Water). You can get it very early on as a gift from the youngster trainer outside of the Abandoned Lot of Dreams. But, you will only get Baoppu if you choose the water starter, Mijumaru. (You get the monkey who’s type is weakest against your starter) To evolve this confused monkey into a drunk monkey, you need a Fire Stone, which you will first have access to in Hiun City. Go to the first port on the left you see when entering the city for the first time, and you’ll see a scientist. Talk to him and he’ll ask you which monkey you have, whichever monkey you select will determine which stone you get. But once you get the Fire Stone I wouldn’t be to hasty in evolving it. Why you ask? Well, Baokki’s move set sucks. (As do the other monkey’s evos) Once you evolve Baoppu into Baokki, it won’t learn anymore moves by leveling up, you’ll have to resort to TMs and HMs. My advice for this problem is to not evolve Baoppu until you desperatly need the evolution’s power. It might be hard considering Baoppu’s stats are in the 40’s and 50’s, but it’ll be well worth it for the moves it learns. Such as his signature move Bursting Flame, which he learns at level 22. As for Baokki’s stats, it has a pretty decent speed and attack, but besides that it’s pretty average. If you need a fire-type, this guy is worth keeping on your team. As for the two’s designs, Baoppu is by far my favorite out of the three. The evolution could be a bit better, I only say this just because they could’ve placed the hands in a different posistion and made the face look slightly less drunk. Pretty swell Pokemon overall, but you might see yourself cutting it from your roster if it falls behind.

This next Pokemon deserves it’s own religion just because of it’s sheer awesome-ness! Any guesses? No, not me silly! I am quite amazing, but alas, I am no Pokemon. We’re talking about Pokemon #554, Darumakka and #555 Hihidaruma! As their names can suggest their appearence is inspired by the Daruma doll. Might be why Darumakka is the Daruma Doll Pokemon. :p Anyways, these guys are BY FAR my favorite out of all the fire-type Pokemon introduced in Gen V. Not only because the design goes from super cute to “HOLY CRAP FLAMING EYEBROWS!!” awesome-ness, it is also HELLA strong. Starting with Darumakka’s base attack of 90 then when evolving into Hihidaruma it develops the crazy awesome, all time high attack of 140. Since it has such high attack stats it will definetly be an asset to your team, and because of it’s pure fire typing you could probably go through the entire game with just one of these. To get a Darumakka, you will have to explore the Resort Desert right above Hiun City, now you’ll have to do some walking around as it is pretty uncommon, but it’s definetly worth your time! Hihidaruma was on my very selective team, and probably is my strongest Pokemon, allthough it’s not my highest leveled up Pokemon. This Pokemon also has a special secret, an alternate form….

Daruma Mode Hihidaruma. To start out with the differences, it’s , well, blue. :p Not to mention it’s secondary typing of Psychic, giving him the killer combination of a Fire/Psychic-type. This isn’t like most Alternate Forms that activate with any normal Hihidaruma or Item, you actually need to catch a certain one. To get Hihidaruma in Daruma Mode, you first have to beat the main storyline then go to the Resort Desert and you’ll find 6 Daruma Mode Hihidaruma in a stationary poisition. Fight and catch one of these and boom! You’re set. You can also get a Daruma Mode Hihidaruma in the Dream World. Anwyays, the thing that makes this guy so special is it’s defense and special attack stats. Your Attack drops down to 30, but it’s Defense changes to 105, Special Attack to 140 and it’s Special Defense to 105. Basically it’s that same Hihidaruma strength, but only for Defense and Special Attack. Unfortuently, it won’t just stay like this, the ability only activates when your Hihidaruma goes below 50% HP.

Last, and yet again, in my opinion the least of the Fire-Types this Gen, Pokemon #631 Kuitaran! A quick word of warning: I basically have no experience with this guy. Since it is found in the wild within Victory Road, I have seen it maybe twice and only battled it once. So prepare for a very noob-like judging. This is another Pokemon whom’s design took me a while to warm up to, but in the end I came to like this Ant Eater Pokemon. The entire concept of combining an ant eater with a motor is pretty steam-punk, and personally, I like it. 🙂 The color scheme is great and not to mention the animation of it breathing fire makes it all the much cooler! Only reason it’s my least favorite out of all these guys is simply because it slips past my radar. It does have pretty decent stats, the highest being it’s Attack and Special Attack, clocking in at 97 and 105 respectivly, but there’s just something about it that’s a bit put off-y. I personally would not put it on my team, considering how far in the game you get it and how average it’s stats are compared to your Pokemon you’ll have on your team allready when going into Victory Road. But other may like it, and I can defintly see why. Again, I feel like I’m not giving this guy full credit, and it has alot of potential, but Kuitaran is another Pokemon which I feel that they could’ve cut from the final roster, and it wouldn’t have made any difference. I also really like the shape of the head. ><

Pokemon with secondary Fire-type:


The end! That’s all of the Fire-Types for this Gen! (Remember, we categorize by the Pokemon’s primary type, so you won’t see Reshiram or Urugamosu on this list.) So now that you’ve read this I want to know what YOU think. Yes, you. Do you agree with what I say? Or do you disagree? Leave a comment below! But if you do disagree, please don’t hate me to much. ;__; Ozy needs some love to.

peace and love– ozymandis

P.S. I’m sorry this took so long, having so many projects and essays due tomorrow mixed in with all the technical difficulties I was having with my internet and my computer, (and I kinda fell asleep…) It made for a stressful night. 🙁 I’m going to have a nice long rest now. G’night!

P.P.S Sorry my grammar, spelling and writing style is so awkward. :S

  1. Ozy, your latest type focus made my cat shaped penis meow.

    Can’t wait for you to re-write the paragraphs that got deleted!

    1. ahaha i’m glad to hear that? 😛

      well it’s back up now, allthough it’s not as good as my original. 🙁

      1. when i first posted my conclusion paragraph, my P.S.’s, the sprites and the Kuitaan paragraph all got deleted.
        so he read it before i had to re-type all of that.
        ya. 😛

  2. Great work man! Enjoyed reading it dude! Well done, my penis is purring! And with that, in going to sleep.

  3. I really enjoy reading these!

    HOWEVER, you made that nasty mistake of blaming Nintendo for Emboar’s typing… I’m surprised how many people think Nintendo are the ones making the Pokémon games… It’s actually Game Freak, a second party developer. They make games exclusively for Nintendo platforms and enjoy benefits such as marketing and publishing from Nintendo, but otherwise, they pretty much make the games they want and Nintendo has no implication on those games’ development.

    1. I personally wish that Game Freak makes Pokabu’s family a pure-fire type 4 the english release!!! (Even though it’s neva going 2 happen) 🙁

      1. I can see why they would give him a secondary type of fighting.

        With stealth rock, pure fire types are just destroyed.. at least with a second type that resists rock the hurt isnt that bad. …also having STAB fighting is a godsend!

        of course eyebrow monkey being raped by stealth rock is going to be very beneficial in activating his second form

  4. I think the Anteater seems to be a good replacement for Magmar, as in I can see it gaining evolutions and pre-volutions in subsequent generations. Its stats seem nice and level, and would be reliable in a pinch. However, at the late point in the game you find it it will have little use, especially with the Daruma pair.

    1. Totally agree.

      I was trying to did the right way of phrasing that in the post and you basically summed it up perfectly. 😀

  5. I LUV ENBUOO! the bad thing about baokki is its tail, its not monkey like, hihidaruma is scary, and the ant eaters got a weird head

  6. I loves your articles <3 Hihidaruma is by far my favorite fire type this gen too but I would probably put Kuitaran right below him.

  7. THis was great and fun to read 😀
    P.S. What do you mean you’re not a pokemon??? *Sends out OZY-MON…*

  8. If my friends read this they’ll more material for Pokabu bashing….but alas I stand by my choice of the Fire Pig for my starter.

    *Does dramatic training montage with Pokabu*

  9. Great article, Ozzy~♪
    Only complaint I have is the mistake you made about Baoppu having a signature move, as Bursting Flame is learned by a couple other Fire-types as well.

  10. Personaly i like hindurama becaus it changes form and is really cool i would totaly make him my main fire type in black and white
    p.s love mijumaru!!!

    1. >The end! That’s all of the Fire-Types for this Gen! (Remember, we categorize by the Pokemon’s primary type, so you won’t see Reshiram or Urugamosu on this list.) So now that you’ve read this I want to know what YOU think. Yes, you. Do you agree with what I say? Or do you disagree? Leave a comment below! But if you do disagree, please don’t hate me to much. ;__; Ozy needs some love to.

      >(Remember, we categorize by the Pokemon’s primary type, so you won’t see Reshiram or Urugamosu on this list.)

      1. i kinda facepalmed on this comment only ’cause the previous 3 were thesame type of comment. xD;;;

      1. This poor delusional fellow believes he’s part of the team, and starts typing up which pokemon are in each type, then does a lame job compared to the REAL staff.


  11. Fire pokemon are so awesome.
    Hihidaruma is also my favorite out of the bunch!

    Also you know you’re from the northwest when you say “HELLA” lol

  12. Does anyone wanna do Gen. V coverage on types, its freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ; D

  13. Wait a minute . . . YOU DIDNT PUT URUGAMOTH (ad his prevo) ON THAT LIST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! D :<

    1. >The end! That’s all of the Fire-Types for this Gen! (Remember, we categorize by the Pokemon’s primary type, so you won’t see Reshiram or Urugamosu on this list.) So now that you’ve read this I want to know what YOU think. Yes, you. Do you agree with what I say? Or do you disagree? Leave a comment below! But if you do disagree, please don’t hate me to much. ;__; Ozy needs some love to.

      >(Remember, we categorize by the Pokemon’s primary type, so you won’t see Reshiram or Urugamosu on this list.)

      Assuming Urugamoth is Urugamosu.

  14. Put him on or . . . i . . . will . . . kick . . . your . . . BUTTOX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! D :<

    1. Ok.

      Just Go home. Your just annoying now. You have no say on how there doing this, so shutup!

      Nice one, my penis is purring

    2. Ok.

      Just Go home. Your just annoying now. You have no say on how there doing this, so shut up!

      Nice one, my penis is hissing!!!!!!!

      1. Dear Spencer go away ozy and several others have stated around four or five times that it is by primary type. Psssst guess what? URUGAMOSU IS A MOTH SO ITS PRIMARY TYPE IS BUG! YEAH NO JOKE
        Sincerely, The World and Ugamosu

  15. I cannot wait for the bug coverage. I’ve been looking over Urugamosu’s stats and it looks great. Nice speed, and awesome Special Attack. Couple that with it signature move which hits with 70 (not including stab) and gets a 50% chance of increasing Sp. Attack, then you have one brilliant Pokemon. It almost feels like an alterantive Psuedo-legendary Pokemon, but only part of a two stage line, which is pretty unique.
    I have been waiting a good 5 generations for a solid Bug type, having only really ever used Yanmega and never having needed the type coverage of Heracross, so this little baby is going right in my team, even though it will be along side Emboar.

      1. I know, I just can’t seem to get down with its fire weakness. I don’t know, but there are plenty of other Bug/Steel types this gen to sink my teeth into. That Knight one looks fantastic.

  16. i summarize the article on pokabu aka without choice scarf your dead AND TSUTAJA IS BEST STARTER AND POKEON FAILS!!!1 MUHAHAHAHAHHAHAH >:d

  17. Permorm ” The Butt Dance Ritual” (on a video) and i will shut up . . . . . for 1 month.

  18. Oh, I’m sad to hear you get Mr. Anteater at the end D:

    Favorite fire type this gen (Hihidaruma is my second favorite but I don’t like using fire types so I probably won’t use him)

  19. Nice one Ozy. Loving these covers by type

    Its annoying that you cant choose your monkey 🙁 I do want the fire type one but I also really want the grass starter (sidenote: I used to hate grass types but this is the second gen in a row where im almost definitiely picking grass…thanks to my love for turtwig last gen <3 ) oh well the water monkey is kinda cool aswell I guess… and it clears a spot for "flaming eyebrows" 😀

    Annoying that the anteater is obtainable so late in the game 🙁

    cant wait for more articles 😀

  20. excellent post.

    I know I’m going to offend someone by saying this but, in my opinion the Pokabu line would have been beter if it was half dark or somthing else instead of fighting. Don’t fret for the Pokabu stages have pure offensive stats and high HP which can be a plus. Baoppu and its stage seem nice. Darumakka….. well what can I say that hasn’t been said already. Kuitaran might have been last minute. Due to its stats and placement in the wild It might have a pre-evolution or final evolution who were cut from the final game. Show of hands if you picked or are going to pick Pokabu as your starter.

    I was wondering if you guys can do a gym leader/ elite four /champion focus article in a similar fashion?

    1. ahaha thank you. ^^

      i totally agree.
      if they weren’t going to give it a fire/dark typing, they should’ve kept it pure fire like the other starters. 😛

      well we weren’t planning on it, but i’ll talk to PJ about it. 😀

    2. ahahaha thanks. ^^

      i totally agree. 😀
      if not, they should’ve given it a pure fire typing so it’s like the other starters. ==’

      well we weren’t planning on it, but i’ll ask PJ about it. 😀

  21. you put victini in the psychic one previously, but you didnt put it here
    ( sigh…. ) im depressed, i used to use this list to pick my pokemon but stuff it now that u dont put all pokemon of that type

    1. *sigh*

      does anybody read the last paragraph? xD;;

      we do pokemon by primary typing and we don’t repeat.
      especially since i was the same person to do the psychic types, what would be the point of me re-doing it when my opinion wouldn’t have changed? :S

      so you won’t see victini in this list.

  22. i absolutly hate fire types and love water types. so in your face pokabu, i love mijimaru

      1. Everyone’s allowed to like whatever type they wanna. If you don’t like the fire type ILP, don’t come on here just to point it out >.>

        1. I don’t , it’s just not right to knock Fire types, they are very useful and important especially against Ice types and those annoying (those that are annoying) Bug types.
          Grass types beware.
          Besides how could you not love Cyndaquil.
          The guy is sooo cute.

  23. I’m really liking the commentary you guys are supplying on each pokemon, especially that they are grouped by types. Keep it up! And thanks! 🙂

  24. In the 5th gen, the Darumakka family has a huge fanbase, I”M PART OF IT!
    I love them all!! All three stages!
    Too bad Kuitaran was dwindled to Victory Road, the poor guy, we have NO IDEA what works in terms of movesets for him. My poor anteater is ambiguous attack wise.

  25. This might seem a little obvious to other people (I’m just not the most observant person), but like so many of the original Kanto pokemon families were kinda “reincarnated” in a way. The anteater is like Magmar, Koromori and Kokoromori are like Zubat and Golbat, Gigagaisu’s line is like Golem’s line, Roopushin’s line is like Machamp’s line, etc. Theres probably a bunch more too, or maybe not. Does anyone agree with this?

      1. yeah like minezumi and ratatta, kurumiru and catapie, memapato and pidgie, fearow and wargle, and so on

        1. It’s not same completely though.
          Yeah Koromori is the new Zubat.
          Minezumi isn’t quite Rattata, remember we also have Yoterrie as a beginning Normal type.
          Kurumiru isn’t as weak as Caterpie and it’s opposite isn’t a type exclusive.
          Mamepato and Pidgey can be equated, however we don’t encounter Mamepato til we find Shimama.
          Spearow and Washibon have nothing in common.
          Many pokemon have no equal in Black and White, but many do.

          1. I wasn’t talking about being exactly like them, I just meant they are similar to them, and I don’t mean design.

            For example, Gigagaisu and Roopushin both evolve by trading and one is rock and one;s fighting. Similar to Golem and Machamp. And no, technically Minezumi IS the Rattata because it’s a rodent, and it evolves once. Yooterri evolves twice. And Spearow is kinda like Washibon because it only evolves once and it has some kind of head crest when it evolves too. The new jellyfish are like the Tentacool line, Tabunne is like Chansey, etc.

    2nd fire monkey line: does this line looks like its on absinthe, which needs fire to taste better?
    daruma ape line: this line either thumps or messes with your mind, cool
    anteater poke: STEAM PUNK POKE: CHECK all we need is that it learns lick

  27. what team do you think that ash is going to have in the best wishes anime?
    now he has pikachu,mamepato,mijumaru
    i think this he will have these three:pokabu,tsutarja,meguroko
    please tell your opinion

  28. the best fire type in this generation i think is urgamosu but the fire starter line isn’t bad either
    in each generation except gen 3(i chose treeko) i chose the fire type
    fire type is my favorite charizard is the best poke ever(my opinion) and the second one is infernape
    i like charizard but in a battle i prefer inferrnape fire/fighting one of the best combination
    i also like the dragon/fire reshiram but i don’t like to use legendary pokemon in battle

    1. However Urugamosu is hard to obtain after all you don’t get him til after lvl 59 or after you get the National Dex.

      1. i know but i like it nice speed good SPAt and SPDef
        i know that i can’t get it later in the game but i like it because i use lots of special attacks
        and fire type is my favorite
        but for the first part of the game i would use hihidaruma
        and starter mijumaru

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