Focus on: Psychic-Type

Hey Pokejunglers! This time ozy’s gonna make your day full of happiness with bunnies and rainbows!…ponies and uh..unicorns, ya know, other happy stuff like that. Anways, I’m going to be writing about all the Psychic-types in Gen V, and actually, there’s quite alot! So, enjoy!

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So, to start out with, we have Pokemon #494, Victini! Victini, as almost everybody knows, can only be obtained by getting the Liberty Ticket through Nintendo Wi-Fi from September 18th, 2010 to October 18th, 2010 and going to Liberty Island via Hiun City to catch it. Since it’s not breedable, it’s a pretty valuable Pokemon at the moment. Stats wise, this little monster has straight 100’s, making it a pretty good Pokemon for veterans and beginers considering how early on you can get it in the game. Actually, if you needed a Fire-type, for your team this would probably be one of my top 5 recomendations for Gen V. It is technically considered a legendary, although these are one of the few exceptions where if somone was using it in a battle, I wouldn’t call him/her a noob. As for it’s design, it’s EXTREMLY cute, and the animation for the sprite just adds to it’s cuteness! And it makes total sense, considering it has a vitctory pose head and it’s even doing a victory pose. It’s inspiration must’ve been all the Asians in the world who take pictures. Only problem I have with it’s design is the wings in it’s back. Considering Victini is Psychic/Fire I don’t know how adding wings to the thing’s back would give any “wow” factor to it…unless it’ll get a new form in Pokemon Grey? 😀

Next on the hit list are #517 and #518. Munna and Mushaana! For those who are totally competitive when it comes to Pokemon battling, these two are definetly not for you. That is unless you use Trick Room. Majority of Munna’s stats are in the high-thirties and low fourties while Mushaana’s are a bit all over the place, but in a nutshell,it’s INCREDIBLY slow with only a base speed of 29. I’m actually a huge fan of Mushaana’s design and personally think that it’s one of Game Freak’s best Pokemon designs! (Munna…not so much. 😛 To “fufu” for me.) These two Pokemon are like a little girl’s dream with they’re color scheme of pinks and purples and not to mention Munna’s floral pattern. But I don’t see how Munna is the Dream Eater Pokemon, it’s just to cute for that! As for Mushaana, it’s the Trance Pokemon, it’ll use it’s cuteness to put you in a trance! In the game itself, it makes for a pretty good Pokemon in the very begining, considering you can catch Munna pretty early on in the Abandonded Lot of Dreams. But once you get to the 3rd or 4th Gym you’d probably scrap it for something else. Munna’s pretty weak, and Mushaana is a bit better stat wise, but because of Mushaana’s weak attack and defense stats it is a pain to train. To evolve Munna into Mushaana you need a Moonstone, the first one you’ll have access to is the one Aloe gives to you in Yagaruma Forest. Overall, I’m really dissapointed by Munna and Mushaana. Because I base everything soley on Pokemon’s design, I was originally planning to put them on my team, and I could really care less about their stats, I just like Mushaana so much! But being a total offensive trainer, these Pokemon were not for me. My advice to you, if you really, really want a Mushaana, wait until you beat the main storyline, and go to the Abanonded Lot of Dream’s basment. A lvl. 50 Mushaana will be there waiting for capture. Hell of a lot easier than trying to train it while dealing with it’s dissapointed stats. 😉

Meet #527 and #528, Koromori and Kokoromori! Before I go into detail, I just want to say how dissapointed I am at Kokoromori. Koromori was designed in a way were it looks cute, but at the same time, you wouldn’t be laughed at for having one on your team considering it’s actually a pretty good Pokemon that you can get early on. (Minezumi…) But once it evolves, it just has thie “yuck” factor to it. For those who’ve been on PJN for a while, you might remember that fake Kokoromori that appeared on the web, well, I wish it would look something like that. They shouldn’t have shown it’s eyes, and they shouldn’t have given it that wierd head shape and color scheme. Anyways, to evolve Koromori into Kokoromori you need to have a pretty high friendship level with it, which is why I didn’t put it on my team. ‘Cause I was afraid that if I loved it to much, it would turn ugly. You can find Koromori in almost every cave in Ishhu. And considering how early on you can get Koromori, and not mention it’s Psychic/Flying typing, it’d make a great addition to your team! Even if there is nothing “wow!” about it’s stats.

Yet another Psychic/Flying type Gen V has is Pokemon #561, Shinpora! It’s called the Pseudo Bird Pokemon for a reason, It’s just plain weird. The design itself has good intentions, but at the same time it seems a bit to messy for me. Allthough ironically, I really, really like this guy. It definetly was inspired by some kindof of Native American tribe, looking at it’s color and patterns it has on it’s body, and did anybody else notice the little unown look alike at the top of it’s head? Stats wise, nothing worthy of mentioning, but I did have a little bit of a problem whenever facing one (pj’s note: I think it’s base stats are fairly good~). I myself needed a flying type and was aiming for this big guy until I could get my hands on my Koaruhii but it’s pretty hard to find. You can only find it in the Resort Desert and frankly, it’s very,very uncommon that you actually will find one. There’s nothing else I can really say about this guy since there’s nothing that disspoints me or makes me want to fan boy scream for it.

Next to hit the scene are the Lady Gaga look-alikes! Pokemon #574, Gochimu the Staring Pokemon, #575, Gochimiru the Manipulation Pokemon and #576, Gochizeru the Celestial Body Pokemon. i’m not going to go into whether or not I like it really. I’ll just keep it real simple. I love Lady Gaga. The Gochizeru line reminds me and looks like Lady Gaga. So how much do I like it’s design? You do the Math. Gochizeru is one of the lucky few to be put on my team (See my bio for more info) , and allthough raising it all the way from a Gochimu was pretty difficult, it was definetly worth it in the long run when I faced the Elite Four. It’s a Pokemon Black exclusive, so if you really want one you’ll have to get Pokemon Black or trade with someone who does. You can find Gochimu on Routes 5 and 16 whereas both Gochimiru and Gochizeru can be found on Route 9, allthough it’s much more common to find a Gocchimiru. Nothing special is needed to evolve this lolita, Gochimu evolves at lvl. 32 and then Gochimiru evolves at lvl. 41. Overall, awesome Pokemon design, it starts out weak, but ends strong, making it a valubale asset on your team.

Next we have our Pokemon White Psychic-type exclusives! Dex #577 Yuniran, #578 Daburan and #579 Rankurusu. This evolution line, is way better compared to Gochizeru’s line stats wise. With Yuniran’s special attack being 105, it’ll definetly be a power house on your team! You can find them in the same Routes that Gochimu, Gochimiru and Gochizeru are, but obviously, you have to have White version. As for it’s design it’s probably in my top 5 best designs for Gen V well that is for Rankurusu. I don’t know what it is about it’s pre-evos, but there’s just something that I don’t like about them. Because Gochizeru and Rankurusu are version exclusives, I think it’s important that I compare the two. I’m just going to keep it extremly simple. Design: Rankurusu>Gochizeru, Stats: Rankurusu>Gochizeru, My liking: Rankurusu>Gochizeru, Lady Gaga-ness: Gochizeru>Rankurusu. Since Lady Gaga-ness is naturally the most important I picked Gochizeru. 😛

Finally, and in my opinion the least out of all the Psychic Pokemon introduced in the Isshu Region, #605 and #606, Riguree and Oobemu! The only reason I say this is because there is nothing at all that makes them stand out form the rest. I admit I like Riguree’s design and wouldn’t mind a little action figure (or something like that) of him, but his evolution, which by the way you can only get once Riguree hits lvl. 42, is just bleh. I don’t like the color, and frankly it just looks like an alternate form more than an evolution. As for it’s stats, the cute one has mid fifties pretty much all the way through whereas the ugly one has relativly average stats except for it’s special attack which clocks in at 125. So I guess it is pretty good in an attack sense, but like Mushaana, it’s incredibly slow with it’s speed being 40. You know in the Pokemon Pia interview where the team said that some wanted to cut a few Pokemon ’cause there were to many? Well they should’ve cut this guy.

Pokemon with secondary Psychic-type:


So, that’s it! All of the Psychic-type Pokemon in Gen V! Allthough all of my articles said something about how I hated them, I secretly like them all kindof so shhhhh. Our little secret. 😉 So, now that you’ve read this, what are your opinion on the Psychic types in this generation? Which one’s your favorite? Comment down below!

peace and love– ozymandis