Focus on: Psychic-Type

Hey Pokejunglers! This time ozy’s gonna make your day full of happiness with bunnies and rainbows!…ponies and uh..unicorns, ya know, other happy stuff like that. Anways, I’m going to be writing about all the Psychic-types in Gen V, and actually, there’s quite alot! So, enjoy!

Since it’s pretty long and it contains sprites, click “show” to read.


So, to start out with, we have Pokemon #494, Victini! Victini, as almost everybody knows, can only be obtained by getting the Liberty Ticket through Nintendo Wi-Fi from September 18th, 2010 to October 18th, 2010 and going to Liberty Island via Hiun City to catch it. Since it’s not breedable, it’s a pretty valuable Pokemon at the moment. Stats wise, this little monster has straight 100’s, making it a pretty good Pokemon for veterans and beginers considering how early on you can get it in the game. Actually, if you needed a Fire-type, for your team this would probably be one of my top 5 recomendations for Gen V. It is technically considered a legendary, although these are one of the few exceptions where if somone was using it in a battle, I wouldn’t call him/her a noob. As for it’s design, it’s EXTREMLY cute, and the animation for the sprite just adds to it’s cuteness! And it makes total sense, considering it has a vitctory pose head and it’s even doing a victory pose. It’s inspiration must’ve been all the Asians in the world who take pictures. Only problem I have with it’s design is the wings in it’s back. Considering Victini is Psychic/Fire I don’t know how adding wings to the thing’s back would give any “wow” factor to it…unless it’ll get a new form in Pokemon Grey? 😀

Next on the hit list are #517 and #518. Munna and Mushaana! For those who are totally competitive when it comes to Pokemon battling, these two are definetly not for you. That is unless you use Trick Room. Majority of Munna’s stats are in the high-thirties and low fourties while Mushaana’s are a bit all over the place, but in a nutshell,it’s INCREDIBLY slow with only a base speed of 29. I’m actually a huge fan of Mushaana’s design and personally think that it’s one of Game Freak’s best Pokemon designs! (Munna…not so much. 😛 To “fufu” for me.) These two Pokemon are like a little girl’s dream with they’re color scheme of pinks and purples and not to mention Munna’s floral pattern. But I don’t see how Munna is the Dream Eater Pokemon, it’s just to cute for that! As for Mushaana, it’s the Trance Pokemon, it’ll use it’s cuteness to put you in a trance! In the game itself, it makes for a pretty good Pokemon in the very begining, considering you can catch Munna pretty early on in the Abandonded Lot of Dreams. But once you get to the 3rd or 4th Gym you’d probably scrap it for something else. Munna’s pretty weak, and Mushaana is a bit better stat wise, but because of Mushaana’s weak attack and defense stats it is a pain to train. To evolve Munna into Mushaana you need a Moonstone, the first one you’ll have access to is the one Aloe gives to you in Yagaruma Forest. Overall, I’m really dissapointed by Munna and Mushaana. Because I base everything soley on Pokemon’s design, I was originally planning to put them on my team, and I could really care less about their stats, I just like Mushaana so much! But being a total offensive trainer, these Pokemon were not for me. My advice to you, if you really, really want a Mushaana, wait until you beat the main storyline, and go to the Abanonded Lot of Dream’s basment. A lvl. 50 Mushaana will be there waiting for capture. Hell of a lot easier than trying to train it while dealing with it’s dissapointed stats. 😉

Meet #527 and #528, Koromori and Kokoromori! Before I go into detail, I just want to say how dissapointed I am at Kokoromori. Koromori was designed in a way were it looks cute, but at the same time, you wouldn’t be laughed at for having one on your team considering it’s actually a pretty good Pokemon that you can get early on. (Minezumi…) But once it evolves, it just has thie “yuck” factor to it. For those who’ve been on PJN for a while, you might remember that fake Kokoromori that appeared on the web, well, I wish it would look something like that. They shouldn’t have shown it’s eyes, and they shouldn’t have given it that wierd head shape and color scheme. Anyways, to evolve Koromori into Kokoromori you need to have a pretty high friendship level with it, which is why I didn’t put it on my team. ‘Cause I was afraid that if I loved it to much, it would turn ugly. You can find Koromori in almost every cave in Ishhu. And considering how early on you can get Koromori, and not mention it’s Psychic/Flying typing, it’d make a great addition to your team! Even if there is nothing “wow!” about it’s stats.

Yet another Psychic/Flying type Gen V has is Pokemon #561, Shinpora! It’s called the Pseudo Bird Pokemon for a reason, It’s just plain weird. The design itself has good intentions, but at the same time it seems a bit to messy for me. Allthough ironically, I really, really like this guy. It definetly was inspired by some kindof of Native American tribe, looking at it’s color and patterns it has on it’s body, and did anybody else notice the little unown look alike at the top of it’s head? Stats wise, nothing worthy of mentioning, but I did have a little bit of a problem whenever facing one (pj’s note: I think it’s base stats are fairly good~). I myself needed a flying type and was aiming for this big guy until I could get my hands on my Koaruhii but it’s pretty hard to find. You can only find it in the Resort Desert and frankly, it’s very,very uncommon that you actually will find one. There’s nothing else I can really say about this guy since there’s nothing that disspoints me or makes me want to fan boy scream for it.

Next to hit the scene are the Lady Gaga look-alikes! Pokemon #574, Gochimu the Staring Pokemon, #575, Gochimiru the Manipulation Pokemon and #576, Gochizeru the Celestial Body Pokemon. i’m not going to go into whether or not I like it really. I’ll just keep it real simple. I love Lady Gaga. The Gochizeru line reminds me and looks like Lady Gaga. So how much do I like it’s design? You do the Math. Gochizeru is one of the lucky few to be put on my team (See my bio for more info) , and allthough raising it all the way from a Gochimu was pretty difficult, it was definetly worth it in the long run when I faced the Elite Four. It’s a Pokemon Black exclusive, so if you really want one you’ll have to get Pokemon Black or trade with someone who does. You can find Gochimu on Routes 5 and 16 whereas both Gochimiru and Gochizeru can be found on Route 9, allthough it’s much more common to find a Gocchimiru. Nothing special is needed to evolve this lolita, Gochimu evolves at lvl. 32 and then Gochimiru evolves at lvl. 41. Overall, awesome Pokemon design, it starts out weak, but ends strong, making it a valubale asset on your team.

Next we have our Pokemon White Psychic-type exclusives! Dex #577 Yuniran, #578 Daburan and #579 Rankurusu. This evolution line, is way better compared to Gochizeru’s line stats wise. With Yuniran’s special attack being 105, it’ll definetly be a power house on your team! You can find them in the same Routes that Gochimu, Gochimiru and Gochizeru are, but obviously, you have to have White version. As for it’s design it’s probably in my top 5 best designs for Gen V well that is for Rankurusu. I don’t know what it is about it’s pre-evos, but there’s just something that I don’t like about them. Because Gochizeru and Rankurusu are version exclusives, I think it’s important that I compare the two. I’m just going to keep it extremly simple. Design: Rankurusu>Gochizeru, Stats: Rankurusu>Gochizeru, My liking: Rankurusu>Gochizeru, Lady Gaga-ness: Gochizeru>Rankurusu. Since Lady Gaga-ness is naturally the most important I picked Gochizeru. 😛

Finally, and in my opinion the least out of all the Psychic Pokemon introduced in the Isshu Region, #605 and #606, Riguree and Oobemu! The only reason I say this is because there is nothing at all that makes them stand out form the rest. I admit I like Riguree’s design and wouldn’t mind a little action figure (or something like that) of him, but his evolution, which by the way you can only get once Riguree hits lvl. 42, is just bleh. I don’t like the color, and frankly it just looks like an alternate form more than an evolution. As for it’s stats, the cute one has mid fifties pretty much all the way through whereas the ugly one has relativly average stats except for it’s special attack which clocks in at 125. So I guess it is pretty good in an attack sense, but like Mushaana, it’s incredibly slow with it’s speed being 40. You know in the Pokemon Pia interview where the team said that some wanted to cut a few Pokemon ’cause there were to many? Well they should’ve cut this guy.

Pokemon with secondary Psychic-type:


So, that’s it! All of the Psychic-type Pokemon in Gen V! Allthough all of my articles said something about how I hated them, I secretly like them all kindof so shhhhh. Our little secret. 😉 So, now that you’ve read this, what are your opinion on the Psychic types in this generation? Which one’s your favorite? Comment down below!

peace and love– ozymandis

  1. Shinpora is based on Nazca lines (aka Nazca Bird).
    Rankurusu is based on homuculus, ewww creepy.
    And i think i’m the only person who sees a little Marvin(paranoid android) reference in Riguree.

    1. Ok, i’ve just seen this on bulbapedia:

      “Riguree evolves at level 42, a possible reference to The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, which popularized the number 42 as the Ultimate Answer to Life, the Universe, and Everything. ”

      WOW! I’m going to nickname it Marvin!

      1. heheh I second the marvin thing when i found that out yesterday he im,ediatly came to mind
        a cronically depressed robot for the win 😀

  2. I like those articles, even if I don’t always agree with your points, but this time, I can’t remain silent! Mushaana is a very good pokémon, ESPECIALLY in competitive battles. It is the best Trick Room setter out there, so yeah, the low speed is a good thing, and considering the many slow but strong pokémons in gen V, Trick Room is great! It can pull out a very good Calm Mind set thanks to its high HP, decent defenses, and access to Moonlight. It also has access to the now pimped Magic Coat, which bounces back status moves, Taunt, Stealth Rocks, Spikes, and more!
    So you can rejoice, Mushaana IS a great pokémon!

  3. Liked the article, even though it isn’t the best thing i’ve ever read.

    Little question though: why isn’t moletta in here? She’s normal/psycic >_>

    1. Because were categorizing the pokemon based on the first typing it has.
      Notice how daruma mode hihidaruma also isn’t on here.

  4. Personally I think you were rather biased in this article and didn’t present everything to its full potential. However, I appreciated it nonetheless.

      1. What PJ said, I just go “oh look cool looking pokemon!” *catch*
        “ohhhh 125 damage…” *teaches move* 😛

        I don’t even know what metagame is. xDD;

        1. I do the exact same thing Ozy… XD lol i feel better now that I know im not the only one who is like this (espescially glad it’s someone who also loves Glee and Lady Gaga :D) 😛 seems everyones just worried about competitive battling and i dont even get what its all about lol

          1. haha i like to pretend im into the metagame by having the perfect nature and the perfect movesets on my pokemon
            tho i dont know how id know they were perfect since i rarely battle online i just cant seem to figure out how to make my wireless compatible with my DS o wells maybe ill buy that usb wifi thingy nintendo has

  5. was disappointed with the psychics in this game, though victini has a cool type combo not really cool looking, the only other one i kinda like is rankuruso

  6. Given Victini’s erm, “reputation” as the Nuclear Warhead Pokemon, I’d say the wings are meant to be like the tail wings on a missile, rocket ship, etc.

  7. I think Gochizeru is “”””nothing”””” to look like Gaga. But everybody has opinions.

  8. I love Victini, Rankurusu, and Oobemu. They’re my faves, and I have a bit of a soft spot for Kokoromori. Needless to say, Rankurusu will definitely make an appearance in one of my teams. 😀

  9. Munna and Mushaana are just dream world gimicks with no real competitive use. Victini is awsome I hope I don’t miss out on that event. Koromori and Kokoromori are decent. Shinpora is a little wabi-sabi but is acceptable. The Gochimu and Yuniran lines have great designs and look nothing like your average psychic type pokemon. Finally Riguree and Oobemu, maybe they should have cut them, but I’m sure they have a special place in some fanboys or fangirls heart.

    ps. Psychic types are almost if not always a must have for a powerful team.

    1. I don’t think I use Psychic types on my teams much at all, as I usually have a Pokemon who can learn Psychic moves , such as Togekiss. I really should do though, after all my planned White team would have atleast 3 Dark types and 2 Ground Types. (Crocodile, Knightman thing, Golenm Ghost and Hydra). Maybe I should shove Rankulus In there.

      1. I’m referencing normal gameplay. As in a team you start and use through to the elite 4. I’ll let my EV trained Alakazam say the rest for me.

        1. sorry chardan, i meant that as a response to the post before yours. i apologize for the confusion.

          1. Your right I don’t know much about competitive play. I just play for fun. I seldom use psychic types for my parties and I usually end up with one or two sub-parties post elite four. I did not know that your a fan of Munna and Mushaana. Sorry if I sounded like I was bashing Munna and Mushaana. Maybe I should keep my comments and replies to a one word minimum? “Just kidding”

            The key word in that last sentence is ALMOST. I used that word because I didn’t want to overgeneralize and I felt uncertain about the rest of the sentence. IF NOT is an inquisitive phrase I use to question my self for using the word ALWAYS. [scratches head] In a failed attempt to avoid a freudian slip or any conflict, I ended up with just that.

            INCLUDING MYSELF. Humans are such living contradictions. {>_<}

  10. I actually like Kokoromori, it makes sense from an evolutionary point of view. Looks much more like a pig-nosed bat like Koromi should have looked like for me.
    Who is covering the fire types? Thats what I’m looking forward to apart from the Bug type.

  11. Help with my team?
    Triton(Daikenki) Torrent
    Louis(Warubiaru) Overconfidence
    Atlas(Roopushin) Guts
    Crabster(Iwaperasu) Shell Armor OR Petri(Aakeosu) Faint-Hearted
    Mebukijika Chloropyl
    Lady Gaga(Gochiruzeru) Frisk
    Is this a good team and also when can fossils be revived?

    1. If you have a fossil the front desk person @ the museum in front of Aloe’s gym will revive it :3

      1. Thankyou but isnt it later in the game when you get the fossil? Also hows my team lookin? 😛

        1. you get it once you hit the Resort Desert which is in above hiun city, so after the 3rd gym. 😀

          team wise, it’s lookin’ pretty good. 🙂

  12. Thankyou guys so much for doing this, they all look awesome to me, I can’t complain on any of the new pokemon really, even love the garbage-mon :3

    I really like reading about what inspired pokemon knowing this sort of thing actually makes them even more special to me so thanks To Belman for that infor uptop 🙂

    I am gonna name my Alien pokemon Marvin2.0 🙂 And Rankurusu Spermy unless it’s female then I’ll call her Ovum XD

  13. Cutting pokemon, too many??

    I think 150-160 pokemon is just right for a new gen. 100 New Pokemon doesn’t really give much choice and then you end up having to rely on older gen pokemon to make up the numbers afterwards.

    1. i think that to. 😛
      the more pokemon the better! 8D

      but for some reason, even though there was like 10 more or so then there usually is, it seemed like less to me. xD;;;

      1. I kinda feel that they could have digged deeper in terms of Pokemon design for a few, that or they could have used animals that seriously need a pokemon adaption like a puffin, that could have been adapted really easily. The look is fun too. I just CANNOT believe they chose moth to a flame instead of a bombardier beetle for the Fire/Bug combo.

  14. It’s kinda sad, but I have my team for black planned out with move-sets and everything…..

    1. I have my team planned out, too! 😀
      I always plan out teams before games are released, it’s a good way to pass the time until the games are available in English. :3

    2. ahah don’t worry about it. >< one for japanese black one for english white and one for japanese grey. ><

    3. I’ve been obsessively doing that since Ruby XD What’s sad is when I try to Nuzlocke, or just do a runthrough with out planning like that, it bothers me not to have everything picked out and I get stressed.

  15. I like Kokoromori, but the back of his head is weird! >.<

    Why did they connect his ears like that? He looks like an easter egg wearing a fur coat! :<
    All of the fanart I've seen so far has his ears separated, and it looks a lot better, imo.

    What type is next? Can you do poison or dark next? I want to see what you guys think of Dasutodasu and Zuruzukin! :3 I really think their designs are neat <3

    1. Um I think and I I know but I feel like a lot of ppl keep missing this, the reason why he’s always waving a Victory sign and his name is Victiny as well as his ears looking like the letter V has to do with the fact that this is the 5th generation as in Roman Numeral V for all the reasons stated earlier.

      1. …??? I never mentioned Victini, I was talking about Kokoromori, the Psychic/Flying bat and evolution of Koromori. :<

        Unless you just replied to the wrong post, I haven't any clue why you're talking about Victini… 😐

        1. OMG LMAO I just skimmed through your comment before writing LOL

          Sorry my appologies XD

          And To what you were really saying yeah I don’t like how they made the ears completely connected, it looks like a conehead from the back 🙁

          If it didn’t have them Connected it would raise its cuteness way off the roof.

          LOL sorry again about my confusion XD

          1. Hee hee, it’s no problem! :3

            I’m pretty happy with all of the designs this gen (even the starters) but Kokoromori’s ears bug me so much! >.< I'm just going to pretend that someone forgot a few pixels, and that the ears really are separate… :<

  16. I love Victini! The way it flicks its ears is adorable, though I haven’t seen all the animations yet, it’s my fave so far.

    I also love Rankurusu since I think its design and animation are great. And it seems decent competitively too.

    As for Mushurna, I think it will be really useful in the Battle Subway, since it gets Assist Power, which increases power with every stat boost. Calm Mind gives 12 boosts when fully set up, resulting in a move with 260 power!

  17. The Ultimate Demon Creature Shinpora will devour your soul!!!
    I really like Shinpora as he is incredibly hard to kill due to his impressive speed, special attack, decent defenses and with magic guard he’s resistent to poison, burn and he like. Also he’s the most crazy yet incredibly awesome looking Psychic type and as such is my new all time favourite psychic pokemon. At around level 48-50 he was able to defeat Renbu’s level 48-50 team single handedly, Shinpora is truly a monstrous Demon.

  18. I personally think u were harsh on the Koro evolution line they r awesome and i love my Kokoromori i definately donot consider it a fail plus it’s the 2nd best member on my team(Well since the others r critical hit prone O.O)
    but i agree with u that Mushaarna is adorable!!!!! I cant wait to catch the lvl 50 one!

    1. i’m sorry! Dx
      i actually really like the line overall, but it’s gonna take some time for me to digest kokoromori. D:
      i didn’t realize how much i bagged on it until after i re-read it. ><

      1. It’s ok i forgive u because ur so awesome haha! XD but yeah i had the same feeling about Kokoromori too but for like a few minutes then i just fell in love again XD but i totally agree with u about the Alien it is so lame

  19. i love munna n koromori. They’re cute.

    Pjn, i hope the next focus on will be focusing on POISON type!

  20. victini: the nuke poke that got WPM into trouble with the police
    koro line: let the bat war begin, as the zubaT LINE IS FAR superior as it doesn’t have the hindering abilities the the koro line has
    munna line: a stalkers and peodophiles dream come true as they can go into the dreams of people that they are stalking, plus has any one seen the movie in which people steal ideas from other people whoare sleeping, this poke line will be handy in that expertise and finally this line doesn’t have any punchy moves or fighting type attacks that defends itself from darkrai
    native american design poke: please let it be in a crossover movie with yugioh 5ds
    goch line: its more GOTH than gaga, just ask them and it could represent goths in the poke community and metal could FINNALY be represented in this game series
    ranku line: virus: check, cells:check, this poke can join any weather teams and it has a good cell like design
    oobemu line: let the alien invasion continue with the clefairy line being the scouts, meta line being tanks, the 2 meteor line being artillery, deoxys being the special forces, plakia being their wmd, these poke are going to possibly going to EXTERMINATE humanity with their weapons, ahh hope there is going to be havoc with these poke.

  21. Loved this article today ozymandis, very informative! Also, nice grammar unlike the other articles 😛

    I’m really hoping you do the majority of them, because comparing this type coverage to the others, they suck. It would be awesome if you re did them 😀

    1. oh…O.o
      thanks. :’D

      i totallt thought daigo’s was mor informative and NL’s was easier to read/understand, but hey i like your opinion. 😀

    2. daigo’s writing style appealed much more to me than ozy’s and especially NL’s, but i didn’t think ozy’s was bad either.

  22. Well i’d love to see yours as well pokejungle :3 anyhow, you and ozymandis were the first 2 people i saw writing articles here!

    I didnt like diago cause i thought he was a mexican man eating taco…

      1. me personally?
        or just saying that so we do it in the future?

        we’re going to cover each type so don’t worry. 😀

    1. err actually it went
      1. daigo
      2. NL
      3. me
      PJ hasn’t written one yet ’cause he wants to make it perfect. :S

  23. Covering up the Bugs of Gen. V

    First off are these, and if your guessing #540 – # 542 Kurumiru, Kurumayu & Hahakomori, then you are correct those are the first ones. This is also a Grass line, unlike the previous caterppillars, it evolves into a somewhat mantis.

    Next up: #543 – #545, Fushide, Hoiiga, & Pendora. This is also a Poison line, and it seems to be based on a pill bug.

    Then we got # 557 and # 558: Ishizumai and Iwaparesu. This is also a Rock line, it looks like a crab it’s evo . . .a big cub-like yellow/brown rock.

    Next: # 588 & # 589: Kaburumo and Shubarugo. This family is Bug, although, Shubarugo has the Steel type, evolves when you trade with the shell guy.

    Then # 595 & # 596 and you know them . . . Bachuru and Denchura. This lie is Electric too, the new move this Pokemon introduced, MEGA COOL!!!!!!!!!

    Then next: # 616 & # 617: Chobomaki and Agirudaa, Pure bug line. Evolves when you trade for the beetle guy.

    Up Next: # 632: Aianto a legendary which is also a Steel type.

    Then # 636 & # 637: Meraruba and Urugamoth. This is also a Fire line seem like a short caterpillar line.

    And last: A LEGENDARY!!!!!!!!!!, Genesect the first ever Bug legendary.

    That is all, folks!!!

  24. Time for the Steel guys!!!, thiugh, there are not that many, man.

    First up: # 530: Doryuuzu . . . WHICH WE ALREADY KNOW!!!!!!!!!!! XD

    Next up: # 589: Shubarugo . . . we already know him too.

    Then: # 597 & 598: Tesshido and Nattorei. This line is also Grass, Looks like a spiky ball, evo has 3 tentacles and lloks more angry.

    And Next: # 599 – # 601 and you know them . . . Gear. Gigear and Gigigear. This is a pure Steel line, it’s new attack attacks multiple times.

    Next: # 624 & # 625: Komatana and Kirikizan. This is a Dark line too, looks like a warrior if you ask me.

    Then: # 632 Aianto which we aleady know again.

    Then: Geesect which we already know GEES!!!!!!!!! D :<

    That's all, folks.

    1. Not very good. Idk you bothered doing that, considering the staff here will write like at least a paragraph on it anyway.

    1. well id on’t get the point of this since we’re gong to cover all the types within the next week so these comments will be kinda obsolite after we put ours up. 😛
      but be my guest and do the water types. 😀

  25. From the day I laid eyes on Rankurusu from good ‘ol Oha Suta’s screenshot, he has found an instant place in my heart and will stay as my prominent Psychic type in future Pokemon titles. (I’d like to see what Game Freak pulls out in future games) Fun fact, this game boasts 2 evo lines I love as a whole save for Rankurusu’s baby- Yuniran. It to me seems very offputting, it might just be that orb thing next to its body which seems too uneven. Now both Doubran and Rankurusu I’m happy with! The very fact that Doubran has two brains and looks like that is instant love for me. Of course the design of Rankurusu is love for me but then there’s also his swiss army moveset chronicled in the forums (no Focus Blast for blobbie sucks though) and his high IQ (the fact that people tell me he looks like a lost cousin of Stitch also makes me happy).
    The 2nd evo line I really love and a complete whole- the line of Darumakka. Which fits this topic thanks to the epic and legendary Daruma Mode. Even though I still wish that Hihidaruma had an evo (yes I know it has already superb stats and evolves at lvl. stinkin’ 35) but I wish his evo would look even more like a Daruma. Also wishing he had alternate colors like real darumas which i know is overkill but seriously red daruma and blue daruma (actually more purple to be accurate to the daruma collection) is not enough. Here’s an odd observation, Darumakka seriously looks like fish to mid form of Ponyo in terms of concept design. Mark a second character based off Hayao Miyazaki’s legacy (Snorlax the Totoro)

    1. Furthermore, my Rankrurusu is named Gell. Which is a clever portmanteau by yours truly. I hope they use it.

    2. Please don’t ever compare Hayao Miyazaki films and Pokemon >.> They are like those two chemicals you never put together or their awesomeness willcombine and create a nuclear explosion…besides, I don’t think Darumakka looks anything like that, and Snorlax is nothing like Totoro (besides the fact that they look alike :3 ) Totoro is like gentle and peaceful and fuzzy cuddly-looking, while Snorlax just kinda looks like a gargantuan blob that doesn’t look cuddly whatsoever (its skin looks rubbery 😛 ewww), eats ravenously, sleeps 24/7 (unless its awake to eat food -_- ) and could probably care less about two troubled kids going through a tough time…if Mei and Satsuki ever got near a Snorlax thinking it was Totoro, it wold probably just roll over on them, and then they’d be in the hospital and their dad would then probably have some kind of meltdown because everyone in his family is in the hospital -_-

      HOWEVER, MY BIGGEST POINT IS: I’m pretty sure that a Snorlax wouldn’t be friends with a CAT BUS!!!!!

      i rest my case…

      1. i think what he meant was that they just look alike….i’m pretty sure darumakka isn’t a fish-turned-girl :S and i totally agree that it looks like mid-form-change Ponyo 🙂

  26. Are you sure you guys want to do the articles by primary type only? Cause the Flying type article would be pretty barren if you did that. I think it’d just be more interesting if the duel typed Pokemon got written about twice – more fun that way.

    Also, the name of that Nazca Bird symbol thing is Shinboraa, not Shinpora. (I think it’s meant to be Symboller)

  27. Kokoromori is one of my favorite 5th Gen Pokemon; I think it’s adorable. Definately getting one.

  28. I love psychics. I don’t play competitively so I play with pokemon I like. Unfortunately this means I have 3 psychics in my team making life hard.. a Kokoromori, Rankurusu and Gochiruzeru. I like Kokoromori even though it has an egghead. I admit it could look better though. Atleast it didn’t come out like Pururiru’s evo.. man that was a shock.

    Also Rankurusu.. is that meant to be Rancourous? Or coincidence?

          1. Err I think you misunderstood.. the romaji IS Rankurusu, I was just suggesting how Rankurusu could be the english word Rancourous

          2. Right, but as Sabonea Masukippa pointed out, its name is really meant to be Ranculus. It comes from homunculus, and ran, which means chaos. (Also shown in Uniran and Doubran; Uni (one) + ran and double + ran)

  29. I personally like Shinpora the best out of the Psychic types, and I’ll be using it on my White team.

    Shinpora pride. >:D

        1. Ah lol. Serebii made so many mistakes on the names.. You can learn katakana and hiragana in a few hours so there’s no excuse for that. It’s Shinboraa though

        2. Ah I didn’t want to read the article because there’s still a lot of pokemon I haven’t seen yet (trying not to get spoilers) but he should fix that quick. If people find out that jungle mis-spelled things the same way as serebii it’d look mighty dodgy

  30. Focus on: Fire-types, wow there are a lot.

    First Up: # 498 – # 500: you guessed them . . . Pokabu, Chaobuu, and Emboar. The fire starter for the game, it’s evos have the Fighting typing, New Moves: Nitro Charge & Fire Oath.

    Next up: # 513 & # 514: Baoppu and Baokki. This is a pure Fire line, one of the Pokemon in the Monkey Trio.

    Next: # 554 & # 555 and if you’re guessing Darumakka and Hihidaruma, then you are correct. This is a pure Fire line, Hihidaruma’s Psychic form looks like a blue version of Darumakka.

    Then: # 607 – # 609: Hitomoshi, Ranpuura, & Shandera . . . Who we already know.

    Next: # 631 Kuitaran. A unevolved anteater Pokemon . . . WOW!!!!!!!!!!!

    Then: # 636 & # 637: Meraruba and Urugamoth. . . Who we already know!!!!!

    And Last: # 643: The mascot for Pokemon Black version, Reshiram. Dragon/Fire, TurboBlaze is new.

    That’s all folks!!!

    1. I hope that’s all. That was shit coverage on the types. Unless you were just stating all the fire types

  31. Hey did you notice how many names of pokemon serebii got wrong? They even called Hahakomori (my new favourite) ‘Hahakurimo’. Basic katakana reading fail!

  32. Hey Spencer. . . All you are doing is listing them. We all know what they look like and what types they are. You aren’t even giving strategies or even giving them credit for stats or abilities. It very annoying and while some may disagree I’d call it trolling.

  33. i personally still don’t understand why koromori’s signature move, heart stamp, is a physical move when it specializes in special attack. anyone have any theories? lol

    1. No theories but I thought exactly the same thing.. Shame really cause I like koromori and signature moves are fun

    1. Look above plenty of people are not necessarily to my comment but Ryan Stardust and Wisdom also seem annoyed

  34. Poke Kart anyone?

    Imagian Doryzuuru as Bowser and Then Using a fire powerup to send pikachu spinning out and a big bang

    1. ahh sorry. ^^;
      i had alot of essays/projects to do tonight so i kept going back and forth, and then i fell asleep. 😛
      so i’m finishing it up now. 😀

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