Congratulations! Your forum has evolved!

I am REALLY proud right now.  Mt. Moon Community has been our forum for 4 years and it has grown a lot during that time.  I had wanted to renovate and upgrade it for awhile, but the process really started in early September when I had to ask for donations in order to both pay for bandwidth and for the somewhat costly $150 IP.Board license.  Luckily we DID meet our goals and PJN survived the month (besides the last day of September :p ) and I began working on the new version of MMC.

It took about two days to finish the new layout which sports a banner done by one of my oldest friends in the pokemon webmaster community, saul (who ran PKMN Sky until it was recently closed), and I went about designing a color scheme based off the banner and customizing the layout.  It was important to me not to simply launch with a default theme because this was a momentous occasion and I wanted to please MMC members who are EXTREMELY loyal to our tight knit community.  Last night I completed the conversion process which took a lot longer than I had anticipated.  Started around 9:45pm and didn’t finish until around 3:15am which was unfortunate since I had to meet one of my friends for lunch today (and I’m still tired 😡 ).  Glad I could finish it though.  The posts alone took an hour to convert because we had almost 300,000.

Some of the awesome new changes to our community:

  • Smoother user experience
  • Profiles have status updates
  • Profiles now have commenting
  • Profiles have customizable backgrounds
  • Extremely handy user notification system
  • Forums re-organized for easier viewing
  • UPD: Accidentally had it so guests couldn’t view/read board… fixed!
  • UPD: Uploaded all BW sprites into the selectable avatar galleries (Sorted into folders by Region)
  • And more!

I hope you’ll come take a look at the hard work that not just I have put in, but also the work of all the members who have been with us during the past 4 years:

<3 pokejungle

ps- If you donated and have a forum account or make a forum account please contact me via PM or using the Contact page here on the site.  I am making a usergroup for you all that will hide ads and give you bigger PM storage and the like :3