Pokémon X&Y Fest has Begun at Mt. Moon!

See that cute Clefairy looking at you? She is begging you, begging you, to come join the festivities at our official forum: Mt. Moon Community (now over 7 years old)! Our boards have a completely new look to celebrate Generation VI and its impending release! Since we’re two weeks away from release we’ve set up a number … Read more

Mt. Moon’s Gastly Halloween Haunt Begins NOW!

Haven’t joined our forum, Mt. Moon Community, yet?  Now’s a great time to check them out because we’ll be starting our annual Halloween celebration! The Haunt will last for a week.  We have a light RP, full RP, fanart contest, 1-sentence story, and BW(2) Halloween competition! Check out this thread for the full details.  You … Read more

Looking for battles? Trades?

This post is to remind people that PJN has a forum (Mt. Moon Community) and, in the spirit of free communication and ease of use, the WiFi section has guest posting enabled- meaning you don’t need to register.  It has always been this way and is run like that to make sure that if people … Read more

Train your own pokemon @ our forums!

After quite a bit of work I’ve implemented a system at our forum so that you can “raise” a pokemon.  From the UserCP panel you can set what pokemon you want to raise (currently Black/White pokemon only) and its information will be displayed under all your posts :3  HP and XP were from an IPB … Read more

MMC: Snowy Mount

I got a little surprise tonight as one of my best friends, fellow admins at MMC, and skilled graphic designer SAUL just released a new theme for our forum!   This is our new winter look entitled ‘Snowy Mount’.  Loving the tasteful snow sprinkles and neat little javascript easter egg that I’ll let users discover … Read more

Congratulations! Your forum has evolved!

I am REALLY proud right now.  Mt. Moon Community has been our forum for 4 years and it has grown a lot during that time.  I had wanted to renovate and upgrade it for awhile, but the process really started in early September when I had to ask for donations in order to both pay … Read more