MMC: Snowy Mount

I got a little surprise tonight as one of my best friends, fellow admins at MMC, and skilled graphic designer SAUL just released a new theme for our forum!   This is our new winter look entitled ‘Snowy Mount’.  Loving the tasteful snow sprinkles and neat little javascript easter egg that I’ll let users discover for themselves ;D

You can check that out over at our forum: Mt. Moon Community (named after one of my favorite locations in Kanto).  I will admit that it is a rather slow paced forum but it’s definitely tight knit and full of nice people.  I’d encourage you to meander over if you enjoy the discussions in our comment section.

Alright, time for me to get some sleep now that it’s 2:30am 😡  Imma be tired for Thanksgiving!

<3 pokejungle