Happy Thanksgiving ~:3

I know it isn’t *quite* Thanksgiving yet in the USA, but thought I’d wish you a happy one anyways because I have a ton of family stuff going on and my plans were all kind of wrecked because of cleaning for party.  First holiday that I’m celebrating with my parents being divorced </pity party>.  In other news IGN had a rather humorous Thanksgiving piece about the Unova pokemon which *DOES* have images of 5th gen pokemon, so don’t click if you want to avoid it.

Also I’ve received my dorm assignment for college in Japan so that is exciting… but also a little bit scary :p  I’ll be leaving on the 14th of Dec most likely.  It is unfortunate that Ozy has limited internet access right now because normally he’d be writing some Focus On articles to pass the time.  I have to make a few extra bucks and get everything ready before I go so there’s still a lot to do.  Aaaaaah.

Thanks to all my daily readers though <3  Love reading all your comments and you guys are really the energy behind PJN 😀

<3 pokejungle

ps- Thanksgiving plans?  Gonna watch the parade with the Zekrom and Reshiram balloons?