Character Designs and Inspirations

The next issue of ‘Nintendo Dream’ has leaked out on 2ch’s gaming board and with it revealed the thought process behind many of the character designs.  Spent awhile translating these all for you because I found them pretty interesting 😀  I know it’ll be hard to tear you away from discussing the new English names though.

  • Main Chracters: The leads this time around where decided to be a bit older than previous generations.  To design the girl’s look (which, imo, is the superior design) Sugimori observed people he saw walking on the street.
  • Prof Araragi: Originally the new professor was a chubby older man, but during the middle of development this was changed to a younger woman.  Her image is supposed to be reminiscent of a New York businesswoman.
  • Cheren: His design is based on his intellectual personality.  The jacket he wears is one that the head of a Student Council might wear.
  • Bell: She was made to be a character that did things at her own pace and was meant to be the opposite of the protagonist.  Her design is also very rounded.
  • Makomo: Her character design is based on dreams.  She is meant to give off a dreamy look and has a very dreamy personality.  This is all meant to correlate with her purpose as explaining the Game Sync function.
  • N: He is a genius, but has a dangerous edge to him though he’s grounded in neutrality.  His design is based on a typical “straight” cool guy, but slightly different (bi?!).  The theme he was designed around was a music box, oddly enough.
  • Geechisu: Designed to be a very odd character who wears odd clothing.  He goes along with Team Plasma’s medieval theme and is meant to resemble a knight who might protect his king.
  • Sanyou Trio: They’re meant to be triplets, but each have their own unique personalities.  Their hair was designed to be the differentiating factor and gave a hint as to what type of pokemon they liked.  At first impression they’re waiters but they have a very over the top and showy (word they used can also mean gay) way of doing things.
  • Aloe: She is meant to be a spirited maternal figure and a strong black woman.  The apron she wears is because of the fieldwork she does as museum curator and also mixes in the motherly image.
  • Arty: He’s meant to be seen as an innocent guy who’s artistic and somewhat messy.  His shaggy hair goes with that theme.
  • Kamitsure: She’s based off a model and how robotic they are.  She’s meant to give the impression of a small female robot.
  • Yaakon: He is meant to seem like the president of a mining company following the American Dream.  Even though western films depict cowboys as tall and lanky they needed to make him round and fat because the previous gym leaders had been skinny.
  • Fuuro: Meant to be a sexy older sister-ish look who likes accessories.

Hope you guys found that fun to read and understand where some of the designs came from.  Looks like America was a major inspiration for a lot of things in Pokemon Black and White.