Introducing: Snivy, Tepig, and Oshawott

Happy with their English names?!  I won’t be using spoilers for any information OFFICIALLY given out by Nintendo of America.

  • Snivy (tsutaaja) – Grass Snake Pokemon [Overgrow]
  • Tepig (pokabu) – Fire Pig Pokemon [Blaze]
  • Oshawott (mijumaru) – Sea Otter Pokemon [Torrent]
  • Reshiram – Vast White Pokemon [Turboblaze]
  • Zekrom – Deep Black Pokemon [Teravolt]

Region name: Unova!

<3 pokejungle

ps- Did the wait kill you?  :p  English name page has been updated as well 😀

pps- These are the people who correctly guessed ‘Snivy’: Roy, oshell, Gerudo_Prince, Ai, ???Unown, Sazando007, Marshmallow, Kitkat, Belmand and finally MIKAL85 was the first to guess it.

    1. Er-hem…
      Now that that’s estabished, may I just say how much I hate the names Tepig and Unova? ‘Cuz they’re pretty bad IMO. D:

  1. Yes…. And this is Marc from the FB page…. I dislike the names…. And the region name change.

  2. WHAT WHAT WHAT WHAT WHAT , why did it have to be Snivy and Oshawott and what the hell is Teppig, it’s like…..WHAT

      1. Sorry, im not that good in english (considering im french arabic), so i dont really know what tepid means, but, okay what the hell is Unova (and dont say its U and Nova). I liked isshu better, why did they change it this time (Sinnoh was sinnoh in english and Kanto, and Johto and Hoenn too i think )

        1. It’s alright, tepid means just a little warm, basically.
          I’m probably going to keep calling it Isshu myself .

    1. Well Tepig is Tepid and Pig, and Tepid means somewhat warm. So I guess it makes sense but I wish they combined them differently. Oshawott? you got me there…

    1. hahaha totally agreed!! HALF-HEARTED OPTIMISM, THAT IS THE WAY TO GO.

      It’s inevitable everybody complains about everything, it’s like they didn’t remember throwing fits about the last gen, and the gen before that. “LICKILICKY??? GOSH. WHAT’S THIS POKEMON WITH THE MOUSTACHE.”

      Actually I still make fun of both of those so maybe they weren’t such good examples.

      1. I agree completely, everyone will always complain about everything, Tsutaaja wasn’t even a good name, all it was was “Ivysnake” in japanese words, I love the american names though.

        Also, Unova is a combination of latin words.

        1. Everyone complained about the starter evos, and now thats passed.
          They “WILL” get over the names lol

          1. Latin Theory: Unum and Nova meaning One New
            I also wanted to know what other sites thought, so I checked… Pokebeach… and apparently it could be Un from United States, OV as in of and A as the a at the end, put them together you get
            UN-OV-A Unova because Isshu/Unova is based off New York.

  3. The wait destroyed me T.T
    Snivy: This was actually a name I saw really early on. I probably saw this name the most besides Smugleaf. Not bad at all.
    Tepig: Ew. The pig part is obvious, but where is the Te from?
    Oshawott: So awkward that I love it <3 Though I'm going to nickname my Oshawott Miju.
    Unova: It reminds me of a bank or something… Un = United, ov = of, a = America?

  4. WTTTFFF!! i wait all day like a crazy fan boy and they throw THIS at me? holy krow! NINTENDO OF AMERICA YOUVE DONE IT AGAIN

  5. Eh, they’ll always be Smugleaf, Wotter and Pignite to me, and I hate the name Unova, what have NoA done?

    My guess was Slivy/Slyvy (slither/sly + Ivy)
    only one letter away!!!
    *is very proud of himself*

    I actually really like Tepig (play on “tepid” for those who didn’t guess…)

    Oshawott is o.O coz I can’t make out what the “Osha” is…

    I have no problem with Unova, but I don’t understand why they’d change Isshu… I thought it was a pretty all right name as it is

  7. what the heck is this?these names are wacked.snivy,it can grow on me(at least i can pronounce it).tepig,can grow,cant pronounce.oshawott,again,as soon as i can pronounce it,i will like it,sounds kinda cool

    loved the japanise names better,for know

    also,changed nickname,from tsujara fan,to snivy fan——–LONG LIVE SNIVY FAN!!!!

    1. Just think of Tepig as The Pig, made me lol because it’s just so ridiculous that it’s called that! Snivy = a gangster name, tepig = okay, Oshawott is just fun to say! XD
      OSHAWOTT (Got pwned by snivy…)

  8. WHYYY did they change the region name!!! Isshu was such a great name!

    I like snivy and oshawott (kind of). But tepig…

  9. I don’t HATE any of this per-say…it’s just like…”excuse me what?”

    While I’d rather have English people saying “Unova”, considering them saying “Isshu” would have came out wrong (considering the way everyone here says “kamikaze” when referencing WWII…ugh, learn to pronounce words.), but it’s like…way too drastic of a change.


    1. Oshawott scares me. OSHA is the acronym for the OCCUPATIONAL SAFETY and HAZARD ADMINISTRATION. Getting certified in OSHA is a nightmare.

      Honestly what was so wrong with the name Wotter?

      TEPIG is in no way better sounding than Pyroink or Pignite.

      Snivy is a pretty decent name. SMugleaf was better.

      1. Excuse me? “Smugleaf” was an abortion of a name. It had NOTHING to do with what “Tsutaaja” means (Ivy snake) and looked dumb.
        Wotter didn’t have the same flow as most Pokemon names and just sounded like a bad fan name- the same could be said about Pignite =_=

      2. Wotter was literally the dumbest name I had ever heard given to a pokemon. Can seriously no one be any more clever than that? At least Smugleaf actually sounded decent.

  10. Unova ew…
    Why did they change it?
    It’s always been the same. The tradition has just been broken…

      1. What about Hoenn it sounds like you know what!
        It’s not really a good reason when you think about that…

  11. Snivy = Snake + Ivy
    Tepid = Tepid (One Slightly Warm) + Pig
    Oshawott = (Modified word of Ocean?) + Otter
    Unova = Unum + Nova (Translates to “One New” in Latin)

    Just to clarify what some of them mean.

  12. I’m fairly happy, Oshawatt growing on me and Tepig sounds like THE PIG which makes me laugh, and Snivy sounds gangster

  13. Oshawott has shock factor for sure…..but I think it’s a name I could grow to love…it has that ring to it. Snivy was predicted by some people….but it’s still pretty good.

    Is it pronounced rhyming with “Ivy” or is it like “Snivvy” sorta sounding like sniffy (with v sound)?

  14. For some reason the name “Unova” keeps making me think of the country “Genovia” from that movie The Princess Diaries….

  15. Jeezzz ugh first shock for me was when the starters evolutions were revealed, now the names =_= but mehh its not as bad as it could have been, the only real thing that erks me is the Unova crapola……Isshu would have been fine IMO

  16. I like Tepig and Snivy, and Unova actually sounds really cool. I’ll get used to Oshawott.

    I don’t get what all the fuss is about. Smugleaf is a meme and will stay as such. Wotter and Isshu would both be too ambiguous and easily confused with other words in the English language. The only other name that I thought was clever and would’ve been cool to have was Pignite. That name is boss.

    1. No, they changed the name. They didn’t ruin it. It actually makes sense on several levels in English as opposed to a meaningless Japanese-derived word.

  17. Well, Isshu sounds too much like issue which is probably why they changed it. I don’t have a problem with Unova. I kinda like that the first region that isnt in Japan gets a different name, cooler sounding.

    I do like Mijumaru better. Oshawott sounds like Ocelot to me lol Nothing to do animal-wise.

    The others are OK.

    1. Yeah ocelot came to mind first for me too. Despite not being based on a nocturnal wildcat of central and south America I think it’s a cute name. Wotter just doesn’t click :/

      1. Yeah, as soon as I heard the name, I was like “Oh, Ocelots! I like those!” and then I was like “Hang on… what do they have to do with otters?”

  18. Snivy is the only one that doesn’t sound really strange…but I guess I’ll used to them, as always. :p

  19. Unova?! WTF was wrong with Isshu? I liked Isshu 🙁
    As for the starters I’m liking Snivy and Oshawott but Tepig? Worst.

  20. Wow TONS of comments already!

    With the exception of Snivy I think these names are all super lame =/

  21. Tepig makes absolutely no sense since tepid refers to water thats slightly warm :/ Tbh, Emboar should be the starter name not the evo (thinking along the lines of ember being a weaker move)
    Oshawott…. does ANYONE have any clue what this means?
    Snivy is the only one that’s ok, and thats only because the other 2 are so bad. My ideas were Nettile (Nettle+Reptile) or Serplant (Serpent+Plant) or maybe Saplent (Sapling+Serpent) which I think are much better, but thats probably because its me 😛

  22. It’s funny, everyone is saying how terrible the starters names are and yet the actual starter pokemon that people (for the most part) now love….got the same kind of treatment when they were first revealed.

    It’s just the shock and surprise that’s talking.

    I mean i think the name Snivy is alright i guess but seriously Tepig and Oshawott?
    I can’t even imagine Ash yelling that out when he throws his pokeball

      But anyways, i hate you nintendo of america, i’m getting a plane ticket and will learn japanese just to go live in japan.

  24. I think that Tepig’s German name is better… Floink :3 It’s so cute 😀
    Snivy is perfect, I love it.
    Oshawott, ehh, I’ll get used to it fast. It isn’t bad, but isn’t amazing.
    Tepig is obscure, I think, and sounds like teh pig. Many names would have been better. Floink though :3

    Unova, although Pokebeach says otherwise, I think comes from Uno and Variety, meaning ‘One Variety’, as Isshu came from ‘isshurai’, which means ‘One Variety’

  25. I’m gonna nickname him Pokabu either way, i cant stand that he’s called Tepig!!!!!! but……..
    If u add a h to Teh then it would be TehPig, now thats bitching 🙂

  26. My thoughts:
    Snivy: The best IMO, It doesn’t sound awkward and I just like it.
    Tepig: It sounds a little weird, and I don’t really know why they chose it over some other more obvious names (like Pignite), but I like it for some reason.
    Oshawott: This one is confusing, Mijumaru really grew on me, so it’ll be a tough change, since it’s my least favorite name, it just sounds awkward for some reason.

    So for the most part, the names are okay, and I know they’ll grow on me, but Unova? Seriously, WTF, Isshu sounded weird when I first heard it, but I got used to it, and I think I’ll miss it now that I know we’ll be playing in the “Unova” region.

  27. LOL the same story with all ya people every generation.
    At least I haven’t seen stupid arguments like “Diaruga is bettur than Dialga”, but hey there’s lots of names to go hahaha.

    The english names are always more original. Theres lots of japanese ones which are simply 2 words next to each other. So stfu, it’s not like you won’t get used to them just to complain about the 6th gen ones later YET AGAIN

    1. YES! i agree with your last paragraph 100% the jap names are really common and sometimes pokes are named the samething each generation

  28. AH so here we are again the dawn of the US release well lets check out the new names Snivy hmmm gamefreak usually combine too common english worlds and make a new name but snivy sounds so common and sounds like a nickname you would name a snake grass pokemon. Tepig i dnt know why but i kinda like that name because its original(it coulda been worse firpig or pire or flamig :p). the water name is just perfect its been so long since we had a Pokemon with a name that made no sense and its ORIGINAL you gotta remember the originality guys.

    and i agree 100% on the new region name EWWWWWWW Unova sounds like a one of those Birth control commericals they play all the time(haha)

  29. But the question is… what will their evolutions be named, that will decide it for me, but Snivy is SO the best!

  30. How do you pronounce oshawott???

    Anyway I like the names except tepig sounds like the pig which is stupid since it’s a pig that cooks itself..

  31. Im confused by Tepig and Oshawott. I know what Tepig reffers to but i dont hear the ring to it like alot of the starters do like Treeko ( Tree Gecko) and Turtwig ( Turtle Twig). So Tepig means warm pig???? I dont mind Oshawott but i really want to know what Osha means but i like Wott because it remind me of Wotter.
    1) Snivy
    2) Oshawott
    3) Tepig

    1. Tepig name is a play on the word Tepid which make its name means “bringing the “pig” into the fold”

  32. I dont like Tepig, kinda boring in my humble opinion.

    But I really like Snivy and Oshawott 😀 The legends are also pretty awesome

    Unova is cool. I actually rather like it and it fits with the whole “new” aspect they were going for this gen….and if you dont like it, its not really that big of a deal is it? The first region didnt even have a name way back when

    1. ツタージャ -> Tsuta-ja -> tsutaaja Some fansites, including Serebii, decided to romanize it with an ‘ar’ instead of long ‘a’, but neither is technically incorrect.

      1. Actually the official romanization is registered as Tsutarja, but you’re right, neither is ‘more’ correct than the other.

    2. its spelled three different ways dude lol 😀 matter fact tsutaaja is the version is see most of the time

  33. I don’t mind the names, and remember — you can always nickname your Pokemon with something you like! :3

    So, Snivy and Tepig are pretty damn obvious, as far as word-breakdowns go. 😐 I must admit that I like Tepig better than I thought I would. I was really hoping for “Pokabu” to stay, after all.

    I’ve seen a few theories for Oshawott, and I think that “ocean+shell+water+otter” is probably it. Even though that is insanely complex… 😐 (Though I do find it amusing that we seem to have exactly half of “Wotter” sticking around.)

    Apparently Oshawott’s German name is “Ottaro.” I find that name absolutely adorable, and that is what I plan to nickname my Oshawott. :<

    My appologies for the long post, it's late and I'm rambling.

  34. Snivy- I can deal
    Tepig- Wish is was Pigma. 🙁
    Oshawott- Its name is probably a mix of Oshawa, the city in canada whos hockey team is the OTTERS and otter. So their making a candian reference since its right above The Unova States. xP

    1. But if Isshu (Unova) is based in New York which is in the U.S.A, why would they reference Oshawa in Canada even though Canada is close to the U.S.A and the team is named the Otters. But either way, a good way to look at it.

    2. sorry, you’re wrong i come from canada and its the oshawa generals and the erie otters. nice try though.

      1. Thats my bad. xP Thank you for correcting me though. I searched Oshawa Otters on Google and the Eries logo came up first and I saw in big print “OTTERS” so I skipped that beat. My B! xP

    3. In actuality, it could be an Oshawa Otter, as Oshawa Ontario is right across Lake Ontario from New York state. It’s pretty close to actually being in the states…

    4. Snivy- Snake+ivy
      Tepig-Tepid made into Tepig.
      Oshawott- A take on the word” ocelot” but the “ce” is replaced by a “sha”, for, “shell”.

  35. i wonder why everyone so upset bout the name change if i remember “sinnoh” was originally “shinou” “hoenn” was “houen” but they just changed isshu to Unova but Unova does sound bad if you really try to pronounce it lol

    1. I understand what you mean, The one person who got the United(Un) Of(ov) America(a) parts from it makes it sound more convincing that its based on America to! Now this means we have all O sound regions again to!

    2. Some people dont hate the names though, its just……. really different. At least the other names of the regions “sinnoh”, “shinou” look alike and sound alike but when you go from Isshu to Unova, its weird. And if you tried to make a joke about Unova i think i get it……….

      1. I think all the names are unique and thats what i said on the first page in that long paragraph lol even though Tepig is obvious the meaning of it is bad ass( i mean come on you cant say “bring the pig into the fold isnt cool” XD) its really weird but like gamefreak said there starting fresh with everything and i guess that means names too XD

        1. Unova Region… the weird United States of America thing you guys just did made me understand where it may have come from. That is extremely clever! Alright, now that that is explained, I think I like that name now~

          1. …or the fact that nova means “new” in latin, and BW is supposed to be an entirely new take on the series…thats my theory anyway

            @Seph: I dont see how it sounds bad if you “try” and pronounce it; oo-no-vah….sounds kinda cool to me

  36. Everyone complaining about Tepig’s name, when you actually pronounce it right (Tehh-Pig) it sounds kind of like “Epic”

    I think I love Pokabu just a little more now.

    1. it makes me think of TP as in toilet paper… i don’t like it AT ALL! think Piglit or Pigmy would have been wayyy better.

  37. Snivy.. said it earlier, so I guess that’s that. It’s the better of the names revealed to me, but it’s still not all that great. Oshawott is too much of an effort to make a decent name, and they missed in the end. Tepig is just.. odd, and somewhat random. Pokemon is mainly aimed towards the younger population.. and not many of them know what the word tepid means. It’s not like the meaning is obvious.. when compared to Pignite and such anyway. This can also be applied to Oshawott.

    Overall ; I don’t like the names.

    I’m also wondering why they renamed Isshu.. it seemed perfectly fine as it was.. I mean, was it really necessary? I’ll stick to the Japanese names haha.

    1. idc what anyone say snivy is a really generic name and i think they could have had a way better name for ivy snake pokemon if i do say so myself. snivy is to much like a fan-made name or something you nickname a pokemon

      1. Well Tsutaja directly translated is snake + ivy. I guess they had no better idea but to just translate Tsutaja into an English phrase that flowed. It’s really not all that awful in comparison to the other two starter’s names to me. But I have to agree.. the names are really wacky.. so much so that when I saw the news I thought it was a prank. XD;

        Oh Nintendo, you really don’t have your wits about you this time.

    2. Tepig isn’t actually radom at all . It could be a combination of the word tepid and pig which basically means “lukewarm pig”.

  38. really? im savando007? *facepalms*
    i thought id be first to guess it, but i guess not. i swear i did not copy from anyone else though

  39. Wow. After literally eight hours of doing nothing but looking at the screen of my computer waiting for the names, they come up right after I leave the house for an hour. I’m angry.

    But anyway, I am SO happy I got Snivy’s name right. I’ve been speculating that to be his name ever since I saw his name origin back when he first came out. I even nicknamed my Tsutaja on my White game Snivy. I am just ecstatic I predicted right! :). I truly hope everyone believes me. The other two names, however, are just a bit strange. But thank God Mijumaru’s name is not Wotter.

    1. By the way, I see a lot of you are complaining about the simplicity of Snivy’s name. May I remind you of, in my opinion, the worst named pokemon ever, Treecko the Tree Gecko pokemon? Snivy’s a bit more intelligent than that 😛

      1. Well then… To defend Treecko’s honor I’ll be here to instruct some name origins!
        (Love Treecko and it’s name by the way. Nice and simple. 8D)

        Treecko’s actually the Wood Gecko Pokemon.
        It’s Japanese name, Kimori, is a combination of 木 ki, tree, and either 森 mori, forest,
        or ヤモリ yamori, gecko.
        So, it’s English name is just another usual direct translation.
        A great example would be Snivy, snake + ivy.
        It’s Japanese name, Tsutaaja, is derived from ツタ tsuta, Japanese ivy, and 蛇 ja, snake.

        English names for Pokemon are usually based on their Japanese counterparts in one way or another. So, whatever a Japanese name may be can be the cause of an awesome or awful English name.
        Does anyone else besides me think Snivy’s name should have been spelled “Snaivy”?
        I want more “snake” in it.

        1. Oh, Wood Gecko. I always thought it was Tree, my bad XD. Because of this, Treecko’s name’s not as bad as I thought. Thank you! Now ,time to find one who actually does have a bad name…

  40. I really enjoy the names. Snivy is a great name, I think it’s kind of cute too. Tepig is fun to say! Oshawott is a mouthful, but it’s still cool. Unova is a bit of a surprise. I like it too.

    1. I was extremely surprised by Unova! If I knew they were changing the name I would’ve guessed something like Issu or something…

  41. I don’t like these names very much. Then again, I didn’t like Piplup when the name first came out either. I’ll give it some time and then I’ll be fine.

  42. I have just decided the names have grown on me I have already signed nintendo’s “document of my OWN opinions…”

  43. I like all the names, especially since I read Casey’s comment on the Oshawa Otters. Oshawa, ocean, water, otter it’s all good now, Just wondering on how to pronounce Oshawott XD

        1. Thank you for reading my comment. ^^
          When I say Oshawott now, It reminds me of a name for a water/electric type (Ocean+Watt). It may be a mouthfull but Im starting to like the names more. Snivys still my favorite. xP

  44. YOU GUYS THESE ARE SOOOO FAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol jk no more of that please 🙂 ahaha and if this is the reaction to the starters, i’m gonna hate to see the reaction to their evolutions…and then the other 147 new Pokemon after that XD

    1. totaly agree. If the starter names are like this (I like them but they are just different from other pokemon names) I wonder what the other pokemons names are gonaa be…

      I want Iwaperusu 2 be Herock (or Rockmit)

      1. ^_^ Exactly what I was thinking.

        And how about Stermit (Stone+Hermit) for Iwaperusu and Crabould for it’s evo?

        Also, once again, I am claiming the name Caribloom for Mebukijika 😀

  45. I’m actually kinda happy at these names especially at Tsutarja’s the thing is I was also one of the ones to come up with the name Snivy, well actually I was in gym class one day when they were revealed I actually named it Snaivy but its pronounced the same way so yea haha! I was ecstatic to find out that was the name I also named my Snivy in the rom Snivy due to the 5 character limit for nicknames, its a Jalorda now of course so hehe! I’m actually proud of myself because of this. 😀 Anyway the other starter names sound wierd Tepig is the wierdest but I don’t judge mainly cause I’m gonna pick Snivy, Oshawott sounds pretty decent for Mijumaru but its hard to pronounce and we all know people will still call it Wotter mainly because of the “wott” in its name!

  46. But seriously though, those are horrible. Oshawott sounds like Jewish pornstar. And Tepig? Based off the word tepid which means lukewarm. What’s next? Mediumwellhog? Snivy is okay, I guess. But I picture two guys, that look like the Monopoly guy, standing around drinking $800 water talking about how they got to be so rich “Why yes, I was quite snivy indeed.” “Indeed.” * Insert cliché maniacal laugh here* But whatever, I’m still going to buy the damn game when it comes out in English, but I’m going to name my starter “assface”, cause at least it would be creative.

  47. @David: I would never have made that connection with Unova’s naming; that is so amazingly clever! And of top of that, it does sound much cooler than roaming around the “issue” region.

    Also, I love Snivy’s name; much catchier than Smugleaf. Oshawatt’s alright (still think Splotter was better), but I think Pigaboom would have been a better name than Tepig, but it’s a fine name too (they could be saving Pigaboom for Tepig’s evo).

  48. its time for the pokejungle cool wall, the rules are the same for top gear cool wall, and here are the ratings for the revealed english names:
    snivy:ok, i believe i heard a similar name before on pokemon rebirth and its good to have similar sounding names, verdict: sub zero
    tepig: this name is tepid with a different letter, unoriginal, verdict: uncool

    1. i don’t even know what tepid means. i’m 16. how is a 5-year-old gonna understand that connection?

      1. That’s because the 5-year-olds that play the game aren’t supposed to know what the names mean. When you were five, did you know what Kabutops or Gyarados meant, or how epic the name Cloyster actually is? The Pokemon’s names aren’t meant to sound obvious as to what two words are combined to make it up, that would destroy the illusion Nintendo is trying to make that pokemon are “mysterious”.

        Besides, Tepid can be the temperature of water, which could be a reference to the fact he can later learn Boiling water. The fact that Tepig is the first stage could indicate that his evolution’s names are also centered around water. It’s possible he could evolve into Embroil.

        1. I meant to say that his evolution’s names could center around temperature, not water. Sorry, my bad. o.O

          1. I’d actually be fine with embroil
            i think emboar sounds cooler though
            and still thinkin tepig shoulda been called baycon or something
            gonna nickname mine that anyway

      *gasp* I missed yesterdays episode…NNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  49. aha! I love how you made the effort to sift through all those posts to find the people that picked Snivy. it’s admirable, PJ 🙂
    interesting names…the first time i saw oshawott i thought “oh, it’s wash backwards….with…parts of otter around it” definitely a strange choice. And Tepig is cute but almost as awkward to say as oshawatt….awesome we finally have them though!

    1. oh yeh, Unova is actually quite awesome too. And whoever suggested Un(ited States) Of A(merica) is really on the ball (unless it was explained somewhere, in which case i look like an idiot, haha)

  50. opinions + score from 0-10

    Snivy: genius! 10
    Tepig: crappiest name of any starter EVER!!! -7,000,000
    Oshawott: kinda cute, might grow me. 5
    Reshiram: muy fabuloso, but took a while to grow on me. 8.5
    Zekrom: genius! theres no better name for it! 10
    Unova: don’t like it because it breaks the two-syllable pattern for regions in the metagame, but mostly it is just unoriginal. 2.5

    1. Do you know people had almost the same reaction to Treecko, Torchic, Mudkip, Turtwig, Chimchar and Piplup? And had there been widespread internet fandom of doom at the time you can bet Squirtle, Bulbasaur and Charmander would have been called worse than Zenigame, Fushigidane and Hitokage. Heck, there was massive raging when Rukario (derived from oracle spelt backwards in Japanese) became Lucario.

      And that people complained about the change from Shinnou to Sinnoh and Houen to Hoenn and Jouto to Johto.
      So yeah. People will complain no matter how little or how much is changed.

      So forgive me if I’m not taking any of the ‘threats’ to ‘nickname it mijumaru and use it on forums and eff you if you don’t remember what its real name is. MIJUMARU IS BETTERU’ very seriously. Because you’ll be over it come April.

    2. Ooops, this wasn’t supposed to be a reply to your post specifically, I was typing this at the bottom and it jumped. Sorry.

      1. its ok, i was just surprised when youu said FU cuz i don’t think i said anything too ofdensive. but i agree that it does take time for the names to stick,however i’m positive i will be nicknaming my Tepig Pokabu because i like it about 200x better

  51. I like Oshawott, its pretty unique. Tepig is decent, Snivy was kinda obvious, I wish they went for more obscure names. I love Unova, though! I never expected it to stray so much from Isshu!

  52. oshawott sounds so canadian to me somehow?
    im nicknaming my oshawott mijumaru cuz it just rolls of the tounge

    bet you couldnt say mijumaru 5 fast

  53. SNIVY! Awesome >w<! Love it already!

    Tepig… meh ._. I don't know… I will still name it Ganon though xD

    Oshawhooooot?! o.O What is wrong with this… it sounds like disease or something xP I like miju though but the english name is just… strange xP

    Unova sounds seriously bad ass o.O If you think about it… This name is actually one of most strongest names for a region since Kanto. I like this one a lot!

    I = pleased =D

  54. Snivy = snake (because it’s classified as a snake (even though it’s clearly a lizard)) + ivy (because the leaf on it’s tail is poison ivy (without the extra stem)
    Tepig = tepid (because it means not hot but not cold (warm) and do any of us recall the interview with the artist of Poka- Tepig saying he wanted a piglet that hadn’t reached it’s full potential that it was just WARMING up) + pig (because it’s a pig)
    Oshawott= random O (maybe they like O) + wash (with the letters rearranged (because to wash you need water)) + otter (because it’s an otter (even though I wanted a platypus!))

    1. Not necessarily. Snakes had limbs pre-historically. There was a myth about snakes and their limbs, saying they ran so fast and so much their legs fell off. If you regard Tsutaja and it’s speed, then Janovy’s speed up to Jaroda.. the myth kind of comes to life in that line. Still a snake, just kind of takes after the reptilian ancestors until final form.

  55. snivys 1st evos name is JANOVY which sounds alot like SNIVY janovys name might stay the same in england
    (i dunno but the evo names sometimes ryme or sound alike there past evo name eg, bulbaSAUR ivySAUR venuSAUR sniVY janoVY squirTLE wartorTLE just a thorght)
    p.s TEHPIGS name rules

        1. Or it could have KING in it since its regal and royal and what not?


          Idea for Tepigs? Burnboar? Boarburn? Just some random thoughts off the top of my head. lol

    1. oshell is such a better name, cause with oshawott we’re like WTF, and the acronym O.S.H.A. is gonna give nightmares.XD. but with oshell it makes more sense
      otter+shell=oshell NoA has gone psycho O.o

      1. What if they had named it Oshellott (ocean+shell+otter) don’t know if that sounds better to anyone, but personally, I have already warmed up to Oshawott 🙂 It sounds more natural now that I’ve been saying it for a couple of days. 😀

  56. i only don’t like the name Unova cause it’s three syllables instead of two.. but hopefully i’ll get over it.

    i love oshawott though! i miss the days of long starter names

    1. random side note, getting the english names makes this generation seem so much more familiar. it’s hard to explain but reading japanese names for everything made it seem kind of foreign and disconnected from pokemon in general but now i’m getting super excited cause it’s getting closer!

      1. yea lol i know what your feeling 😛 im excited for this game. if only they still made the cartridges colored like with the GB, and GBA games 😛

    1. i don’t hate you…. everyone is titled to there own opinion and i respect yours. hopefully you have not offended anyone because they should take matter in what they beleive and not by what others influence them to think. i hope you get absolute fullfilment from these games when they come out and enjoy it to the greatest extent. i myself cannot wait for this game to release so that i may rule over the pokemon world and pummel the yabakuron out of the competition. anyways you are titled to your own opinion so do not worry because they will not hate you for having an opinion…i hope…

  57. i personally am getting very excited with the release of these names 8]]]] were getting closer and closer to getting theh gamezzz >.< i CANT WAIT!!!!!

  58. I dont care about the names if i like or noth them, eventually, in a week where gonna be used to them.

    Wath really annoys me is the classification of zekrom and Reshiram. WHY THE FUCK THEY CANT CALL THEM THE BLACK YIN POKEMON AND THE WHITE YANG POKEMON?!?!?!?! What? every occidental potential pokemon buyer is enough ignorant to dont know wath the fuck is teh yang/ ying?

    Potentialy, they just screwed with one of the coolest concepts behind this pokemon versions…..

  59. Meh they make me mad making the species the Deep Black and Vast White for Zekrom And Reshiram respectively. The names I kind of didn’t expect Tepig or Oshawott.

    Snivy was kind of back when people came up with Wotter and Pignition Derpderp and Smugleaf came around but I didn’t expect it to be a name but then again his name does translate to something along the lines of Snake and Ivy.

    Anyone still keeping the Fan Names or the Japanese names in mind when it’s released in America?

  60. im so happy with snivy but tepig couldve been nemed somehing else and oshawoot i dont like. the german starter name for mijumaru is otaro, much better sounding. anyways im “starstruck” with the nemes…. 😀

  61. In my mind, Unove is Isshu. Also, does TPC really think kids will be offended by ying and yang? I mean, gosh, Deep Black and Vast White? ARE YOU KIDDING?!

  62. hello pokejungle. I have a question. What do you think megoroko’s english name will be? He’s one of my favorite pokemon. Also, did you see Harry Potter 7 part 1? I did.

      1. I think rockodile is actually a really good name for it. Anyone else have names for their favorite pokemon?

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