Introducing: Snivy, Tepig, and Oshawott

Happy with their English names?!  I won’t be using spoilers for any information OFFICIALLY given out by Nintendo of America.

  • Snivy (tsutaaja) – Grass Snake Pokemon [Overgrow]
  • Tepig (pokabu) – Fire Pig Pokemon [Blaze]
  • Oshawott (mijumaru) – Sea Otter Pokemon [Torrent]
  • Reshiram – Vast White Pokemon [Turboblaze]
  • Zekrom – Deep Black Pokemon [Teravolt]

Region name: Unova!

<3 pokejungle

ps- Did the wait kill you?  :p  English name page has been updated as well 😀

pps- These are the people who correctly guessed ‘Snivy’: Roy, oshell, Gerudo_Prince, Ai, ???Unown, Sazando007, Marshmallow, Kitkat, Belmand and finally MIKAL85 was the first to guess it.