English Ability Names

Aaaaaaaand pretty much the last piece of the puzzle I guess.  Not too much left we don’t know in English 😀  Since I’m updating from my dorm I’ve put all the Japanese names up in the brackets after the English names. [spoiler] Analytic [Analysis] Big Pecks [Pigeon Heart] Contrary [Devil\’s Advocate] Cursed Body [Cursed Body] … Read more

Badge Names + Sage Names

Trio Badge Basic Badge Insect Badge Bolt Badge Quake Badge Jet Badge Freeze Badge Legend Badge The 7 sages, related to the game’s plot, have also had their English names revealed by people have gotten early copies of the game: Ghetsis Giallo Rood Gorm Ryoku Zinzolin Bronius Aaaaaaaaaand yeah :]  Thanks Missingno. for the tip~ … Read more

UPD: New English Attack Names

I wasn’t originally going to do a post on this, but because I have nothing else to really report on, we’ll go with it :p Little by Little [なしくずし] is now Chip Away Low Kick [ローキック] is now Low Sweep Knock Down [うちおとす] is now Smack Down I don’t know about you guys but I … Read more

Elite 4 English Names (UPD)

(Updating from my phone during English…)  So Serebii leaked all the important character’s English names, and we’ve already reported on all of them except the Elite Four ones sooooo here are the Elite Four English names! Shikimi is now Shauntal (Ghost-type) Giima is now Grimsley (Dark-type) Renbu is now Marshal (Fighting-type) Katorea is now Caitlin … Read more

Official Site Has Updated + Anime News

Nothing all that post-worthy butttt Feeling Check keeps it’s name All Global Link related things keep their names (i.e Dream World, Random Match Up etc..) They also gave us a lot of images, one of them being Victini’s English dex info Ground breaking, I know I know. But Cartoon Network has also updated with a preview … Read more

List of English B/W Names (UPD2)

Thanks Missingno. Master for writing this up based on the list we leaked yesterday.  Obviously IGN confirmed these and the upcoming issue of Nintendo Power will as well.  Can’t believe the full list leaked this early.  Sorry that I pulled it while I wasn’t sure. [Please note that I am treating this list as unconfirmed … Read more