(Updating from my phone during English…)  So Serebii leaked all the important character’s English names, and we’ve already reported on all of them except the Elite Four ones sooooo here are the Elite Four English names!

  • Shikimi is now Shauntal (Ghost-type)
  • Giima is now Grimsley (Dark-type)
  • Renbu is now Marshal (Fighting-type)
  • Katorea is now Caitlin (Psychic-type)
  • Adeku is now Alder (Champion)

UPD: The official site has updated and besides re-confirming a few Pokemon names, and covering some Pokemon Musical basics, they also revealed a new town name: Accumula Town! (Jap: Karakusa Town) For a complete list of all the cities and towns check our previous post here

Peace –ozymandis

P.S. LOOOOVE ’em. 🙂

  1. I think they are perfect! Although… Adeku should’ve been Adeku ;P but Adler.. Ok well.. Just have to get used to it 😉

  2. I wonder what Caitlin’s story will be, from being a Frontier Brain in Sinnoh (and Johto!) to an Elite 4 member all the way over in Unova.

  3. Shauntal?…. I seriously hate the way they spell it >.< Looks bad. Shantal, Shantalle, Shantelle would be better… The ''shaun'' bit is just really bad!
    I also don't like Marshal… Seriously, that name makes me think of some nerd looking person. Something this guy def isn't…

    1. Or a commander, someone of regal status and prestige, which is anything but Renbu. “Marshal” is a misspelling of marshall.

      Shauntal is also bad. Caitlin (expected) and Grimsley are just fine. Adler is mediocre.

      Two good names, two bad names, and one mediocre name befitting the Champion.

    2. She is a Ghost type trainer… So yeah… S”haunt”tal.

      He is a Fighting type trainer, who uses “martial” arts… So yeah…
      And I don’t see what’s nerdy about Marshal. In the army, marshal is one of the highest rank.

    3. Her name is Shauntal because of her choice of type if you would read the name it has the word haunt in it to symbolize her love of ghost-types, and Renbu is called Marshal as a reference to him using fighting-types his name is a pun on Martial as in Martial Arts which makes both in the long run make a lot of sense if you really think about it! Giima gets his name as a reference to his liking of dark-types due to dark-type Pokemon being “grim and menacing” which explains his name being Grimsley, and what Lady Caitlins name has to due with psychic-types……well you got me there and I believe Adeku’s name could be a pun on elder due to him being older than any other champion or possibly some reference to bugs sense he mostly uses bug-types in his team!

  4. The names seem ok, I’ll have to get used to them…

    Serebii says it’s Alder not Adler. Which is right? Either way it reminds me of Elder…

      1. Stupid iPhone.

        My brother and I were reading this post and we both loled at how some of the names sound from a dubbed korean drama series (Temptation of Wife).

        So my thoughts.
        Shauntal. I never see this one coming, perhaps because the previous ghost e4 don’t have a concrete connection with ghosts or something. Come on. Phoebe, Agatha? Chantal Min is the protagonist in the drama so yeah, I like it when they used the name in a clever way.
        Grimsley. It’s just ok. I’m not jumping though. (it could be a good name for a pokémon, I think).
        Caitlin. Best name ever! What?
        Marshal. It sounds like Marcel, the man being tempted by his own wife in the drama. And yes, this one actually *nailed* it on the head. Good job.

        And Alder. Sounding like elder, the name’s got a subtle reference for most of his dominant type preference. And it’s good, and cool.

        1. Shauntal kinda relates to ghosts, you know… sHAUNTal… and than we had “phobia” (Phoebe), “aghast” (Agatha)… maybe all the Ghost Elite Four Trainers have names related to fear, terror, haunting or something like that. Nice names.

          1. Ikr about the word haunt. I’m just pointing out how easy it is for me to love the names because they’re ringing a bell…
            And yes, about Phoebe and Agatha. I kinda realize the pun just now that you’re pointing it out.
            Anyway, that doesn’t change anything. They’re still great names.

  5. Alder reminds me of Alder from Denduron XD

    I dub Grimsley to be his last name. He shall be known as Lord Adrian Grimsley of the Elite Four, Keeper of Castle Grimsley, and Master of Dark Types. *begins writing a fic*

    Oh yeah, and the others are okay XD

    1. I think he should’ve been called Noah, seeing as how I think, when you say it aloud that is, that Noah sounds a lot like the word “noir”, which is french for “black” or “dark”. Grimsley sounds so…cheesy. I highly dislike it.

  6. I like the names of the Elite 4. Shauntal is cleverly done to get that “haunt” in there. I also really enjoy the name Alder.

  7. Shauntal- male basketball player
    Grimsley- Gristle :p
    Marshal- army guy
    Caitlin- expected
    Alder- Elder

  8. The names are pretty good, I don’t really care much about the E4 and gym leader names, but how is Shauntal pronounced? I think I know, but it’s annoying me a bit.

  9. I kind of like Shauntal! It sounds stupid, but it’s cute! I was hoping her name would be Velma… NOT!
    Grimsley… That makes me want to throw up…
    Marshal. Eh…
    And Alder just sounds awesome!!
    Also, Caitlin’s name is based on a flower, like how the Sinnoh Frontier Brains were named after plants. She has no Type-based pun.

  10. Something I noticed when I saw “Alder” is that it’s a tree/plant like the professors have been.

    Is there a connection?

    1. Considering Alder is of the Birch family, it’s doubtful. Birch has been a professor’s name already. Though it would be cool if, perhaps, a game set in future Unova had him as a professor! 😉

  11. These names are awesome! They’re not “typical” names like Kevin or Annie, they’re these abstract names that really go outside the box of previous Elite Four members, but they still make total sense and sound awesome! My favorite is probably Marshal.

  12. My username here and of Serebii is Alder.

    If I don’t get my post count up everyone will think this is where it came from…and that’s a peeve of mine, people who base their names on the newest things that come up, like for example Mijumaru687…at least be clever about it

  13. I think these names are pretty good 😀 Maybe except for Grimsley ._. Grimsley sounds more of a name for something like , well, Frankenstein 😛 Y’know, big. Maybe something like Fonsey , misspelling of Foncé ( Dark in French, I mean, he kinda looks like he’s from France ._.)

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