Elite 4 English Names (UPD)

(Updating from my phone during English…)  So Serebii leaked all the important character’s English names, and we’ve already reported on all of them except the Elite Four ones sooooo here are the Elite Four English names!

  • Shikimi is now Shauntal (Ghost-type)
  • Giima is now Grimsley (Dark-type)
  • Renbu is now Marshal (Fighting-type)
  • Katorea is now Caitlin (Psychic-type)
  • Adeku is now Alder (Champion)

UPD: The official site has updated and besides re-confirming a few Pokemon names, and covering some Pokemon Musical basics, they also revealed a new town name: Accumula Town! (Jap: Karakusa Town) For a complete list of all the cities and towns check our previous post here

Peace –ozymandis

P.S. LOOOOVE ’em. 🙂