Not any major news, just thought I’d share the TV commericials for those who haven’t seen them. 🙂 Well I guess you could say they confirm a few English names but it doesn’t really matter since we have a complete list and released all the English names like almost a month ago…


And also, thanks to a tip from ElectroZekrom, we’ve found out that GameInformer gave Pokemon BW a 8.75/10. Opinions? Too low? Too High? Discusssss :3

Peace — ozymandis

P.S. Anybody else cringe whenever the announcer said “Unova”? -__-;

  1. I like the slogan “Start from a new beginning”. Clever, very clever.
    Though these commercials make me wish it was March already..

    And I find it odd Gameinformer gave it a 8.5 but Faimitsu gave it a perfect score of 40. I know Japan goes crazier for pokemon and all, but what did Game Informer give Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time? I dunno if they where around back then or not.

    1. GameInformer actually is somewhat known for giving Nintendo games lower reviews than most other sites do, however this rating of 8.75 is the highest for any Pokemon game. I don’t believe they’ve ever reviewed OoT.

      1. GameInformer is well known for giving low reviews to Nintendo games, or any game that has an E rating, why, they like violent video games, which explains why every game that has a review over 9/10 is almost ALWAYS M rated…..

  2. Lol wtf, YOU NEH VAH…it sounds so awkward, I hope that’s not how they pronounce it in the anime.
    I prefer YOU KNOW VAH

  3. OZY! Get your to/too/two’s right! It’s Too low and Too high, not to low and to high. 😛

  4. Huh, so that’s how Unova is pronounced….I’ve been pronouncing it: oo-no-vah.
    In a couple of weeks I’ll get use to it, like with everything else. :9

  5. I actually prefer Unova to Isshu, just think it sounds a lot cooler

    havent played the Japanese games yet so I cant comment on the 8.75 score. But if it was universally praised across the board in Japan (especially the high accolades of a perfect Famitsu score) That suggests it should at least get a 9

    March 10 cant come soon enough!

    PS australian people if you preorder from EB games you get a free case with the 3 starters on the cover, 3 stylus’ with each strater and Black and white game cases

    and if you preorder from JBHIFI you get a free case with Reshiram/Zekrom on the cover 😀

    1. awesome thankyou! nice to get some info for aus. although i hardly ever venture into EB games simply because you always get the feeling you’re getting ripped off, no matter how many “SALE” posters they plaster everywhere. but JB is cool 🙂
      question: when you preorder do you have to go pick it up or does it all get delivered?

      1. @Pokelova No Idea if its for NZ buddy. Maybe pop into the store and have a look, both stores near me are plastered with posters

        @Gerudo: I work in town right next to an EB and a JBHIFI so ive never had to ask about delivery. I know JB does but not sure about EB.
        Normally I would agree with you about never shopping at EB but its only $9 more expensive than JB and you get all the extra preorder bonuses where from JB you just get the case. Check it out


        1. Those prices are just OVER the top… Over here $35 for both no matter what Bonus they give…

          1. Australia is notoroius for shocking prices. You struggle to find a pint of beer for less than $11 now. Its ludicrous

            Beer prices, prices of things in general and the heat are the main reason im moving to the UK in April

  6. I’m using my DSi, so I can’t view the commercials right now. Just out of curiosity, what names were confirmed by the commercial. Because Bulba-“They-could-be-nicknames”-pedia won’t accept the list as fact already, and it’s driving me insane.

    1. Bulbapedia believes the list is still fake, and will not believe it until the games are out, which will be the proof that the list is real, Serebii has recently started accepting the list, I’m not sure about other fansites though…..

      1. I’m curious as to why they believe they’re still fake. Nintendo Power’s latest issue has Cofagrigus in it and it’s clearly labeled as Cofagrigus.

        1. More of less, the reason is due to Nintendo’s take on the leak. I’ve gotten notice not to post them from certain sources, so yeah.

      2. No, they do not believe the list is fake. But they intend to be factual and accurate and that means they need actual evidence, like official confirmation. They’re an encyclopedia, not Serebii.

  7. It’s pronounced You-no-va like I thought. The announcer says the nova part really fast though also like it was a glitch or something. Anyways I hope gamestops in America give out a pre-order bonus as I pre-ordered my copy since December.

    1. Gamestop is usually cheap with the pre-order stuff. I have learned that by experience but it dosent happen all the time haha. These Reshiram and Zekrom Wall-Clings have been surfacing as pre-order incentives buuut, like many other places, Gamestop sometimes lacks giving out the correct info to the people who are curious…I have nothing against them tho. 🙂

  8. Once again, I post a comment TOTALLY off subject! This is actually a question for the people who run pokejungle, if my pokemon animae series, pokemon reborn, gats me banned on youtube, can you guys post it here? or tell me how to send it to the offical pokemon people?

    P.S. If you punks steal my idea I will find a way to proof it was MY idea!!! and then sue who took it!!!!
    P.P.S My “P.S” was not a threat, but a warning.

  9. About Game Informer, they gave Paper Mario TTYD a 6.75 out of 10.
    So feel free to take their reviews with a grain of salt.

  10. The score is pretty high considering game freak has been copy pasting the same game into different maps and settings for about 4 generations now…
    I’d rather have something darker, more plot based, that implememts multiple regions we already know where some elements of the plot reference past happenings kinda like kanto in Gold/Silver
    Stil gonna buy it, i just think they should innovate some more

    1. The problem is, if they innovate too much, it isn’t Pokémon anymore. Then they have to call it Darkamon. :p
      GF did a better job than last generations, though. At least it has decent(maybe even amazing) music and graphics.

    2. I’m still content just playing basically the same plot repeatedly if that plot comes with a good looking region and most importantly good pokemon. I really don’t think they should focus more on the plot because I think the prospect of battling magical creatures against each other is good enough on its own.

    3. A Pokemon Continental Version or something would be nice. A game that takes you to several different Pokemon Regions we already know and stuff and the games plot is determined by the players choices…Like if you choose Johto as your starting Region, a different course of events will occur rather than someone starting in Sinnoh. idk just a fun thought 🙂 🙂

  11. Innovate.. Dude, that is what this generation’s all about… INNOVAtion! At least it sounds with Unova.

  12. There are only two things I got from that:

    1) “Start from a new beginning” (you know what they say, repitition is a great teacher)

    And 2) I’ve been pronouncing Unova right this whole time!!!!

  13. don’t really like how he pronounces “Unova”, but at least he didn’ say “Unn-ova”

    It’s you-nova! 🙁

  14. I think the name is supposed to sound like if you say Unova as you would when saying the section from which it’s taken in [Un]ited States [of A]merica, pretty cool.

    1. and of sounds like… oh! I get it know… also, I said that the trailer was posted last night and got no credit! hmph!

  15. Actually, if you play it over a little bit it sounds like he’s saying You-no-va, just kind of fast. They probably need to fit that commercial into 30 seconds.

  16. I actually like the way they pronounced Unova for the same reason why I liked Isshu, it lets it escape the trend of using the “o” sound like the previous generations to further demonstrate how the game is meant to give the same fresh feeling as when people played Red & Blue for the first time. Though I’m sure that one person will say you-No-vah in the anime.

  17. Too High, Too Low, I don’t know or care what they think. All I know is that I’ll wait for the 3rd version (Maybe) or just buy a ruby/sapphire remake.
    First time since I started with Red/Blue that I’m not buying a main-series game…

    1. I have a feeling Yellow will be re-made before R&S. After all, if it is, then all Gen I and II Games will be re-made completing a cycle. And if you really think about it, R,S,and E don’t really feel that old, they are just graphically downgraded. If R&S are re-made tho, Emerald will be incorporated between them like Crystal was among HG and SS. Emerald won’t be made seperate. I’m guessing that means Steven retains his championship, Wallace returns to the Gym, and Juan can be battled outside of the main story like Cynthia is in B&W. Just some food for thought haha ;D

  18. They should hire someone who actually plays the games to narrate the tv spots
    Also I didn’t know it was pronounced yuu-nuva. I kept pronouncing it Oo-nova.

  19. OMG!

    They pronounced it as You-ne-va! I’m so devastated! I’m going to kill my self; literally!

    COME ON :/

  20. 3DS newsflash: EU launch up revealed by ONM.
    SSFIV 3D
    Pilotwings (!)
    Riiiiiidge raaaaaacer
    And some other unimportant ones
    OoT3D is slated for shortly after E3 (which is in June)

    And for low scores: IGN gave Football Manager 2009 a 2.5. They shortly changed it however :p
    PS: I’m back 😀

  21. Not sure if anybody’s said this yet, but this’ll put a wrench in your fanny.

    Unova. (UN)ited States of(OV) (A)merica.

    America’s involvement ruined quite a lot this region.


    1. “America’s involvement ruined quite a lot this region.”
      Sorry, what? The region is based on America (I believe New York to be more specific), and they named it something clever to fit that, how did they ruin the region by making it american?

  22. Unova is pronounced the same way on the official web advertisement for the BW video games, so I guess that must be the official pronunciation.

  23. Hey guys!

    Could you post a link to the gameinformer review? I can’t find it anywhere on the site!

    Thanks! 😀

  24. I think 8,75 is a very reasonable rate for this game.. I love it a lot but I still think it ain’t perfect.. I miss the battle frontier with the triple and rotation functions BUT that will be alright when the 3rd game is coming out 😉

    Can’t wait for the English version =D!

    1. The Battle Frontier SUCKED in D,P,Plt,HG,and SS! Lv. 50? Come on. Seriously, it just gets old. I think the original Hoenn BF was the best; it had more Facilities and you could do Lv. 50 or Lv. 100 Rounds. They should bring that back a bit..

  25. Don’t know if anyone else noticed this but I went into my local Game store ( I’m English) and they had black and White cases out like for show so you could preorder and when I looked on the back it didn’t say Unova, it wasn’t even remotely close to Unova. I can’t remember what it was exactly cos it was last week but it necan with an A like Aerion or something, I’ll have another look tomorrow : ) just wondering if it was like beta name it was just too different to be a typo : /

    1. You mean “Allelos”? Yeah, it’s a beta name, as the pictures of the back of the box use “Unova” and make no mention of Team Plasma like the boxes you saw, to quote the boxes you saw:

      •Explore the new region of Alleos, and save it from the nefarious plans of Team Plasma. The Alleos region also contains two version-exclusive areas depending on which version of Pokemon the player owns – White Forest and Black City

  26. Who wrote the GameInformer review? Was it Annette Gonzalez? She always rates the pokemon games at 8-8.5 (capped), complains about how she wants something new from the experience and how it was the same copy-paste title as the ones in the past?

    She also wrote the Black and White preview in another GameInformer issue.

    1. Probably, but I stay as far away as possible from that magazine, as most of the gaming magazines are quite jerky and rude at times, ESPECIALLY GameInformer, which makes me wonder if they spend all their time playing Halo (which almost ALWAYS gets a 10/10). Thankfully, the only gaming magazine I ever read is Nintendo Power (the current issue has Pokemon Black and White as the cover article, and has a few screenshots that are not on any fansite), mainly because it’s more friendly and humourous than the rest of the gaming magazines…..

  27. I hate the fact that they promote triple and rotation battles.

    There is no such battles in the game. It’s all a lie. You CAN’T enjoy the new battle system in the game. That is reserved for the Pokémon Grey version, we can barely taste it.

    Damn! I fucking detest how they play with us!

    1. LOL. Is that “waiting for moderation” thing because I used swearwords? That didn’t happen to me previously XD

    2. What are you talking about? There are triple & rotation battles in the games, they’re just seldom used and there are more rotation battles in Black Version while there are more triple battles in White Version.

      1. I know there are very little. There are that little that you cannot enjoy NOTHING from it. The main reason is because it is not a tied battle, there isn’t strategy in a random battle of the playthrough.

        They should give you the option of battling a friend in such a way, here is when all the brand new strategies starts. A brand new birth in Pokémon’s competitive world. And we do not have this, so they LIE us in commercials.

        Those things will be in the “grey” version.

        1. If they really make the “Trinity” game “Grey Version” I will punch someone. They should have a lot more creativity than that. And Grey is just BoRiNg.
          BTW, Trinity stands for the third game like Yellow, Crystal, Emerald, etc… In case at least one of you couldn’t figure that out haha 🙂

    1. Have you played it all the way through? ><
      Just my opinion, but once you play it, you'll understand the 8.75 rating.
      Don't get me wrong it's an AWESOME, AMAZING game, but it's not perfect, (not one game is) and it doesn't completely live up to the almost year hype it had. 😛

  28. The “unova” thing doesn’t really bother me, but the announcer is damn boring! It’s not some casual thing! Say it awesomely like it deserves!! >:| I hate bad advertising.

  29. I think that the score that Pokemon Black and White got was…Pretty much okay. 8.75 is basically almost 9 and that’s well-deserved to say the very least.

    The games shouldn’t be rated 10, seeing no game should receive 10, because there’s no such thing as a perfect game. They shouldn’t be rated anything below 7 though, due to how many changes it brought and how good it is for a handheld game and for a Pokemon game. 😛

    1. You’re right. People give Pokémon ‘low’ scores because they think it’s a kids game. Under the hood, however, is a game more complex than that stupid CoD25 or JustAnotherRandomShooterWhichSucksButGetsA10.

      1. It has a low-ish score because it can be a lot more than it was. Many features were not included that could have been. Including popular features like pokemon following you.

      2. Yeah, they only give the ultra-violent games the 9 and 10 ratings, yet they rate everything that is family friendly 8 and under, no matter HOW good the story or gameplay is, they just rate it that because it’s not M rated, which they seem to like…..

        1. I wouldnt rate it 9 or 10. Non biased fans probably wouldnt either.

          They are good games but they could be better. Difficulty was WAY too low and there were features they should have added but did not.

      1. Wha? How is Dig Dug a family-friendly game? You blow up innocent monster families down there! D,:

          1. How is 8.75 hatred? Thats a high B if you were to convert it to school grades.

            It means the game has potential but didnt live up to it. Even COD games get this rating.

        1. It doesnt have blood or gore.

          The game is perfect because its an arcade game and you can pick it up and play it without having to know how. Its fun and addicting.
          It has all the core elements of a good game besides story, but story didnt always make a great game until RPGs came along.

  30. I would assume, before reading any of the comments, that the announcer was about to say universe instead of Unova….. but the wording caught me of guard. No, i doubt the wording was “fast” im sure this is how GF of NOA would of have like it to say…. Curse you trollfreak

  31. At first I was raising an eyebrow to the YOUnuhvuh pronunciation, having been operating under the assumption that the region would be pronounced more phonetically as ooNOHvuh.

    However, seeing the tie in with Un. of A. (say that quickly and keep the USA in mind!), I’ve found a new appreciation for that region name. I’m really coming to appreciate the localization job.

    1. I agree and disagree with you. Some of the localized attack and ability name changes didn’t need to be done. Shell Blade sounds better than the localization. Sap Sipper is harder on the tongue than Herbivore.

  32. How comes that commenting boomed in just a week? Two weeks ago only special articles reached 40-50 and most 10-20.
    PJN is growing, yay ^^

    1. Maybe people are curious? I dunno, but I found this website, while reading at Gamefaqs. People kept mentioning Serebii and Pokejungle, but I had no idea of the latter, so here I am, the Comment Queen.


  33. Y’know, Lenora actually isn’t that bad. Actually, I think it might just be better than Aloe. :3
    Also, the rating B/W got is alright, but when you think about it, most games that do get the really high rating are just M rated shooter games. Sad, but true. So I’m sure B/W really does live up to the 40/40 rating it got from them Japanese peoples. :>

    1. Agreed, GameInformer is one of those magazines consisting of people who like things with lots and lots of blood and gore, they should really look at a games story or gameplay value, not it’s ESRB rating…..

      1. They are professionals whether you agree with them or not. Just because you really enjoyed the game doesnt mean it deserves a high 9 or 10. They look at the core elements of a game. Most “blood and gore” games are well made. I dont like those kinds of game very much but I can pick out each core element of those games and compare them to other titles available.

        Rating is different than enjoyment. When you are giving something a review/rating you have to look at it from a technical standpoint, not a biased fan standpoint.

  34. The vid is completely broken for me. Just a glitchy screen, whether I try here or anywhere else.
    Weird thing though, Unova seems to be the confirmed UK name, but preview boxes in shops have a different name, “Alleos” if I remember right. Anyone else know anything about this?

    1. Okay so I found a non-glitchy version, and, well, did they get Microsoft Sam to do the voicover? When he says “Pokemon” he sounds like a robot…

  35. To be honest, I can not say I like the way they pronounced Unova. I had thought it was pronounced You- Nova (as in a super nova). I Think I will just ignore their pronunciation because I like my own. To-may-toe. To-mah-toe. Aether way, I will live and get over it at some point.
    Tell me when they have a professional reviewer/ gamer,whatever you wish to call them, that knows the game past the elite four and plays competitively. As I have noticed a trend of many that do not. But That is what I have the internet for. I just go read many reviews from those who at least somewhat know what they are doing.

    Also I want to say that I don’t like those commercials. They make it seem very….boring. Though I know better. Hn.

    Oh look, I got over the pronunciation already. 😀

    1. I know everything about pokemon and if i were to give a review it would be around 8.25-8.75. The games had potential but did not live up to all the hype. I enjoyed them but when you review you have to look at a technical comparison standpoint, not a biased fan one.

      Many features could have been in the games that were not, including many popular ones. Also, the difficulty level was extremely low.

      Gameinformer even gives games like COD, who they get money from for reviewing them, 8s. IT happens to any game that seems to be a rehash of a series and has potential but isnt as great as it could be.

  36. I’m a little confused about this whole “Unova” and “Alleos” thing. Are they seperate, or is “Alleos” just some different name by localization? 0.0

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