Pinwheel Forest is the English name of Yagaruma Forest.  Fun, huh?  Check out the new gameplay video here.

ozy UPD from his phone during class :P:

  • Tension is now Unnerve
  • Regeneration is now Regenerator
  • Vengeance is now Retaliate
  • Bursting Flame is now Flame Burst
  • Boiling Water is now Scald
  • Evil Eye is now Hex
  • Healing Beam is now Healing Pulse
  • Wood Horn is now Horn Leech
  • Sing A Round is now Round
  • Electra Ball is now Electro Ball
  • Anddd Dragon Tail keeps it’s name

<3 pokejungle

ps- Did the title get your hopes up?  :p

pps- Raikou download started over WiFi

  1. And what happened to the localization of a few moves? Moves like grass mixer and the like.

      1. yeah i know that… just confirming things further…
        i actually glad you keep those names.. it really makes my curiousness gone 🙂

  2. Nuvema Town: Nuvem means cloud in Portuguese
    Striaton City: Striation clouds
    Nacrene City: Nacreous clouds are also known as mother of pearl
    Castelia City: Castellanus clouds display multiple towers arising from its top
    Nimbasa City: Nimbus clouds are rain clouds
    Undella Town: Undulatus clouds are wavy
    Lacunosa Town: Lacunosus clouds have honey comb pattern
    Opelucid City: Opacus clouds;comes from opaque and Perlucidus or Translucidus clouds; both come from transparent
    Icirrus City: Cirrus clouds are full of ice crystals
    Mistralton City: Mistral Wind and alto means high

    Undella Town is Sazanami Town, sazanami means ripple and undulatus is a wavy cloud.
    Lacunosa Town is Kagome Town, kagome lattice is a trihexagonal shape just like lacunosus comes from honey comb pattern.
    Mistralton City is Fukiyose City, they both related to winds.
    Icirrus City is Sekka City,they both related to ice.
    Opelucid City is Souryuu City, Opelucid contrasts with opaque and transparent words just like the city’s concept.

  3. Well I’m kind of confuse about Raikou being released over Wi-Fi. Is it just going to release for Europe, because it was already released last month for America. Or are they releasing them one more time in America? :X

    1. Re-releasing it I guess. I’m happy about that because now I can download the beasts and if you want Zoroark or Zorua it’s important to have at least one of them or Celebi.

      1. Oh, okay then. Thanks! I was kind of confused because I heard that they were released again in America and another said they weren’t.

  4. Are you really busy or are you straight ignoring me? This really feels like a rejection, can’t you just say you don’t like it 🙁

    1. Your not alone my friend I always get the cold sholder blues within the month of feburary. It might be for the simple reason that Valentines day is a week away *sob *sob.

      I find It ironic that we celibrate love and romance in arguably one of the coldest months in the year. It may have something to do with people cuddling up and potentally frisking each other.
      ” Hey, are you trying to get fresh?”
      “No I’m just shivering uncontrollably.”

  5. Yay Raiku my favourite of the 3 Beasts 😀 I got 3 of it.

    And Forrest name sucks. Seriously, the English naming people (PUSA?) failed this time around. I like the city name themes but they’re hard to say 🙁

  6. Hello im realy stuck about wi-fi can somebody help me so i can trade,battle..and recieve events…i have soul silver 🙂

  7. Hey, Dose anyone know how to access the boat for the “untitled tower”?

    Aw yhea, I’m not sure if this makes sense, because since black and white are arriving on March I’m guessing everyone would start their journy in automn. This is according to the japanese version though I’m shere there would be a US/Uk as well as other countries version of the seasonal cycle.

  8. I LOVE the name Pinwheel Forest.
    Named after one of those little toys that spin when the wind blows; adorable, I think. 🙂

    Oh, and the beats are released for Europe.

  9. pinwheel forest is cool,i like it 🙂

    the attack names are cool,except for scald(boiling water) and round(sing a round),they just sound weird.what does scald mean?i just dont get it 🙁
    all the others are cool 🙂 .i think ill just call it boiling water for now

    and did anyone else see the zoroark movie.i saw it 3 times 🙂
    zoroark:master of illutions,and pokemon 2000 are my favorite movies.

    by the way,did anyone else notice the american version of the zoroark movie was actually a shortend version of the japanise version?they took out some of the begining of the movie,and made it start when zorua was a skipaloom(or however its spelld)and fell from the sky.why did they do that,i dont get it 🙁

    and,there is a small chance i can go to the ‘B/W Mall Tour’ on march 20th,my mom said no,but my brother said he will help me 🙂

    1. Well “scald” is the verb for being burnt by boiling water, which makes more sense than “Boiling Water” did because if you hit some-one with boiling water, they have been scalded. I agree, Round doesn’t make sense to me, I would have called it “choir” or something.

      March 20th, You in Arizona like me 😀
      I was so surprised they were having one here, to be honest, Arizona seems to get skipped alot.

      1. A round is a musical term meaning one person starting a song, then others come in at various points

  10. NOOO!!!! Regeneration isn’t called Regeneration anymore? D: I was totally going to catch a Kojondo and name it “The Doctor”. The Doctor, regenerate? Eh, eh?
    Oh well, I guess regenerator kinda still works.

  11. Haha I love how when you get an item on the floor you pull a Zelda!
    I’m so excited for this, I can’t wait till I can finally play. (:

    I’m glad that the shiny trio is over wifi now, I missed Entei and Raikou at GS. I was only able to get Suicune.

  12. Some of the name changes for the names are a bit odd. Don’t see why they’d bother themselves changing Regeneration to Regenerator…

    1. I just made the mistake of googling who he was without safe search on.

      1. I have seen it. It reveals that you can go on the Ferris Wheel other than the time you go with N >:D LALALLALA I AM UPDATIGN THIS SOURCE :'(

    1. There’s a twelve-character limit for attacks, so it would’ve become BoilingWater or something lame as such. All things considered Scald is an excellent name.

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