Black & White: Mall Tour Extravaganza

Thanks to PJN reader Aeonin we have a full summary of the mall tour PLUS awesome full scans of the pamphlet and also of some merch and pokemon items/prizes.  I know many of you won’t be able to make it to a tour destination because there are 50 states and not as many stops, but hopefully this will ease your pain a little bit.  The only new thing we learned is that when you play on the EntraLink (High Link) you can help friends with Pass Powers, which were formally “deru power”.  I would assume that the item ‘deru ball’ will now be ‘pass ball’ or something similar.  Without further ado, the write up:

UPD: More info from mall… This time from the demo. Shell Blade is now “Razor Shell“, Grass Mixer is now “Leaf Tornado“, while Nitro Charge was localized as “Flame Charge“, and finally PJN staff correctly named Incinerate, which is what the move is called in English (destroys opponent’s held berry). Dragon Spiral Tower is now Dragonspiral Tower. Allegedly the main characters names are Blair and Whitlea (Black and White respectively). Thanks for the tip tyrannotaur!

The idea of the tour is to receive all 5 stamps from the stations spread throughout the mall (as seen on page 1). Once all the stamps were found, you could go to the activity zone and spin a wheel for a prize. Available prizes were as follows: A small plushie of one of the starters (choice), a phone charm (basically three hexagons attached to each other with the one starter in each… the shape was like three of the stamps connected together), a stylus (got whichever one the wheel landed on, i.e. my brother landed on a Snivy stylus), and iron-on patches of the starters (as seen in the images above). Pages 3-4 basically give all the information on what each station is like, but it does leave out how crowded and riddled with children it is…

It was pretty cool overall.  There were people in costume as their favorite characters and it was nice to battle some people locally who knew what they were doing. Oh yeah, the Pokemon Center! This was basically a shop with some pokemon merchandise. The plushies included 6″ Zorua, Oshawott, Snivy, Tepig, and Pikachu for $10.00 each and 12″ Reshiram and Zekrom for $20.00 each. Shirts ranged from sizes S-XL and looked like the one attached, but come in white as well. T-shirt designs were all similar with choices of Snivy, Tepig, Oshawott, Pikachu, Reshiram, and Zekrom for $20.00. There were also little plastic figures which I didn’t get the prices for, but were 2″-5″ (estimate).

Thanks Aeonin!  😀  Hope to hear impressions from more of my readers as they go.  Who already knows if they are or aren’t going?  I know I won’t be 🙁  Sorry all~

<3 pokejungle