All English Gym Leader Names

Thanks James for continually getting information for us!

  • Cilan/Chili/Cress
  • Lenora (Aloe)
  • Burgh (Arti)
  • Elesa (Kamitsure)
  • Clay (Yacon)
  • Skyla (Fuuro)
  • Brycen (Hachiku)
  • Drayden (Shaga)
  • Iris

How do you just feel about these names?!  Not too bad huh?  Share the on fb!  Imma go to sleep zZzZzZzZz

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ps- One of the seven sage characters is named Ghetsis (Geechisu) 😮  Creepy name

  1. I said I would riot if Cliff wasn’t Yacon’s name… but I didn’t think of Clay. They seem… okay? I don’t understand why it’s ‘Brycen’ and not just Bryce, especially considering that Bryce is, you know, an actual name. I don’t really like Burgh either, but I suppose they’ll all grow on me.

  2. Kudos to me for asking the Leader names, huh! *-*

    Hey PJ, don’t forget that he confirmed Geechisu’s name to be Ghetsis

  3. Noooo!!!! I wanted Carmen for Kamitsure 🙁

    Ok Imma opinionate:
    Cilan/Chili/Cress – I still don’t like Chili, the others are fine 🙂
    Lenora (Aloe) – Could be worse, It sounds nice when you say it I guess 🙂
    Burgh (Arti) – Urgh.
    Elesa (Kamitsure) – I’ll get used to it. It ain’t smexy enough 🙁
    Clay (Yacon) – Couldn’t add “ton”. Actually, it’s alright 🙂
    Skyla (Fuuro) – Best one I think, really like it and it’s suits her 🙂
    Brycen (Hachiku) – Nice I guess, it’s icy 🙂
    Drayden (Shaga) – Smith.
    Iris – Yay!!! 😀

    And done.

  4. Wait a second, why did it have to be LEnora, why not just Nora, that’ll have been great. Stereotype. They’re lucky it isn’t LaNora xD

  5. Nuvema Town: Nuvola means cloud in Italian
    Striaton City: Striation clouds
    Nacrene City: Nacreous clouds are also known as mother of pearl
    Castelia City: Castellanus clouds display multiple towers arising from its top
    Nimbasa City: Nimbus clouds are rain clouds
    Undella Town: Undulatus clouds are wavy
    Lacunosa Town: Lacunosus clouds have honey comb pattern
    Opelucid City: Opacus clouds;comes from opaque and Perlucidus or Translucidus clouds; both come from transparent
    Icirrus City: Cirrus clouds are full of ice crystals
    Mistralton City: Mistral Wind and alto means high

    Undella Town is Sazanami Town, sazanami means ripple and undulatus is a wavy cloud.
    Lacunosa Town is Kagome Town, kagome lattice is a trihexagonal shape just like lacunosus comes from honey comb pattern.
    Mistralton City is Fukiyose City, they both related to winds.
    Icirrus City is Sekka City,they both related to ice.
    Opelucid City is Souryuu City, Opelucid contrasts with opaque and transparent words just like the city’s concept.

  6. Woooww I really didn’t expect these names.

    Cilan=Love, Chili=Love, Cress=Ok Overall Great names.
    Lenora= Love. I actually like it fits her well (Fave gym leader of Unova)
    Burgh=Hmm, I really don’t like it Arti and Arthur were fine names but Burgh, it makes sense but I don’t like it tbh will get used to it though.
    Elesa=Love, well I only had Elexis and Elexa as ideas and Elesa works just as well.
    Clay=Love, Makes perfect sense. I was one of my predicted names for him excluding the ton at the end 🙂
    Skyla=Like, It’s only a like because I’ve never heard the name before. I think Gale or Heather would of been nice, but having said that Skyla is a very pretty name and fits her.
    Brycen=Ok. His name is my least favourite after Burgh, Only because I don’t see the name fitting with his overall style and character, a bit of a folky name would of been better, but yes it is a fine choice as I believe a name was very hard to predict for him.
    Drayden=Good, I found it verry difficult speculating a name for him and I believe Drayden is a very wise choice.
    Iris=Excellent, Liked it overall and always wished that she would keep it as her english name and voila 😀 perfect.
    Ghetsis=Kool, sounds very creepy and perfectly fitting.

    So the only beloved Unova characters left for English names are:

    -Elite Four Shikimi (Geeky, Ghouly Book writer 🙂
    -Elite Four Giima (Our awesome new Dark Type Vampire Lord)
    -Elite Four Renbu (The awesome fighter with a unique design)
    -Champion Adeku (The top hippy of Unova :)))
    -Subway Master Nobori (The electronic twin of Kudari)
    -Subway Master Kudari (The robotic twin of Nobori)
    -The remaining 6 Sages
    -Goddess of Peace
    -Goddess of Love
    -Dark Trinity



  7. Cilan/Chili/Cress – Cilan and Cress are fine, but Chili? I still can’t get over the fact that his name is that…Chili Con Carne… XD
    Lenora (Aloe) – Like I said before, unexpected, but it’s a good name.
    Burgh (Arti) – Sounds…Strangely artistic to me. Kinda fits him tho’. Not bad. Not bad at all.
    Elesa (Kamitsure) – That mid-E makes my mind boil, because Elisa’s actually a real name, but otherwise I have no probs with it. It’s ok.
    Clay (Yacon) – Clay? Seriously? Is that the best they could have come up with? Just look at the guy. He’s full of bacon…I mean he totally looks like a character from Dallas. -_-
    Skyla (Fuuro) – Weird name and murders my tongue while pronouncing it. They should have stuck to Heather.
    Brycen (Hachiku) – I have to admit, I think this name is the worst of the list. It sounds like they ran out of ideas, time was ticking and took Pryce’s name and altered it a bit and we have this now. Just plain horrible!
    Drayden (Shaga) – Sounds…Really awkward to me. But when you think about the context it’s used in, it sounds pretty okay. “Grandpa Drayden!” Yup, sounds okay.
    Iris – No probs here. After all, she kept her name.
    Ghetsis – This is fine too. They had to anglicise his name and this is good enough. Kinda similar to Genesis.

    Now I just wanna know Touya and Touko’s name. I want either Blake and Claire or Terry and Tori. 😛

  8. Cilan/Chili/Cress – I hate Chili! WTF is that xd Chili is just, weird -_-
    Lenora (Aloe) – Like the name, fits her. 😀
    Burgh (Arti) – What is this? What is this for God’s sake! Stupid name, sounds too macho for that guy.
    Elesa (Kamitsure) – Don’t like it. I would’ve liked Elisa or Elise better
    Clay (Yacon) – Should’ve been Clayton (named after my rival in Diamond :D)
    Skyla (Fuuro) – Like it!
    Brycen (Hachiku) – Brycen is just a weird version of Pryce.
    Drayden (Shaga) – This name fits him great!
    Iris – Great she keeps her name!

  9. I actually like all of the names, although Skye would have been better than Skyla imo..

    Clay makes me think of Clay from Xiaolin Showdown.

    1. Of course. Clay can be used interchangably with earth/ground.

      I am surprised that TPCI is using a very generic name for this gym leader. Every other name except for Iris is changed or modified from its root word. It really makes you wonder why they gave Arti the gym leader “Burgh?” Is this supposed to be a pun on “bug” and “burg,” which means “city or town” (a reference to Castelia City)?

      If so, this is one of the worst puns of PKMN history.

      TPCI so far is hit and miss.

  10. Burgh for Arti? What is this supposed to be about?

    All of the other names are fine, but I can’t get over Burgh for Arti. It just doesn’t sound like a name that would be suited for him.

    Belmad is correct with the cloud names and translations. I also agree that the cloud names are matched up with the town names correctly.

  11. I think Burgh’s name comes from Williamsburg, which is the area of Brooklyn that’s supposed to be “artsy”. I think it was at some point but now it’s just full of hipsters. Anyway, Arti is kind of a hipster anyway so it works.

  12. I honestly think Burgh should have been Arthur (as in arthropod)… and it’s similar to Arti

  13. Burgh… Uh-oh, cue any number of Pittsburgh jokes. (Anyone else heard it referred to as “Da/The Burgh”?)

    …No E4 names yet? I hope they name Shikimi Lucy. You know, ’cause she’s a lefty and all. ^^

    Why not Skylar instead of Skyla? I know a girl with that name.
    I like the cloud name scheme. It makes me happy. 😀

      1. Shikimi won’t be named Lucy. There’s a Lucy already from Hoenn and she’s hotter than Shikimi. 😛

        1. There’s two Biancas too; I don’t see the big deal. People are allowed to have the same name. 😉

  14. Touya should be Jayden.
    Touko should be Jaelene.

    If you think about it, the names do fit these two. As for the names, they are alright. Burgh and Drayden made me flinch though, but the rest are actually quite cool.

  15. What is the old dudes name since he is a gym leader too just not in Pokemon White or the Anime (as far as we know).

    1. You’re talking about Shaga, who is the Dragon Gym Leader in Pokemon Black?
      He was revealed to be named Drayden

    1. Hold your tongue, man. Burghie’s just a bit different, but Clay’s got a wife and three kids to feed. Jeebus. =_=;

  16. Elesa IS awesome as a matter of fact (better than Tesla, at least!)
    Hmm… Burrrrrrrrrrrrgh. Burrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgh. No, it’s not quite as fitting as Arty o.O

    1. Yeah…And Caitlin should be Daphne, Giima should be Fred, Renbu should be Shaggy and Adeku should be Scooby. 😛

      1. Caitlin’s staying Caitlin; she was in PtHGSS xD

        Besides, Adeku would be Shaggy and Renbu would be Scooby =3

  17. Brycen? As if “Pryce” wasn’t featured in a recent game >>

    Burgh? What?! Arty works in English too.

        1. It’s beta. The monkeys appear in wild around level 15 and 20. (Level 50 Oshawott and Pansage are lulzy, really.) You just get a free monkey depending on your starter earlier than you can catch them. If your starter is Snivy, you get Panpour. If your starter is Tepig, you get Pansage and if your starter is Oshawott, you get Pansear.

    1. As I posted that, I had the site on another page, and Zecrom growled. Scared me… waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much. Don’t mess with the Zec.

  18. The names are okay so far, I guess. They are really off putting though, and I didn’t even learn all of the Leader names. But they aren’t bad. Really, the only one I don’t really like is Shaga’s new name. I thought the Japanese/English names for Iris were a clever duo for Iris and Shaga. I still can’t figure out what Drayden comes from. It actually sounds better than the majority of the English names, I just can’t figure out how it fits besides its similar appearance to Dragon. :/

    1. It may be from the Saxon word ‘Drog’, which means phantom. :/ I know that ended up morphing into ‘Dray’ and the ‘den’ may just be to make it sound better as a first name. He’s so old, he’s practically a ghost?

  19. My thoughts on the leaders names 😉
    Chili/Cilan/Cress (All begin with C >.<) Chilli/Cialntro/Watercress
    Lenora-Nor-Normal… not to be recist but it could be le noir- the black <- a take on it?
    Burgh- Bug + Burgh(End of a US town?)
    Elesa- Elisa+Electric
    Clay-Clay obv
    Skyla-Sky+ La(Feminie word for the?)
    Brycen-Bry-Ice-En ( Something to do with his lifestyle-ninja or some sort)
    Drayden-Dragon+Den ( + 'Y' so draden doesnt sound dumb)
    Iris- Eye of the dragon (is its weakness)

  20. I really miss Xiolin Showdown, like really 🙁 It didn’t end well. So what did the guy I didn’t want to be Leader do as Leader? Thanks for reminding me English translators 🙁 You should have called him Clayton T___T

    Oh and who remembers the girl that always changed her haircut? ^_^

  21. I’m watching the movie (movie 13) right now. CN skipped HALF OF THE BEGINNING!!! In other news, they showed a clip to promote BW and I got to hear Iris’ voice actor! She’s pretty good.

  22. what happened to my comment? Oh well… anyway, named my PIPLUP: Icaraptor. It means Wax-winged bird, but after the wings melt, so it can’t fly. Creeative, huh?

  23. These are just my thoughts. I wanted to fit with everyone else… hope I’m not intrusive.

    1. Cilan-Chili-Cress: I like Cilan and Cress, mainly because they could pass as actual names. Chili, though? Sorry, but a Gym Leader still has to have a name that can actually function as a name. Nobody names their kid Chili. Cinnam might’ve been better, as I’ve heard a few people suggest, though I still feel like they could’ve improved on this somehow…
    2. Lenora: I wanted Aloe to keep her name, but I knew that it was just a tad too foreign to cut it. Still, Lenora is a good name for her. It has that down-to-earth feel that she gives off so well.
    3. Burgh: What is this? Seriously, what the hell? I don’t mean to sound offended by this, and I want to stress that I don’t say this about every name, but this is a really, really dumb name. Arty was perfect, even in English! Burgh sounds awkward and contrived, like they took the word “bug” and thought we wouldn’t see it when they threw in a few extra letters. They seem to have forgotten that the guy is an artist. His gym has paintings on the walls and he stands on stained glass. Arty was both a name and a reference to that. Burgh is just… ugly. Flat-out ugly.
    4. Elesa: This is a perfect example of pulling off a type pun correctly. Elesa is an elegant name, which suits her being a model, and also (subtly!) references her type, Electric. I feel like this might even suit her better than Kamitsure did. Maybe I’m wrong, but I certainly feel that way right now.
    5. Clay: Again, this one wasn’t such a bad name. Granted, it’s a little more obvious than “Elesa” but it’s still pleasant. He’s a cowboy, sort of. The name Clay gives off both an air of the West and an air of corporate familiarity, which fits perfectly given that he’s a busybody mine owner. Given the names of the later Gym Leaders, I can see why “Clayton” might’ve not worked as well.
    6. Skyla: Something’s a little off here, but I can’t quite place it. It’s possible that TPCi has gone “a” crazy and is slapping the letter “a” at the end of everything now. Lenora, Elesa, and now Skyla, and that’s not mentioning the crazy amount of cities and towns with “a” endings this Generation. Skyla is nice, but Skyler or something like that really would’ve been a little less repetitive.
    7. Brycen: I think this is is the second worst Gym Leader name this Gen, with Burgh keeping a strong gold medal. “Bryce” is a perfectly acceptable name, but given that we’ve just been reintroduced to the other Ice-type Gym Leader, Pryce, that seems a little contrived, don’t you think? Still, slapping an extra “n” at the end almost makes it a game for us to determine the root of the name. It pretty much makes its similarity to “Pryce” even more obvious. Plus, the guy is a martial artist. Something a little more fitting to that might’ve been in order.
    8-1. Drayden: This one is cool. I think it fits “Shaga” nicely. Does it sound a little like “dreidel?” Kinda. Does it sound a little like “Brycen?” More than just kinda. But is it cool? Definitely, and does it sound like an epic-beard Dragon-type Gym Leader? For sure.
    8-2. Iris: Well, she kept her name. Analyzing its English etymology would be kinda useless, huh? It’s still nice, though.

  24. I had a horrible feeling they wouldn’t keep Arti’s name. Of all the names I thought he would receive though, I never would have predicted Burgh. Awful, awful name.

  25. These names could of been so much better…

    1. The 3 waiters should NOT have been named after stupid stuff that no human would truly ever be named, this is not Japan make realistic English/American names please…good thing I’ll never pick that pig though no matter what so I don’t have to fight the weird guy with the blue hair named Cress.
    2. Lenora…are kidding me she’s black so her name is lenora?? wtf…racist I hope this gets attention
    3. Burgh…Arthur would of been a much better name for a Bug type gym leader esp. since theres only been 2 you could of atleast gave this guy a cooler name…this is the worst name..
    4. Elesa…love it
    5. Clay…Decent
    6. Brycen….I’m just glad its not Bryce
    7.Skyla…..this is a name a little kid would of made up for a flying type gym leader are you kidding me…? and you think that just adding an ‘a’ onto something it makes it a good girls name…no. Wendy, Gail, or even just Skye would of been better.
    8. Iris and Drayden….Drayden sounds like a stereotypical black persons name and the guy happens to be an old man…really?? and I still don’t know how Iris relates to dragons.

    I’m interested in knowing what the elite 4 names are now, although I bet they’ll be any better also considering they all look like they stepped out of a Dragon Ball-Z episode or a Lady Gaga video…

    1. 1. The three waiters’ names are fine. As for Cress… you haven’t played Tales of Phantasia, have you?
      2. Lenora – it’s fine. You’re just overthinking stuff.
      3. Burgh – it’s fine too, sounds hipster; in that sense, it fits Arti since he looks like your stereotypical artsy Tumblr user… but then again, your mileage may vary.
      4. Elesa – eew. She needs a better name. Anything but “Elesa”, sounds stupid.
      5. Clay – why not?
      6. Brycen… they’re not trying anymore, are they.
      7. Skyla – WHAT THE HELL IS THIS? I wholly agree with you on this one. (How about naming her Yoko?)
      8. Drayden’s good, Iris’ name isn’t even changed from the original Japanese hence you’ve absolutely no right to complain here, haha.

  26. * Cilan/Chili/Cress- Cilan from Cilantro- a cooking plant, Cress from Watercress- another cooking plant, and Chili from Chili pepper- a spicy fruit grown on a plant.
    * Lenora (Aloe)- has nor in it for normal
    * Burgh (Arti)- Bug is in the name
    * Elesa (Kamitsure)- has Ele for electricity
    * Clay (Yacon)- duh
    * Skyla (Fuuro)- Sky
    * Brycen (Hachiku)- you can hear Ice in the name
    * Drayden (Shaga)- has Dra for Dragon
    * Iris- Dragon Iris dragon flower

    I hope this helps some people with the names.

  27. I’m getting pissed at some sites for ignoring these kind of informations… even when some of them comes true, they still won’t post the rest, even though they’re true :b

    Seriously, some sites are just being too safe sometimes…

    1. There’s a difference between encyclopedia sites like Bulbapedia that must change around every single one of their files to match up with that name, and a site like this where (as it is a blog) very little has to be done to get the message across.

      “It’s too safe sometimes.” Well, let’s see you try to edit 30-something files and pages one at a time to match up with the “new name.” Renditions will be done when all of the names are revealed officially when the games come out in less than 4 weeks.

      It does not matter if a fansite chooses to delay their information because we all know that a month from now nobody will care either way. It will become part of the commercial mainstream and people will forget that disputes between English and Japanese names, and rumors to factual information, even exist.

  28. I never thought in a million years that my name would turn out to be a pokemon gym leaders. I am so buying the Black Version.

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