City Names

May or may not be in the order in which they appear:
– Nuvema Town
– Striaton City
– Nacrene City
– Castelia City
– Nimbasa City
– Undella Town
– Lacunosa Town
– Opelucid City
– Icirrus City
– Mistralton City
– Driftveil City

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ps- Thanks James!

  1. Wow, interesting. If it wasn’t for the cloud influences I’d say they were very complicated looking.

    But very creative 🙂

  2. Wait….we’re missing a town. There’s two towns before Striaton right?

    Or are they not in order…

    1. Nobody knows the order. This is a list that PKJN acquired from another source.

      We know that the last four are the last four gym towns, but the order could be different. Of course, everything has to be in a cloud theme this gen so it is difficult to tell either way.

  3. It’s like they named these with the image of schoolkids screaming at eachother in a fit of rage trying to pronounce them in mind.

  4. I don’t know but Nimbasa’s the sexiest City ever! And yes, with so many cloud references all over the names just makes a bold statement. Like we’re aiming for the top, and we’re doing it now.

  5. Most likely not in the order they appear, as Stiatron is the third town/city you encounter, but 2nd on the list.

  6. Look, I think he got the names from the town map. They’re on the order of the town map. First one is Nuvema (Kanoko)… going up, he probably unknowingly skipped Karakusa, then we have Striaton, then Nacrene, then Castelia and finally Nimbassa, from where he could go clockwise or counterclockwise.

    The next names he gives us are Black City and two towns, so he chose counterclockwise (there are no towns on the other side, Nimbassa’s left side).

    If I’m right… counterclockwise we have…

    Undella Town is Sazanami (where Cynthia is)
    Lacunosa Town is Kagome (the walled one)
    Opelucid City is Souryuu (Dragon Gym)
    Icirrus City is Sekka (Ice Gym)
    Mistralton City is Fukiyose (Flying Gym; therefore, Fukiyose Cave becomes Mistralton Cave)
    Driftveil City is Hodomoe (Ground Gym)

    1. I’m pretty sure that Nuvema Town is the first one. “Nuvem” is Portuguese for “cloud”, so this is the most comprehensive name, it encompasses the theme of the other cities’ names. Just like “Pallet Town” back in Kanto.

    1. Because naming all of the cities after colors that get more and more obscure was a GOOD naming strategy???

      Still, I think they’re too difficult, considering the young audiences Nintendo gets.

      “Where are you?”
      “I’m in Struh-struh-stuh….. I just got a badge!” >.<

      1. I remember that when I was younger, we didn’t actually say the cities names. Neither did we always say the Pokemons names ;b

        Like, I remember that I called Rayquaza for The green dragon xD

        1. That’s what I’m talking about. ^^; You get too difficult, people make up their own names that are easier. When Gold and Silver first came out, to me Olivine was ‘Sailor Land’ and Cianwood was ‘Fighter Land’. And Ecruteak… I failed so hard trying to say that one I just called it ‘The place connected to the other places.’

      2. “Still, I think they’re too difficult, considering the young audiences Nintendo gets. ”
        You always shoot your arguments down?

        1. I was pointing out that the old naming strategy was stupid, too, but I agree that doesn’t make this one any better. :/ How is that shooting down my own argument?

  7. Nuvema Town: Nuvola means cloud in Italian
    Striaton City: Striation clouds
    Nacrene City: Nacreous clouds are also known as mother of pearl
    Castelia City: Castellanus clouds display multiple towers arising from its top
    Nimbasa City: Nimbus clouds are rain clouds
    Undella Town: Undulatus clouds are wavy
    Lacunosa Town: Lacunosus clouds have honey comb pattern
    Opelucid City: Opacus clouds;comes from opaque and Perlucidus or Translucidus clouds; both come from transparent
    Icirrus City: Cirrus clouds are full of ice crystals
    Mistralton City: Mistral Wind and alto means high

    1. Undella Town is Sazanami Town, sazanami means ripple and undulatus is a wavy cloud.
      Lacunosa Town is Kagome Town, kagome lattice is a trihexagonal shape just like lacunosus comes from honey comb pattern.
      Mistralton City is Fukiyose City, they both related to winds.
      Icirrus City is Sekka City,they both related to ice.
      Opelucid City is Souryuu City, Opelucid contrasts with opaque and transparent words just like the city’s concept.

    2. You don’t need to go as far as “Nuvola” on the first one.
      “Nuvem” means “Cloud” in Portuguese

  8. I’ve a feeling Driftveil is Skyla’s city and Mistralton is Clay’s city.

    I know they’re all based on clouds but Driftveil seems particularly airy…

  9. Nuvema Town – Nuvem (portuguese word for cloud). I think it’s more likely then in Italian: “Nuvuola”

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