English Town Map?

Just an image of what we THINK is the right order/placement of the English names. Besides the ones that have been officially released by Nintendo (Nimbassa, Castelia etc.) We don’t actually know what the real order is. So, do you think this is the correct order? Give your reasons for why or why not below! Discusssss :3

Peace –ozymandis

  1. What about Kanawa Town, the one that houses the Subway trains? I thought that one might have been Lacunosa (type of cloud it is based off of have a bee hive shape) because the town is basically a beehive, but for subways. 😛

    But the other one makes sense too, as the people retreat to their houses at night. 🙂

  2. I think lacunosa will be loconosa because of what is explained above and mixed with locomotives.

      1. In the high link you use the bridges on either side to enter your friends worlds (unless you have more than one friend in the vicinity you can use either). And there’s no way to access the bridges otherwise. They look a lot like the bridge towards Hodomoe after the feather bridge

  3. I’m pretty sure Icirrus is Sekka, but I’m not guessing on the others. I gave up long ago. xD

  4. Yeah! My first comment on pokejungle! Anyway, did anyone else notice the cloud theme for city names?
    Nimbasa- nimbus
    Accumula- cumulous
    Icirrus- cirrus (not sure about spelling- pronounced SEER-US)
    Mistralton- mist
    Driftveil- drift
    I think that’s all the cloud-y ones.

    1. There is also Striation City which comes from Stratus, I’m guessing. Also, the nuve part in Nuvema Town means cloud in Spanish. THEORY: Castilia could also been named from the casting of shadows clouds make……but idk.

  5. I am 100% sure these are correct. The etymology matches up, and the order matches up with the officially revealed names.

  6. OK, I’m posting it again; I know some of you tired of reading it.

    Nuvema Town: Nuvem means cloud in Portuguese
    Accumula Town: Cummulus Clouds
    Striaton City: Striation clouds
    Nacrene City: Nacreous clouds are also known as mother of pearl
    Castelia City: Castellanus clouds display multiple towers arising from its top
    Nimbasa City: Nimbus clouds are rain clouds
    Undella Town: Undulatus clouds are wavy
    Lacunosa Town: Lacunosus clouds have honey comb pattern
    Opelucid City: Opacus clouds;comes from opaque and Perlucidus or Translucidus clouds; both come from transparent
    Icirrus City: Cirrus clouds are full of ice crystals
    Mistralton City: Mistral Wind and alto means high and appears in cloud names

    Undella Town is Sazanami Town, sazanami means ripple and undulatus is a wavy cloud.
    Lacunosa Town is Kagome Town, kagome lattice is a trihexagonal shape just like lacunosus comes from honey comb pattern.
    Mistralton City is Fukiyose City, they both related to winds.
    Icirrus City is Sekka City,they both related to ice.
    Opelucid City is Souryuu City, Opelucid contrasts with opaque and transparent words just like the city’s concept.
    Driftveil City is Hodomoe City, hodomoe comes from sail swirl and drift possibly referance to flow in sea.

    I’m so happy that you use my map!

  7. I believe we can all agree that Belmad is the winner here, so congrats, brother! 😀

    Anyways, good job with the map. It was really nice seeing the entire region in English. 🙂

    1. Thank you! At first I wanted to spread it all over the internet anonymously but it didn’t get too much attention.

  8. i think that these town names are interesting however i think that the game is targeting the older generation because of some of the names… just a though >.<

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