BUSTED: 3DS Enhancements

UPD: IGN has now retracted their statement about the extended functionality of playing Black/White on the 3DS.  I would assume they were thinking of the DSi vs DS w/ video chat.  Thanks for pointing this out mark!

When you play Black or White on the 3DS you’ll get access to a yet unknown feature.

I made the mistake of not posting anything about this when I got a tip because I was like “who cares, we don’t know what it is”.

<3 pokejungle

  1. WOW, i was going to buy 3DS just for black & white cause i don’t have a DS.

    By the way born this way= express yourself i’m so sad.

      1. Have you forgotten me?
        Or have I done something wrong, please tell me, I don’t want us being mad at each other.

      1. (I agree with that statement ;p It’s probably that the world looks Three-Dee instead of, like, substituting the in-game pass-call thing with the 3DS’s built-in pass-call)

      2. Sounds like it’s backwards from my initial assumption. It won’t display 3D effects (while at first I thought battles would be easy to show distance from the other trainer’s pokemon, attacks would still not show depth, I don’t think, since they’re still just planar animated 2D sprites – think 2.5D; it’s something I can do currently on After Effects).
        So if it does uses the 3DS’s version of Pass-Call instead of utilizing the in-game version, then it’s something but it’s hardly newsworthy, imo.
        P.S. yay4gay!

    1. Nope, gay staff is PJ / Kriff / Jonny and str8 staff is Ozy / Daigo / NL.

      We rock that way :] Even split

  2. It will probably by 3D depth effects. Like Gold and Silver that worked on the Game Boy, but actually had colours when played on the Game Boy Colour.

  3. i had a weird dream last night.i was dreaming that i was watching the new pokemon:black and white episodes,and it sounded like someone in my room was eating potato chips,but nothing was there.i reall dont understand it.i hope this 3DS enhancment is real and something good,because i have a 99% chance of getting the 3DS,so i can see what it does.i hope everyone gets one 🙂

    and,i have reached over a historic 700 hours of gameplay on my black version yesterday.i am sooooo happy.700 hours is the most i’v ever had on one pokemon game,its so awesome.i hope everyone enjoys their pokemon black and white games 🙂

    1. by the way,i looked at the comment above mine and was wondering if the original game boy pokemon games are playable on the 3DS.if they are,i wonder how people would trade pokemon in the old games,maybe wireless,and in the game the’ll probably call it “link cable”.gets me wondering

    2. Oh hey, I was in your room eating my chips. I didn’t think you would hear me since you where asleep. Btw I borrowed some things. You’ll get them back…maybe.

      Nah I’m just kisding

        1. Yeah. Typing on an iPad sucks because I constantly misspell words and then don’t notice till its too late. Touch keyboards are too sensitive for me. 🙁

        2. @ Snivy Fan: Honestly, why do you post things like your dreams or game play time here? I think it is annoying. Go do that on Facebook or something, really!! Please do!!!

          1. hey,u dont know nothing about anything i do,Otown.i dont have facebook or twitter.i just like to share things,jezz……

            people gonna hate on me,i suppose……oh well

          2. LOL, good one Otown. Get a facebook/twitter then. Plus, i dont think anyone really cares if we “don’t know anything about anything i do”. I do not want to be mean but, the things do not relate to anything of the discussion. I guess it bothers me too. And it is not that we are hating, it just botheres me lol.

  4. Well, in my humble opinion, what is certain is, that it won’t be anything that affects gameplay directly or anything, and as long as that’s the case, not many people will care about it, including me.

    Once the 3DS enhancement means more N will be featured in the game, I will certainly change my opinion, tho’! 😀

  5. Well, I was trying to be helpful sending you that, but your reaction was …expected :P, anyways I dont care, And ths means there is just another reason to get black and white and the 3ds.

    1. I really appreciate all tips :3 Even if I am not going to post it, still is worth knowing so I can keep a step ahead of everyone else 😉

  6. The only thing I can think of is the new wireless pass by function and the Infrared connectivity that is better on the 3ds.. It will be more for connection reasons I guess ^^;

  7. ok,its official,i am getting the 3DS for my birthday.unless i run into money issues,i will get it 🙂

    1. When is your birthday, if I may ask?
      I’m getting mine on launch. I ordered mine in a brick and mortar stores but ordered my games through amazon. I hope I get the games quickly :p

      1. my birthday is may 19,but i have been getting my birthday present(s) early for the past few years,so ill probably get it on launch 🙂

        im glad others are able to get the 3DS too

        and is anyone else happy for tommorow,anyone else happier then me?…. 🙂

        and,i FINNALY beat paper mario:the thousand year door.after sssssoooo many years 🙂

        1. Actually, I’m happy with SSFIV, Nintendogs and Pilotwings. If they brought Kid, Zelda and Mario Kart out, I wouldn’t have enough money to buy them all :p

    1. I don’t they would to that. The GB and GBC games still use the old IV system, which is one of the reasons you can’t trade between Gold and Ruby.

  8. The features are likley special three dimentional affects that are only apparent when the game goes into it’s 3D scenery.
    Example: the areas in Castelia City, Royal Unova and or the “possible” battle animations on cirtain moves. It would be cool if the weather was also in 3D. Another guess was that It may simply be another option similar to turnig on or off battle aninmations. I hope This feature does not add game content, because than I’ll be force to buy a 3DS.

    1. It would be both brilliant and a dick move to add a game area with the 3DS.

      If it was in the programming we would have known about it by now. People like Kazowar dug through ALL of the programming and they only found one hidden place. Some sort of wifi battle tower.

  9. Okay. Sounds like a nifty little plus for me when I go get my 3DS. I guess thats not too surpriseing. However it was nice to share with us PJ. 😐

    Now I must go return to working on my sculpure. |D

  10. yeah, pretty much. Anything that was remotely unique for B/W was redesigned as built-in features of the 3DS thus nothing new or enhanced.

      1. If it’s a remake of R/S, then … maaaybe?? but probably not. 3rd version of B/W (chrome?) is more likely but we’re just gonna have to wait and see at this point.

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