English Ability Names

Aaaaaaaand pretty much the last piece of the puzzle I guess.  Not too much left we don’t know in English 😀  Since I’m updating from my dorm I’ve put all the Japanese names up in the brackets after the English names.

  • Analytic [Analysis]
  • Big Pecks [Pigeon Heart]
  • Contrary [Devil\’s Advocate]
  • Cursed Body [Cursed Body]
  • Defeatist [Timid]
  • Defiant [Rivalry]
  • Flare Boost [Wild Fever]
  • Friend Guard [Friend Guard]
  • Harvest [Harvest]
  • Healer [Healing Heart]
  • Heavy Metal [Heavy Metal]
  • Illusion [Illusion]
  • Imposter [Substitute]
  • Infiltrator [Slip Through]
  • Iron Barbs [Iron Thorns]
  • Justified [Heart of Justice]
  • Light Metal [Light Metal]
  • Magic Bounce [Magic Mirror]
  • Moody [Inconsistent]
  • Moxie [Overconfident]
  • Multiscale [Multiscale]
  • Mummy [Mummy]
  • Overcoat [Dustproof]
  • Pickpocket [Bad Habit]
  • Poison Touch [Underhanded]
  • Prankster [Teasing Heart]
  • Rattled [Chatter]
  • Regenerator [Regeneration Power]
  • Sand Force [Sand Power]
  • Sand Rush [Sand Artillery]
  • Sap Sipper [Herbivore]
  • Sheer Force [Brute Force]
  • Telepathy [Telepathy]
  • Teravolt [Tera Voltage]
  • Toxic Boost [Poison Rampage]
  • Turboblaze [Turbo Blaze]
  • Unnerve [Tension]
  • Victory Star [Victory Star]
  • Weak Armor [Armor Break]
  • Wonder Skin [Miracle Skin]
  • Zen Mode [Dharma Mode]

<3 pokejungle

ps- Working on redoing the Black & White pages :3