All English Attack Names

Posting from class :s UPD: Back home now and the [Japanese] attack names follow the English ones.  Thanks RunDoubleRun for doing this :3 Also alphabetized list for anyone who… likes logical order?

  • Acid Spray [Acid Bomb]
  • Acrobatics [Acrobat]
  • After You [You First]
  • Ally Switch [Side Change]
  • Autotomize [Body Purge]
  • Bestow [Gift Pass]
  • Blue Flare [Blue Fire]
  • Bolt Strike [Lighting Strike]
  • Bulldoze [Smooth Over/Level Ground]
  • Chip Away [Little by Little]
  • Circle Throw [Overhead Throw]
  • Clear Smog [Clear Smog]
  • Coil [Coil Around]
  • Cotton Guard [Cotton Guard]
  • Dragon Tail [Dragon Tail]
  • Drill Run [Drill Liner]
  • Dual Chop [Double Chop]
  • Echoed Voice [Echo Voice]
  • Electro Ball [Elecball]
  • Electroweb [ElecNet/ElecWeb]
  • Entrainment [Befriend]
  • Fiery Dance [Flame Dance]
  • Final Gambit [Extreme Risk]
  • Fire Pledge [Fire Oath]
  • Flame Burst [Flame Burst]
  • Flame Charge [Nitro Charge]
  • Foul Play [Trickery]
  • Freeze Shock [Freeze Bolt]
  • Frost Breath [Ice Breath]
  • Fusion Bolt [Cross Thunder]
  • Fusion Flare [Cross Flame]
  • Gear Grind [Gear Saucer]
  • Glaciate [Frozen World]
  • Grass Pledge [Grass Oath]
  • Guard Split [Guard Share]
  • Head Charge [Afro Break]
  • Heal Pulse [Healing Wave]
  • Heart Stamp [Heart Stamp]
  • Heat Crash [Heat Stamp]
  • Heavy Slam [Heavy Bomber]
  • Hex [Evil Eye]
  • Hone Claws [Claw Sharpen]
  • Horn Leech [Wood Horn]
  • Hurricane [Windstorm]
  • Ice Burn [Cold Flare]
  • Icicle Crash [Icicle Drop]
  • Incinerate [Incinerate]
  • Inferno [Purgatory]
  • Leaf Tornado [Grass Mixer]
  • Low Sweep [Low Kick/Ankle Sweep]
  • Magic Room [Magic Room]
  • Night Daze [Night Burst]
  • Power Split [Power Share]
  • Psyshock [Psycho Shock]
  • Psystrike [Psycho Break]
  • Quash [Postpone]
  • Quick Guard [Fast Guard]
  • Quiver Dance [Butterfly Dance]
  • Rage Powder [Anger Powder]
  • Razor Shell [Shell Blade]
  • Reflect Type [Mirror Type]
  • Relic Song [Ancient Song]
  • Retaliate [Retaliate]
  • Round [Sing-a-round]
  • Sacred Sword [Sacred Sword]
  • Scald [Boiling Water]
  • Searing Shot [Ball of Flame]
  • Secret Sword [Sword of Mystery]
  • Shell Smash [Shell Smash]
  • Shift Gear [Gear Change]
  • Simple Beam [Simple Beam]
  • Sky Drop [Freefall]
  • Sludge Wave [Slime Wave]
  • Smack Down [Knock Down]
  • Snarl [Bark Out]
  • Soak [Waterlog/Soak]
  • Steamroller [Hard Roller]
  • Stored Power [Assist Power]
  • Storm Throw [Mountain Storm]
  • Struggle Bug [Bug Opposition]
  • Synchronoise [Synchro Noise]
  • Tail Slap [Sweep Slap]
  • Techno Blast [Techno Buster]
  • Telekinesis [Telekinesis]
  • V-Create [V-Generate]
  • Venoshock [Venom Shock]
  • Volt Switch [Volt Change]
  • Water Pledge [Water Oath]
  • Wide Guard [Wide Guard]
  • Wild Charge [Wild Bolt]
  • Wonder Room [Wonder Room]
  • Work Up [Cheer Up]


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