Badge Names + Sage Names

  • Trio Badge
  • Basic Badge
  • Insect Badge
  • Bolt Badge
  • Quake Badge
  • Jet Badge
  • Freeze Badge
  • Legend Badge

The 7 sages, related to the game’s plot, have also had their English names revealed by people have gotten early copies of the game:

  • Ghetsis
  • Giallo
  • Rood
  • Gorm
  • Ryoku
  • Zinzolin
  • Bronius

Aaaaaaaaaand yeah :]  Thanks Missingno. for the tip~  Also congratulates to WaterPokemonMaster of PokeBeach for getting into USC :3

<3 pokejungle

  1. first! and nice names (overall, although basic badge coulda had a little more “bling” to it)

      1. I might, just as I said “I got the Plain Badge!”
        And Sumura’s name is Bronius, dude, it’s on the same thread on Bulbagarden Forums.

        1. Yeah I have like 10 tabs open and updated the post before I had gone through everything ><;

          My bad~

  2. What is with this site and the idiots who feel the need to say “first” its so moronic

    Anyway, The badge names are brilliant I think….and I dont know what a sage is :/

    8 days until its released in Australia 😀

    1. Don’t hate :p I know some sites hate when people do that, but if it makes their lives a little happier… xD

      1. …then their lives must be really pathetic? Seriously, “first” comments are spam.
        Anyway, I’m down with these names. “Freeze Badge” is a good enough rename, I foresee lots of Batman jokes when BW Nuzlockes come around.

  3. I wonder if the sages will play a more significant role in the third Installment of the game. Seeing as they are all dif colors and these first two games were black and white I just don’t know. Kyurem is Gray I know that but it is also an ice type and what can happen if you flash light into a crystals (I know they’re not ice but this is fiction after all) like it’s “bulbs” at the ends of it’s wings and tail look like you get diferent colors. I know it’s crazy but what about Pokemon Spectrum (as in the color spectrum of light), I mean seriously sounds better than Pokemon Gray. Just tossing that out there and hope that if it happens I can say I told Y’all so lol.

    Also, I still think Faulkner was the hottest flying(bird) type pokemon gym leader, there.

    1. Ryokushi, from the Japanese word for Green.
      I love how foreign the names are! They’re really creative, and I love how they’re still based on colors.


    They really f’d up Afro Break, though. It’s called Head Charge. HEAD CHARGE. Not Afro Charge, which would’ve described it better while using the same number of letters, but the far too ambiguous to convey why it’s exclusive to Bouffalant Head Charge.

  5. Is it just me, or do the sages names seem Greek or Roman? Giallo seems like Galileo. Bronius seems like Brutus to me. Maybe I’m just really off.

  6. A load of new names are coming in on the Serebii Forums. The male is named Hilbert not Blair 🙁

    1. …It’s an……okay name but it just doesn’t suit HIM.
      Please don’t let N stand for Norbert. That’s ALL I BEG!!! D:

  7. Ugh Insect badge? Why couldn’t they keep Beetle badge. Ironically Insect badge is the name of the Hive Badge in Japan. Freeze Badge is actually good I just wish it was still Icicle bade. If only they didn’t screw up Pryce’s badge name back then we wouldn’t be in this mess. Great names all around though. Also Basic Badge sounds just fine to me.

  8. creative sage name but the only person that will shout out: ‘I Got The …….. Badge’ is Ash(Satoshi) so meh

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