UPD: New English Attack Names

I wasn’t originally going to do a post on this, but because I have nothing else to really report on, we’ll go with it :p

  • Little by Little [なしくずし] is now Chip Away
  • Low Kick [ローキック] is now Low Sweep
  • Knock Down [うちおとす] is now Smack Down

I don’t know about you guys but I am freaking excited.  Since I didn’t play the Japanese version past the third gym I have a lot of unexplored territory in BW and a lot of new pokemon to see :3

<3 pokejungle

  1. I don’t know how you did with managing a pokemon blog and not completely spoiling some parts of the game for yourself but congrats

    1. It was a pretty fucked up move, but Bulbagarden and Serebii actually made up ‘Ankle Sweep’. The Japanese name is ‘Low Kick’ (but obviously we already have that move in English.

        1. Kick down lol
          and theres also a translation circle of different names for the Ice Gym Leader’s Badges

        2. As the two other commenters have said, they do have it as ‘Kick Down’, but this is actually incorrect. It’s a type of ankle sweep and probably should just be ‘Ankle Sweep’.

  2. Also, the guy who posted Chip Away said that his Roggenrola learned Smack Down, which I assume would be Knock Down’s English name.

    1. Has to be, that’s the only Generation V move it learns by leveling up.

  3. I’m in the same boat as you, PJ. I got the Japanese version in October but only played up until the fourth gym. So I have much to find out when I get it Saturday night. 😀

  4. Wait, how can you run a site about spoilers without knowing the Pokemon or the region?

    Regardless, thank you for this new information, and thanks for answering my question on your blog too.

    1. It’s not that I don’t know the plot or anything, it’s just that I haven’t played through most of the game myself :] Pokemon is really about the team you personally construct and I’m looking forward to playing with some new strategies 😀

      1. True. I’ve played up to Victory Road on the Japanese ROM (yeah yeah, it’s looked down upon, but I couldn’t resist, plus I’ll probably end up deleting it soon) and I don’t really like my team, or at least how I’ve organized it. I’ve felt like I had to not use many of the Pokemon that I liked so that I don’t get disinterested in using them when I do get the game.

          1. I like a lot of the Pokemon too, but what I mean is that I can’t use my favorites because if I did, it would trivialize the experience once I did get Pokemon White.

          2. I’m with ya. I like every single one of em (design wise), and wish they would do a revision of the older ones, to make them better statwise, since lots of them were mediocre hybrids or all crap.

            Out of all 649 pokes, if I think about how they look, in pokedex order (which takes about 15min xD), there is only one single pokemon which comes close to disliking and that’s Probopass LOL

  5. well…. little by little would be a moutful to say in the anime
    Ash: Scaggy, use little by little
    Ash: Oh no… Scraggy is unable to battle…. its because of that long stupid attack!!


    Trio Badge

    Basic Badge

    Insect Badge

    Bolt Badge

    Quake Badge

    Jet Badge

    Freeze Badge

    Legend Badge

    As you can see, only three badges actually got name changes. The Tri Badge is now the Trio Badge, the Beetle Badge is now the Insect Badge, and the Icicle Badge is now the Freeze Badge. Confirmed indirectly by Serebii here:

      1. Seeing as how the Japanese games keep taking English badge names, you can always go the same route and call it the Beetle Badge.
        Speaking of Japanese badge names, I am willing to bet my life on the next Ice-type badge being called the Freeze Badge in Japanese. The only way so break this vicious cycle is to rename Freeze Badge 2.0 to “Ice Badge”. That should throw them off lol…

  7. *Jumps around*I’m so excited to play! I only let my self know about all the new Pokemon and their information, and wouldn’t dare look at something if it showed the game play/plot. I’ll probably be up all night playing it…no sleep for school… then again I’ll probably bring it in and play it in study hall lol. I’m gonna pick Oshawott and name him Lancelot or Blade. <3

    And for some odd reason I really like the name Smack Down, sounds more fierce than knock down imo.

  8. I played through all the gyms in the Japanese version, but since I can’t really read that much Japanese, I am excited to be able to play it in my native language. Sunday cannot come soon enough. Also, the week it comes out is the last week before Spring Break, too!

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