RUMOR: More English Ability Names

A moderator at GameFAQs has posted a small list of English abilities so I thought I’d update the site quick. Remember to treat all rumors as false until proven true :] Thanks Missingno. Master for the tip!

  • よわき (Timid) – Defeatist
  • くだけるよろい (Broken Armor) – Weak Armor
  • テレパシー (Telepathy) – Telepathy
  • ミラクルスキン (Miracle Skin) – Wonder Skin
  • すりぬけ (Slip Through) – Infiltrator
  • いたずらごころ (Teasing Heart) – Prankster
  • てつのトゲ (Iron Thorns) – Iron Barbs

Thoughts can, as always, go in the comments~

<3 pokejungle


  1. What day of the week does Black and white come out? I pre ordered today and the guy from best buy said that they come in the 6th, on saturday. Then i want to mark in in my calender and it said that the 6th was a sunday. I am so confused!! :'(

      1. That was the fastest responce in my life EVER!! Stupid bestbuy people….. they should fire him for getting my hopes up one day early……. 🙂 thanks PJ

  2. Who had timid? Was there a better old translation of that, because that’s the same name as a nature?! o.O

    1. Aaken and Archeos (The bird fossil Pokemon; I can’t recall their English names at the moment). I think Timid was pretty much the universal translation of that ability. I much prefer the English version, “Defeatist.” Not only does it prevent confusion with the Nature, it’s also much more fitting in regards to the effects of the Ability.

      1. Archen and Archeops. And they could have translated “Timid/Yowaki” something different if they really wanted to. They just did not. 😛

          1. Absolutely not, I am saying however that just because a certain series is older than another does not make it better. Whether they are ‘better’ or not is a matter of opinion.

          2. Pokemon is, however, the longest running (in number of episodes) animated series for kids (so this doesnt include the Simpsons).

            The Zelda animated series is just sad. (Im a Zelda geek, I even own the series on DVD XD its terrible)

          3. I havent played them unfortunately, but I’ve seen most of the footage XD

            And now, for your enjoyment, the Zelda 80s movie trailer (if you didnt grow up in the 80 or early 90s u probably wont get it XD)

      1. One of the best games of all time (The strange case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde) will be 23 years old on April 8th! Take that! 😀

  3. W-O-W… I was not even born when Pokemon first came out but i watched my brother play yellow when i was about 3-ish an he jumped down from a ledge on route 1 and i thought that was Soooooooooooooooooooooo cool!!!!!!
    back to the subject…. the translations are definetly interseting and because people are more interested in this game more than any other, of course there will be some controversy… but i gotta say that these names are really cool 😉

  4. D’you think TPC will do anything special for the fifteenth anniversary, like they did 5 years ago? :/

    1. The C Gear Skins are the special thing for the anniversary of the RB release but probably nothing for the 15th year anniversary of pokemon in general.

  5. Hi! I’m from the UK and my copy of the English game guide has been dispatched to me already (5 days before the game comes out!) meaning it should be here soon (within 2 days probably). So I’ll be able to post English names for anything you ask, such as abilities or anything else we don’t know 😀
    Just email me at [email protected] if you want the english names for anything 🙂

    1. I thought that they could only dispatch things like that when the actual game comes out such as things like strategy guides??

      1. So did I! I was very surprised 😀 It’ll just make me more excited for the game!
        Although they might’ve dispatched early and used a slow postal service meaning it actually arrives on the release date… I hope not though! I just wanted to help PJN if they wanted it 🙂

  6. I suddenly felt old. Not Old, old, but just kinda old.
    I was only in the first grade when I first watched Pokémon. I remember pretending to be pokemon and having “adventures” while running around the playground. “you get to be a squirtle” Who are you calling a squirtle? Screw that, I’m an Eevee. >:D
    Then the games came out in the U.S. Oh man. OH. MAN. I have so many memories while playing pokemon, and so many good times. Some not so great.
    Like running out of pokeballs when i ran into my first shiney, It was a Delibird. D:
    Some kid stole my holographic chraizard (the first one), I found him, and beat him up. That fool.
    My first LV. 100. It was an jolteon. Good times, good times.

    Now I’m in College. Holy cow, It’s been awhile hasn’t it? Oh well, only the cool people still play Pokémon. >;P I decided im not going to be bothered with how bad the English names for anything are anymore. Ether way i will have to get over it. Maybe evan learn to love them.

    Except oshawott. That is one agly ass pokemon. Bidoof ugly.

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