Pokemon ReBurst Details

Although PJN has been abuzz with news of all the English abilities and attacks, we must take a small detour from Black and White news to cover more information that’s come out about the new Pokemon manga that’s soon to debut in Shounen Sunday; Pokemon ReBurst.  Thanks ShellSpider for the image~ :3

The main character’s name is Ryouga.  The cover says the pokemon he starts out with is still a mystery, but he comes from a town in which Pokemon and humans live together.  He leaves his town to try to meet his mysterious father, Arkades, who is a swordsman.

Details are a bit sketchy and if anyone wants to come in and correct my Japanese, I’m open to it.  Right now I don’t know where Kriff and NL are, but they’ll fix my summary in a bit :p

Movie News: You’ll see a new trailer surface soon for the movies.  Starts playing in theaters on the 5th of March during the new Doraemon movie.  Should I take a page out of WPM’s book and go film the trailer?  I think not 😉  Sorry folks.

<3 pokejungle

ps- The next big addition to the site is an offshoot that will provide user editable pages (ie: wiki) that we’re going to fill both a PokeDex and AttackDex.  It will not look like Bulbapedia and it’s goal is not to replace Bulbapedia.  I just feel that I want to expand the sense of ‘community’ past the comments section and we can start rebuilding the site as a hub of information, not just fast news, and we can all have a part in it :3  But I need a name! The original idea was “Prof pokejungle”, but I realized that we need some sort of name that reflects the COMMUNITY nature of the endeavor… not specifically me or the site.  Ideas should be based on existing pokemon locations, characters, etc.  Also if you can work in some sort of grass concept too… yeah.  We’ll have a poll with the top 5 I pick :3  Wrack your brains!

  1. Make it have something to do with Cilan and Nacrene City’s library/museum!

  2. its logo will be a sceptile wearing lab gown 🙂 haha and glasses ,hahaha but seriously,

  3. i agree using library sounds like a good idea. maybe ‘the pokejungle library’ or ‘jungle library’ or some pokemons name and library.

  4. How about

    ‘the jungle files’ or just ‘jungle files’ ? I think it sounds pretty cool :3

  5. the amoongus library. it works on many levels, first cause its a grass type, second cause amoongus is a play on among us. so that gives the extra level of community. and thirdly the pokemon has pokeballs as part of its design, so this helps stress that it is a pokemon library of information.

    1. That’s good… but how about Amoonguss Archives? That way it’s an alliteration, rolls off the tongue easier.

      1. it does roll of the tongue more, but archives makes it sound less community-y and more like this is where we put stuff when we are done. dont get me wrong it works really well, but the community thing that pokejungle was talking about works better with library. in my oppion, that said what ever the masses want is what they want.

    2. The problem is, this is the jungle. Last time I checked, we don’t find Amoongus in jungles.
      It’s more appropriate for the garden to pick out their shrooms.

  6. If it does have a grass/jungle theme, give it a slogon like, “You can LEAF through its pages.” xD

    …..no, not funny? ok. *puts on the bad pun hat*

  7. yay! Manga looks excellent!
    Long time no commentses here……
    For the name thingy… how bout ‘CommunityJungle’ or ‘Wisdom of the Pansage’ or ‘The Carnivine Files’ … I know, lame

  8. the arceuives (like archives srry im great at these name making things but i got a bit of a writers block)

  9. In the pokejungle the mighty pokejungle the snorlax sleeps tonight

  10. well first i want to make a prediction about the main characters starter. i am going to say oshawott but only because his dad is a master swordsman so i think it might fit. and for the site wiki i say make it be something to do with snivy

  11. Hey everyone, this has nothing to do with the wonderful article PJ posted..
    Anyway, I just got back from Target. They had Black & White out for sale. The guy at the register must have not known it wasn’t supposed to be out until March 6th so he went to sell me White but it came up as “DO NOT SELL”. So I guess that’s Target’s way of enforcing street dates, just in case the employees put stuff out too early. Suck I couldn’t get it though. Oh well, didn’t hurt to try. You guys may have more luck though.

  12. If anyone can read spanish, you should check a site about a certain franchise-project… Not doing spam or anything, just thought you might be interested in checking it out! 😉

  13. How’s about the archive be called “Serperior Study” or maybe “Athenaeum (place where records are stored) Amoongus” and I just came up with this one maybe “Virizion Vault”!!!

  14. Some ideas I have. (It might be nice to have it based on something from the 5th gen?

    Leavanny’s Library (Very simple but effective I think)
    P2Lab (Based on the Unova lab)

  15. how about something like… ‘Jungle Ruins’ or something which makes it sound like ancient ruins 😛 maybe linking it to mew as mew is supposedly the ancestor of all pokémon, so the pic for it could be a jungle canopy with mew looking around, something like that =D or maybe
    ‘Ancient Lab’
    ‘Jungle’s Library’
    ‘Deep Jungle’
    ‘Jungle’s Knowledge’
    ‘Jungle Network’
    ‘Jungle’s Tree of Knowledge’

    or maybe i’m going overboard with thinking of names XD

  16. I think it should invole something with cherrim. Why? It is a grass type and PJ’S favorite Pokemon. I know that in the post is said that it should not just involve him or the site but it is his site after all. So cherrim’s something.
    Cherrim’s tree (cherry blossom tree)
    Cherrim’s journal ( i like this one)
    Cherrim’s library (A library run by a cherrim i guess, a library also has many resourses)
    Cherrim’s forest (I like this one too because a forest has many animals ((pokemon)) in it.)
    Cherripedia (cherrim+encyclopedia)
    Cherrim’s Garden (This is another favorite. A garden is like an ecosystem ((community)) because it has many needs to be a success. The gardener who plants the plants ((PJN staff, plants are the info and pokemon) and the community are the needs. Like when PJN needed help with funds, we helped him ((plants need sun to survive)) and without us being here at the site, PJN would probably not be here ((like plants need dirt to create a foundation and grow, without us, there would be no foundation to the site)) so this one is my 1)

  17. Two names, whichever one takes your fancy…

    Chimp’s Corner
    Library of Chimps

    Completely random names, it could have Aipom, Chimchar, Pansage, Panpour, Pansear and Mankey as Librarians. XD

    You know it makes sense…

    1. How about Darmanitan’s Library ? There’s the whole zen thing, and an orangutan librarian after all is known to be pretty good…

      Or, in the vein of the chimp thing, we could just go with A Barrel Full Of Mankeys for the name.

      (I guess we could cheat a bit and call Mankey jungle related too)

  18. maybe
    roserade’s references
    roserade’s reference center
    idk just throwing thngs out

  19. The translation looks mostly alright, though I don’t know why you flipped the order of the sentences.
    By the way, I don’t think it was mentioned that “he comes from a town in which Pokemon and humans live together”, but rather that he’s going on a journey together with Pokemon.

    As for a name… I thought something Erika’s Pokemon Field or Oak’s Little Notebook would work. But then I thought of Darmantian’s Library and Barrel Full of Mankeys just now…whatever works!

  20. How about
    Exeggute’s Encyclopedia
    Tangela’s Textbook
    Gloom’s Guidance
    Cacturne’s Compilation
    Maractus’ Manual
    Amoonguss’ Almanac
    and Ferrothorn’s Fundamentals

  21. All right, I’m not sure how community related the last few names I threw out were, so I came up with some community type names:
    Everyone’s Pokemon Research Lab/ Everyone’s Pokemon Lab/
    The Trainers’ Fields/ The Poketrainers’ Fields/ The Poketrainer’s Gardens / The Poketrainers’ Library
    A Barrel Full of Pokemon Trainers ( 😛 )

    Question about the wiki: can we also submit moveset ideas and battle strategies? I think it’d get more people involved in the community part.
    I want to do something like the main Japanese wiki like
    http://www14.atwiki.jp/bwpokekousatsu/pages/179.html where the movesets are open-ended and the move options are explored
    or maybe even like http://bw.yakkun.com/theory/p149 where people can vote on movesets they like if possible.

  22. ok,just came up with this,hope it hasent been taken

    snivy’s palace of leafs

    i know,not too good,but it was worth a shot :I

    also,the new manga seems awesome.cant wait for it to come out in US (if it does)

    also,every guy named melvan has two weaknesses:
    and porn
    but not at the same time,they need a free hand 🙂

  23. A bit of a long-time PJN follower here, hehe; I’d like to see this opportunity used to reboot Spinarak’s Web. =] I suppose technically that’s the name of the search engine, but the domain’s already registered, isn’t it? You can always do a bit of renaming, or something.
    It’s just that spinarak.net always struck me as an awfully elegant url. Or is this going to be hosted on the site itself?
    (Out of the names already suggested, my fave’s Eterna Forest. Actually, any of the other forest names are great too. Ilex Forest, Viridian Forest… but for what it’s worth, I hate alliterations. xD Good luck choosing, look at all these comments.)

    Anyway onto Reburst, ‘swordsman’ already piques my interest, I hope it implies humans fighting against dangerous Pokemon (though that’s unlikely). If this is scanslated, I think I might try following it xD Pokemon’s the only manga I ever bothered to read online, and even then I skipped like half of GSC arc. I haven’t read DPT either. Hm.

  24. Oh. Yes. Forgot to add suggestions. >_<;;;

    Shaymin Telegraph (Shaygraph? XD)

    Um…I'm seriously out of ideas, but in my opinion, we must be represented by a strong and popular Grass type Pokemon. Shaymin's the best for that. 🙂

  25. I honestly don’t know. The best one I can think of is Snivy’s Ivy. And that doesn’t even make much sense. XD

  26. how about “unearth” by pokejungle. unearth meaning to discover, learn or find out about

  27. Gardenia Gallery
    Vileplume Volumes
    Deerling Dex
    Leafeon Library… That’s all I got.

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