Pokemon ReBurst Details

Although PJN has been abuzz with news of all the English abilities and attacks, we must take a small detour from Black and White news to cover more information that’s come out about the new Pokemon manga that’s soon to debut in Shounen Sunday; Pokemon ReBurst.  Thanks ShellSpider for the image~ :3

The main character’s name is Ryouga.  The cover says the pokemon he starts out with is still a mystery, but he comes from a town in which Pokemon and humans live together.  He leaves his town to try to meet his mysterious father, Arkades, who is a swordsman.

Details are a bit sketchy and if anyone wants to come in and correct my Japanese, I’m open to it.  Right now I don’t know where Kriff and NL are, but they’ll fix my summary in a bit :p

Movie News: You’ll see a new trailer surface soon for the movies.  Starts playing in theaters on the 5th of March during the new Doraemon movie.  Should I take a page out of WPM’s book and go film the trailer?  I think not 😉  Sorry folks.

<3 pokejungle

ps- The next big addition to the site is an offshoot that will provide user editable pages (ie: wiki) that we’re going to fill both a PokeDex and AttackDex.  It will not look like Bulbapedia and it’s goal is not to replace Bulbapedia.  I just feel that I want to expand the sense of ‘community’ past the comments section and we can start rebuilding the site as a hub of information, not just fast news, and we can all have a part in it :3  But I need a name! The original idea was “Prof pokejungle”, but I realized that we need some sort of name that reflects the COMMUNITY nature of the endeavor… not specifically me or the site.  Ideas should be based on existing pokemon locations, characters, etc.  Also if you can work in some sort of grass concept too… yeah.  We’ll have a poll with the top 5 I pick :3  Wrack your brains!