Vote on the name!

I’ve set up a poll in the sidebar (check on the right, might have to scroll down) so please go vote!  Since there were such good submissions you can vote for your top 2 choices.  Thanks to EVERYONE who suggested names, I loved reading through them :3  These were my favorites with my original name:

  • Prof. pokejungle (My pick still :p)
  • Amoonguss Archives
  • Oak’s Lab
  • Carnivine Files
  • White Forest
  • Dreamyard
  • Leavanny’s Library

Happy did point out that I’m not currently doing anything with and it could be used, but unfortunately I’ve decided to let that domain expire 🙁  I’m consolidating costs if you will.  Another sad bit of news… don’t know if I’ll be getting Pokemon White.  Right now I can’t easily justify spending the $35.  Not a happy day for me today.

<3 pokejungle

ps- Please vote QUICKLY because I want to prepare this so it can be ready in time for the official English release of the games.  There are some big webmasters out there who have told me this community project won’t work, but I think that including my fans in site development will surpass any expectations I myself have 😉